Inner Mongolia First Machine (600967) 2019 Interim Review: Expenses during the continuous growth of revenue and inventory help boost profits

Inner Mongolia First Machine (600967) 2019 Interim Review: Expenses during the continuous growth of revenue and inventory help boost profits

The company released its 2019 Interim Report: The company achieved operating income of 53.

1.5 billion, an annual increase of 4.

57%, meeting the target 43 of the 2019 business plan.

92%; realized operating profit 3.

91 ppm, an increase of 13 in ten years.

33%; net profit attributable to mothers3.

34 ppm, an increase of 15 in ten years.


The report summarizes that the growth rate of the company’s net profit attributable to the parent is higher than the growth rate of revenue, mainly due to the decline in the company’s expense ratio during the period.

Although the company’s gross profit margin is 9.

92%, a decrease of 1 per year.

52 single, but the company period expenses from the same period last year 2.

20,000 yuan expected 1.

4.5 billion, a year-on-year decrease of 34.

22%, accounting for 1% decrease in revenue.

61 units.

By quarter, the company achieved revenue of 36 in Q2 2019.

41 ppm, a 10-year increase2.

65%, an increase of 117.

5%; net profit achieved 1.

97 ppm, a reduction of 13 per year.

97%, an increase of 43 from the previous month.

8%; gross profit margin 9.

61%, a decrease of 1 per year.

71 total, a decrease of 0 from the previous month.

96 units; net interest rate 5.

44%, a decrease of 1 per year.

04 averages, a decrease of 2 from the previous quarter.

82 units.

Due to the second quarter of 2018’s revenue, gross profit margin and net profit significantly exceeded the previous period’s values, an excessively high base was the main factor that caused the above-mentioned financial indicators to decline in the second quarter of 2019.

Since the company’s asset reorganization in 2016, the company’s inventory has grown rapidly, and the inventory in 201南宁桑拿9H1 is 31.

50,000 yuan, an increase of 50 from the beginning of the year.

95%, mainly due to the increase in unfinished product delivery during the reporting period.

From 2016 to 2018, the company’s total inventory and revenue were 112.

1.9 billion, 136.

1.2 billion, 143.

540,000 yuan, an increase of 21 each year from 2017 to 2018.

33%, 5.45%; 2019H1 is 84.

65 ppm, an increase of 16 in ten years.


The rapid growth of the total value of the company’s inventory and revenue indicates that the company’s production and operation are in good condition.

We adjusted our profit forecast for the company based on the latest financial report, and expect the company’s net profit attributable to mother to be 6-2019.



64 ppm, corresponding to 31/23/20 times PE of the closing price on August 26, 2019, maintaining the rating of “prudent increase”.

Risk warning: the increase in military demand is lower than expected; the increase in railway orders is lower than expected; the foreign trade orders for military products are lower than expected.

Boss Electric (002508) Tracking Report: The bottom has been improved

Boss Electric (002508) Tracking Report: The bottom has been improved
Core point of view Since the current cycle, the company’s performance has been under pressure. It previously followed the downward trend of real estate and is estimated to have fallen to the bottom of history.However, looking to the future, the company’s low point has passed: in the short term, the engineering channel is the first to improve. Considering hardcover houses-completion-delivery, the overall completion bonus is approaching, and the second half of the performance will gradually start an upward cycle;However, the high-end pattern is stable, and the company’s share is stable; the long-term new products can leverage on, and the pain points continue to improve, leading to a steady increase in average price, and there is room for increase.   Short-term: The real estate completion bonus is approaching, and the second half of the results will start an upward cycle.In the past ten years, real estate has had three rounds. The first two rounds of companies have relied on channel diversification and the cost of raw materials to achieve a smooth leap.In the current cycle, the previous dividend has been limited. The company’s performance has been under pressure since 17Q4, and it has gradually followed the downward trend of the land. It is estimated that the decline has reached a historical low, corresponding to 14 times pe in 19 years and 25 times pe in the past.However, at the current point in time, the growth rate of hardcover houses has improved first (19H1, boss engineering channel income increased by + 80%). Considering hardcover houses-completion-delivery, real estate completion improvements are approaching, kitchen appliances or the final bonus for completion is expected, the third quarter is expectedThis is the turning point of the company’s performance and the upward cycle is started.   Medium-term: The high-end shape is stable, and the low-end “fighting of vassals” is stable.The after-sales attributes of kitchen appliances (difficult to install and difficult to repair) determine that consumers will give premium to high-end brands. Currently, the oligopoly of the high-end market, the boss + Fangtai share exceeds 80%.In fact, it is difficult to impact upwards, and the company’s structure is stable.In terms of channels, simplification has become a mega trend, but the actual situation in the field also needs to be considered.Kitchen appliances are subject to low single-category revenue and slow turnover, especially high-end brand dealers’ store display requirements are high, and first-tier dealers are not directly replaced in the short to medium term.In the new KA, e-commerce channel entrants focus on the cost-effective market. Although the channel efficiency is higher, the impact on the company’s business is limited.   Long-term: New products relay, pain points still drive the average price.The company’s long-term increase comes from two main lines: 1. The holdings have increased, of which the penetration rate of smoke stoves has reached 50 +%, which has entered a growth growth, while the penetration rate of new dishwashers and steam boxes is only 1%, and the total long-term sales of new products exceed the probability of hoods; 2. The average price has increased. Although the overall technology of kitchen appliances has transitioned from 无锡桑拿网 gradual innovation to experiential improvement, the pain points of noise, hygiene, and quality stability are still there, and subsequent maintenance is troublesome. It is expected that ASP will continue to increase with consumer income.In mature markets, it is likely that ASP will increase by 20-50%.   Risk factors: Continued downturn in real estate; White power faucet accelerates into the field of kitchen appliances; New product launches are less than expected.   Earnings forecasts and estimates: Considering the low real estate + consumption boom in the first half of the year, the EPS forecast for 2019/2020/2021 was slightly revised down to 1.66/1.87/2.09 yuan (previous forecast was 1.79/2.08/2.43 yuan), corresponding to 14/12/11 times the PE.The company is a high-end leader in the kitchen appliance industry. The engineering channel has been heavy, and the short-term completion bonus is approaching. The historical bottom estimate is extended and the “Buy” rating is maintained.

Five Taoist medicated meals

Five Taoist medicated meals

Efficacy of Shenqi Mushroom Chicken: It can supplement qi and qi, and spleen and stomach, solidify antiperspirant, reduce fat and strengthen body.

It is suitable for those with weak spleen and stomach, weak and thin, weak and spontaneous sweating, drooping of stomach and uterus.

. Five Taoist medicated meals keep the whole family away from disease one. Lily chestnut tincture effect: Runfei lungs and nourish yin, spleen and kidney.

Materials: 100 grams of fresh lily, 150 grams of chestnut shell, 30 grams of yam, moderate amount of rock sugar.

  Method: Wash the fresh lilies, chestnuts, and yam, add them to the casserole, add an appropriate amount of water, first boil over high heat, and boil over low heat for 2 hours.

  Second, the efficacy of Shenqi and Shiitake Chicken: it can supplement qi and qi, and spleen and stomach, solidify antiperspirant, reduce fat and strengthen body.

It is suitable for those with weak spleen and stomach, weak and thin, weak and spontaneous sweating, drooping of stomach and uterus.

  Practice: 1.

Cut 100 grams of chicken into small pieces, shiitake mushrooms (soaked in water first), and ginger into small pieces.


Mix chicken, codonopsis, astragalus, shiitake mushrooms, cooking wine, ginger and salt, put into a pot, steam with water for one and a half hours and eat.

  Third, black sesame first rice porridge effect: transformation, spleen and stomach.

  Practice: 1.

Pick the black sesame seeds for impurities, wash them out, and dry them.


Add black sesame seeds to the pan and sauté.


Before the rice was washed, put it in the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, boil over high heat and cook on low heat until the rice rotten porridge is thick.


Add black sesame powder, boil and add sugar to serve.

  Fourth, ginger beef rice effect: Qi and stomach, kidney and spleen.

  Practice: 1.

Shred the fresh beef, chop it into a minced meat shape, put it on a plate, then add ginger, mix well, add soy sauce, peanut oil and mix.


Add the previous rice pancake to the casserole, add an appropriate amount of water, and cook as usual.


When the water in the pot is dry, pour the beef into the rice and steam it for about 15 minutes.

  Fifth, the efficacy of sea cucumber and jujube porridge: stomach, spleen, kidney and blood, warm kidney and cold.

  Method: Soak the sea cucumber, cut into small pieces, wash the jujube, add the casserole with the previous washed rice, add an appropriate amount of water, first boil over high heat, then boil over low heat until the porridge is seasoned.

Finding a good job becomes a luxury

Finding a good job becomes a luxury

Less than 5% of signatories ended until September 2005, and the employment rate of college graduates in 2005 was only 72.

6%, millions of graduates are not yet employed.

When the graduates of the previous term were busy applying for jobs, the employment peak of the 2006 graduates had already reached, which in fact increased the employment defects of the 2006 graduates.

  The author learned from Shandong Normal University that until the end of 2005, only five or six graduates of the university’s journalism department had reached an intent with the employer, and no one of the mathematics department had signed up.

Compared with Shanshi, the employment situation of Shandong University is also not optimistic. Few students sign up for journalism at the university. Some science and engineering subjects are slightly better. Each class has three or five contracts.

According to the situation learned by various universities, less than 5% of the students signed up in a number of colleges and universities, and the output of some ordinary colleges and universities.

  A department head of a college said that the number of students who can find a job is currently too small, which is related to many students in the postgraduate entrance examination, but the most critical factor is the increasing employment pressure.

At present, most of the students who are able to find a job or have internship experience are generally the best in the school.

  Jobs were rejected several times. From what I learned, several graduates have had a hard time applying for jobs for half a year. Zhou Xiaowei, a 2002-level English major at Shandong Normal University, is one of them.

In October 2005, a newly-established vocational and technical college in Jinan recruited English teachers. She went to apply for the first time, and the person in charge recruited euphemistically told her that they needed students with internship experience and strong ability to organize in writing.
  After this failed application, she participated in the recruitment of five or six units, but each time ended in failure, which made her very helpless.

She told the author that the current undergraduate students are very discriminated against. When recruiting teachers from Dongying No. 1 Middle School and Guangrao No. 1 Middle School, they openly stated that they do not want to go for graduate students.

  With Zhou Xiaowei’s indicators, Yan Chao, the information management and information system of Shandong University, has a more difficult job search process.

Since November 2005, he has participated in the campus special job fairs attended by dozens of units such as Midea, Skyworth, Asus, Wal-Mart, etc., but also participated in two large-scale job fairs and recruitment of some small units, but almost all at onceAfter the resume was submitted, there was no message.

  When he repeatedly failed to apply for a job, he told the author that he was mainly inaccurate in his positioning. He studied information majors. However, most of the candidates were marketing positions. When competing with marketing students, there was no advantage at all. Secondly,CET-4 failed.

  You can find a job you like. Even in the half-year job application process, most graduates have encountered too many setbacks, but the graduates are still full of confidence in finding a job. Many students say they do not want to find a good job, as long as they can find a jobWork, enough to meet daily living expenses.

  Zhou Xiaowei of Shandong Normal University told the author that since her boyfriend is also in Jinan, she would like to work in Jinan, but as a provincial capital, Jinan is the first employment city for a large number of students in the province. Employment is serious, and she can find and accept herself in Jinan before graduationIt ‘s OK to go to a school that is as important as going to primary or junior high.

  Ranking Zhou Xiaowei, Wang Zhiguo of the Finance Department of Shandong University of Economics is not demanding.

He said that he does not have too high a salary requirement, it can reach one thousand yuan, and there are no strict requirements for the work area and industry.

When thinking whether to think of a good unit of work, he said that he was yearning for it, but it was unrealistic. After all, good jobs are not found by every graduate. In addition to ability, many external factors are needed.

Diet nutrition for new bodybuilders should pay attention to

Diet nutrition for new bodybuilders should pay attention to

Nutrition is indispensable for everyone, and those who are trained in military fitness need more nutrition.

Beginners often devote all their energy to training and ignore nutrition.

  In fact, no training is ineffective without proper nutrition, so beginners of bodybuilding should pay attention to the following five bodybuilding nutrition principles: 1. Supplement sufficient heat energy: muscle growth consumes energy. Without sufficient energy, it is impossible to guaranteeNormal muscle growth.

  2. Supplement enough carbohydrates: Energy is mainly provided by glycogen during bodybuilding training. Alternative supplements can supplement glycogen, provide energy, and prevent muscle breakdown caused by training.

  3. Supplement high-quality protein raw materials: Protein is the cornerstone of muscle composition and the basis of muscle growth. Therefore, you must ingest high-quality protein every day to make muscles.

  4. Promote synthesis and reduce decomposition: When muscle synthesis is greater than decomposition, muscles grow and vice versa.

Therefore, bodybuilding people should pay attention to resist muscle breakdown and promote protein synthesis.

  5. Maintain hormone levels in the body: Anabolic metabolism of muscle proteins by growth hormone, insulin and renal ketones in the human body.

Diet and nutritional supplements can supplement hormone levels and stimulate muscle growth.

  Beginner’s budget nutritional supplement arrangement: Beginners use the “eclipse five meals” method more suitable.

That is, eating 5 times a day, the sum of the five meals reaches the sum of the transformations that should be added daily.

The proportion of five meals is that breakfast accounts for the highest 20% of the day, 10% for meals in the morning, 30% for lunch, 10% for meals in the afternoon, and 30% for dinner.

  The composition of supplements: Daily formulas for bodybuilding trainers are equipped with the formula: moderate protein, a small amount of supplementary content, and a high content of supplementation.

Among them, the ratio of protein, carbohydrate and trace three main nutrients should be about 25 to 55 to 20.

  The main foods such as noodles, rice, and potato, oats, and potatoes are very high in content and are the first choice for beginners.

Protein is the most important nutrient source for muscle growth. The intake of protein for bodybuilders should be based on non-fat or low-fat foods, such as skim milk, egg whites, fish, skinless poultry, and steaks.

The fatty acids needed to maintain normal growth of the human body but cannot be synthesized in the body are called essential fatty acids and are mostly found in olive oil, corn oil and soybean oil.

Moderate intake can meet the needs of the body without increasing the incidence of cardiovascular disease.

  Eat more alkaline foods: Normal people’s body fluids are weakly alkaline. After bodybuilding, sugar, trace amounts, and proteins are decomposed in large quantities, and acidic substances such as lactic acid and phosphoric acid are produced to make people feel muscles, joints sore, and tired.

At this time, you should eat alkaline foods such as vegetables, sweet potatoes, citruses, apples, etc., to maintain the basic balance of pH in the body to eliminate fatigue caused by exercise as soon as possible.

  Alkaline foods, such as vegetables and fruits, can also supplement a variety of necessary vitamins to supplement metabolism and perspiration loss, and meet bodybuilding training needs.

  Nutritional supplements for beginners Nutritional supplements can quickly, easily and efficiently provide the body with various nutrients to promote muscle growth and recovery.

However, for beginners in bodybuilding, it is not recommended to use more nutritional supplements in the early stages. Here are only three basic types.

  Energy supplements: Representatives of this type of nutritional supplements are various sports drinks. The main component is a small amount. After use, they can gradually replenish the energy gradually.

Adding enough sugar can prevent and reduce the breakdown of muscle protein during training, and the ability to exercise and muscle to work will be greatly improved.

  Protein supplements: The absorption of whey protein is accelerated and the absorption rate is the highest. It is the best protein supplement after training and can quickly fill muscle cells.

Soy protein is the only complete protein in plant protein. Although its absorption is lower than whey protein, it is very good for female bodybuilders.

  Creatine: Creatine can increase bodybuilder’s lean weight and explosive power and endurance of muscle. At the same time, creatine brings water into the muscle, which increases the volume of muscle cells and helps muscle cells absorb amino acids.

When creatine and sugar are used at the same time, the increase in lean body weight and strength is more obvious, so for beginners, taking the best creatine with matching sugar is more effective than taking creatine alone.

  The nutritional misunderstanding of novice bodybuilders does not prepare food for themselves: to practice bodybuilding, you must prepare to take it yourself. Depending on the canteen or fast food restaurant, you cannot meet the needs of bodybuilders to eat less and eat more food.

  Do not make nutrition records: It is necessary to plan a nutrition record sheet to record what foods are effective and the muscle feeling after eating.

In the future, you can make adjustments to food based on previous data to optimize nutritional supplementation.

  Insufficient drinking water: Water participates in the metabolism of the whole body, continuous microvessels are kept clean and unblocked, and muscle cells are regenerated by washing cells.

The amount of water can be supplemented by the difference in body weight before and after exercise.

  I believe that beginners of bodybuilding can get some enlightenment through this. Through previous practices, they can figure out the method of supplement and nutrition that is suitable for them, and shape the perfect muscle line as soon as possible.

Hair reaction health problems are too dark and cancerous

Hair reaction health problems are too dark and cancerous

Guide: Scientific research finds that people can have a certain understanding of their health through the external performance of the body.

When the natural balance in the body is broken, complications in the human body will be manifested through the outside of the human body, and abnormal performances in various parts of the body will become a “barometer” for health, including hair.


Hair color is abnormally intolerant. As Asians, our hair is generally black or dark brown.

Black and shiny hair is a sign of human health. It is a manifestation of excess fine blood and strong kidney energy. The more melanin, the darker the hair.

If the hair is abnormal, you need to pay attention, it may be a signal from the body due to the disease.

At this time, we should pay attention to observe and combine other signs of the body, carry out the necessary relevant inspections, so as to understand their own physical conditions as early as possible, and take necessary preventive and therapeutic measures.

  (1) It is usually at least healthy hair color for yellow people, but excessive black hair is abnormal.

If the hair is too dark, or it is not too dark but suddenly becomes dark, you may have cancer.

  (2) If the hair is yellow and dry and thin, it is mostly caused by chronic illness or malnutrition, mostly due to insufficient blood and unhealthy symptoms; yellow-brown or pale yellow is hypothyroidism or high malnutrition; Severe iron-deficiency anemia and early recovery of serious illnesses will also lead to a decrease in melanin in the body, which will gradually become yellowish brown or pale yellow.

  (3) White hair or white hair appears in middle-aged and elderly people. Generally, it is a normal physiological aging phenomenon.

However, if adolescents have gray hair and are accompanied by symptoms of kidney deficiency, it is a symptom of kidney qi deficiency, and if they have both symptoms of heart deficiency, it is caused by exhaustion of heart and blood.

  If the hair suddenly becomes a lot of white in a short time, and the face is blushing, irritable and irritable, it is a manifestation of liver disease.

  Young people have early white hair, which may be caused by atherosclerosis, tuberculosis, anemia, plasma disease and other diseases.

  Alopecia areata, vitiligo, mottled disease and other diseases may also cause a lot of whitening of the hair.

  (4) The hair of red-haired and yellow races is slightly brown-red, which is normal.

  However, if the hair turns red or brown, it may be caused by poisoning of heavy metals such as lead and arsenic.


Signals and treatment of dry hair (1) Symptoms of dry hair ①The color is dark brown; ②The hair is easy to break and is relatively fragile; ③The texture of the hair is rough; ④The lack of gloss; ⑤The lack of elasticity.

  (2) Causes of dry hair Dry hair refers to the loss of moisture and oil from the hair, which leads to dry hair and easy to break, and split ends appear at the end of the hair.

There are many reasons for hair dryness. The main reasons are as follows: ① Hair dryness is closely related to the function of the internal organs of the human body. When the blood and blood in the human body are insufficient and the internal organs are dysfunctional, the hair will lose nutrition and cause dry hair.

  ② malnutrition, malnutrition, such as lack of vitamin A, protein and so on.

The human body is deficient in calcium, and the hair also becomes coarse and dry; when the content of harmful trace elements such as lead, cadmium, and mercury increases in the human body, the hair also becomes dry and dull; the injury of certain diseases,If you suffer from anemia, hypokalemia and other diseases, dry hair will also appear.

  ③ Excessive sun exposure, damage from ultraviolet rays in the sun; chemical damage, such as hair dyeing, perming, hot air blowing, etc .; lack of long-term sleep and fatigue; excessive smoking; and damage from air pollution.

  ④ genetic factors.

  (3) Dry hair treatment Dry hair can be treated by massage, diet therapy, Chinese medicine therapy and other methods.

  ① Combing hair with massage fingers: The ten fingers of both hands are slightly curved, starting from the front hairline with the ten finger ends, and advancing to the back of the pillow through the top of the head.

Repeat operation 20?
40 times.

  Insert the scalp: Spread the fingers of both hands naturally, use your fingertips to start from the forehead, insert the scalp along the middle of the head to the hairline behind the pillow, and then insert the scalp on top of the head until the entire head.

The scalp feels swollen when you poke. Press 2 each time?
3 minutes.

  Lifting the hair: Grasp the hair with both hands and gently pull upwards until all the hair is lifted once, the time is 2?
3 minutes.

  Dry cleaning hair: Rub the hair on the entire head with both fingers, such as shampooing, about 2?
3 minutes.

  Slap the scalp: Put your hands and four fingers close together, and tap the scalp on the entire head 1?
2 minutes.
  The above massage method is done once a day in the morning and evening, and it can be carried out for a long time. It can be used for white hair, hair loss, dry hair, yellowing and so on.

  ② Spinach, fresh shrimp, sheep kidney and other stir-fried dishes for diet therapy. These dishes contain high-quality protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin A, B1, B2, and niacin, and other nutrients.effect.

  ③ The traditional Chinese medicine therapy substitutes Cistanche, Cuscuta, Sanhedrin, and slowly boiled into a paste, which is made into a large pill of Indus seeds.

30 times twice a day?
50 pills, taken before meals, delivered with warm wine or warm salt water.

Signals and treatments on hair (1) Symptoms on hair Under normal circumstances, about 50 hair loss per day?
100 roots is considered a normal phenomenon. If it exceeds 100 roots, it is a morbid phenomenon.

  (2) Causes of hair loss The causes of hair loss are many and complicated, and can be divided into the following eight types: ① endocrine disruption.

  For women, postpartum, menopause, oral contraceptives, etc. can cause estrogen deficiency and hair loss within a certain period; hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism, hypopituitarism, hypoparathyroidism, adrenal tumors, acromegalyIn advanced stages, etc., some cause hair replacement.

  ② Disease factors.

  Chickenpox, Herpes zoster virus, Leprosy, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Pleurotus spp., Protozoan infection, and various other causes of hair loss in its skull; anemia, liver disease, malnutrition, systemic lupus erythematosus, Sjogren’s syndrome, blackEchinoderma, and febrile diseases such as typhoid fever, pneumonia, meningitis, influenza, etc. can often lead to thinning hair; head trauma, spinal cord, medulla, midbrain and brain stem can also cause hair loss.

  ③ chemical factors.

  Cancer patients receiving anti-cancer drugs or long-term use of certain chemical agents such as commonly used gentamicin, meconepine, trimethionone, aspirin, indomethacin, contraceptives and other drugs often cause hair loss.

  ④ Improper diet and slight metabolic disorders.

  Excessive consumption of meat, alcohol, sugar or salt, protein deficiency, iron and zinc deficiency, excessive selenium, and metabolic disorders caused by some metabolic diseases are all the causes of obesity.

  ⑤ Blood deficiency and kidney deficiency.

  Chinese medicine believes that hair loss is due to blood deficiency and kidney deficiency.

  ⑥ Mental factors.

  Excessive mental stress is a common cause of hair loss.

Excessive stress, coupled with weak psychological capacity, are prone to hair loss (hair) addiction, hair loss (hair) addiction, hair removal (hair) addiction, etc.

  ⑦ Damaged hair.

  Perm, shampoo, and hair dye are also common causes of hair loss.

In addition, frequent use of hair dryers, tongs, and heaters can also cause hair loss.

  ⑧ genetics.

  20% of patients with hair loss have a family history.

In heredity, it is dominant for men and recessive for women, which is one of the reasons why there are more men than women in patients with hair loss.

  (3) Treatment of hair loss At present, there is no effective medicine for treating hair loss.

To prevent hair loss, you must pay attention to the following points: ① Find the cause of hair loss in time.

This is very important, because the causes of hair loss are complex. Only by finding the right cause, can we prescribe the right medicine for effective treatment of hair loss.

  ② diet should pay attention to nutrition, eat more vegetables, fruits, nuts, such as vegetables, kelp, mulberry, walnuts, black sesame, etc., eat less irritating food.

  ③ For severe hair loss, you can take hormone drugs under the guidance of a doctor.

For example, drugs with a certain anti-androgenic effect include spironolactone, cimetidine, cyproterone, and ethinylestradiate.

  ④ topical medication.

For example, topical preparations such as minoxidil and retinoic acid that can activate the hair growth function of hair papilla cells.

  ⑤Facial massage, ultraviolet irradiation, plum blossom needles, laser auricular points and other treatment methods are used.

  ⑥ Strengthen physical exercise while taking Bazhen pills, Shouwu tablets, etc., to nourish the stomach and nourish blood.

  ⑦ surgical treatment.

Patients with severe MPA (male hair loss) who have failed long-term drug treatment can consider surgical treatment, including hair transplantation, scalp replacement, and scalp dilation.

After divorce, how to get rid of the sequelae?

After divorce, how to get rid of the “sequelae”?

Following the popularity of female dramas such as “Chinese-style Divorce”, “Divorced Woman” has entered people’s sights again, and has once again taken the pulse of urban marriage.

Divorce is a kind of relief, but in real life, divorced women often stay in the state of divorce for a long time and cannot extricate themselves. The nightmare of marriage does not end because of the divorce decision. Many divorce “sequelae” are still entangled.Holding Woman’s Heart.
  Smart women should not be like this. They should regard the process of divorce as a grind of their own growth, as an opportunity to rediscover and change themselves.
Learn to step out of the “sequelae”, and happiness and happiness will only come after the divorce pain.
  Divorce story: How many sequelae do women break?
  Sequelae 1: Failure Yifeng, 32 years old, freelance My ex-husband is a lottery fan, and because of “challenge”, we have everything in our house, car, and tickets, but in the end there is no marriage.
During that time, I seemed to be an object in his eyes, that is, walking past him naked, he was too lazy to lift his eyelids.
I don’t know if he is really immersed in the numbers of the lottery or whether he has been thinking about other things for a long time and can’t figure out what he is thinking.
I don’t doubt he is having an affair, he is the kind of man who is both lazy and savvy, but I don’t understand his indifference.
365 days a year, whether it is work or life, I always keep everything in order.
Am I too failed at being a human?
For more than a year after my divorce, I have been complaining about myself: what am I doing wrong?
If I knew what he was thinking, it might not be the way it is now.
  Sequelace 2: Regret Dandan, 35 years old, website editor Before ex-divorce, my ex-husband took care of me slightly, but signed a divorce agreement because of disagreement of personality.
And because of the house problem, we have to live together and live our own lives.
But I found more and more his benefits.
We cook our own meals. He always eats a vegetarian meal and eats very nutritious. Seeing me always instant noodles, quick-frozen dumplings, or takeaway, he always serves me some vegetables and a bowl of soup for me; my clothes only last a week.Throw it in the washing machine and wash it once, and remember that you are still in the washing machine when you wear it.
When he saw him, he often helped me wash and fold, just like before marriage.
When I found that I couldn’t live without his care, he was already someone else’s husband.
Faced with the loss of him, I was a bit reluctant, I really regret why I had divorced so hastily.
  Sequelasis 3: Lost Suo Yun, 34 years old, unemployed When I miss my life before divorce, I always curse my ex-husband involuntarily. My current difficult situation is all caused by him.
My original family was very economically based. After the divorce, although not to the point of starvation, I had to move out of his luxury villa and live in a small apartment. The previous Mercedes-Benz sports car also becameCheap used Fukang.
In the past, I always thought that I was “well-married”. After leaving the divorce court, my life immediately changed from a French dinner in a five-star hotel to a fish-flavored shredded pork in a street restaurant.
The change of economic status has also abandoned me in the original social circle. I could receive invitation calls from clubs, lounges, and gyms every week.
Friends who do beauty care and shopping together on weekdays, no one has ever asked me again.
The biggest pain that divorce brings to me is to bear the gap from rich to poor.
A woman without a career will only change her life goal if she falls overnight.
  Sequelasis 4: Escaping Li Sha, 29 years old, costume designer 的 On the 3rd day after the divorce, I attended a friend’s wedding. Every old friend asked me the first sentence and asked: Why didn’t your husband accompany you?
After answering “Leave” countless times, I suddenly felt like a clown in the eyes of others, only to hide in the corner and drink down.
Later, I heard that the drunken cry made the wedding atmosphere out of tune.
No one can really understand the innumerable grievances between husband and wife.
If you stay in place, your private life is exposed to the naked eye, and you chew on someone else’s tongue, your injured self-esteem will multiply.
Since the drama of marriage was smashed, I went shameless to the front curtain, and only sneaked away from the side door in the background.
Resign, move, change phone number, evaporate from the eyes of acquaintances . I am living a different style of life now, surrounded by new friends, but no one will know these new friends, I used to retain”Emotional smugglers” have cried, kneeled, beaten, and committed suicide.
  后遗症5:自闭佩芳,37岁,酒店大堂经理   离过两次婚后,我把男人看成战争动物,经常情不自禁地在众人面前指天发誓,今生今世永不再卷入家庭战场,面To match with colleagues and friends, I will only say one sentence: “Save it, I will never be punished by a man again in my life, I have had enough.
“I cut back on my rich and colorful life program so that I only have work and rest, I do n’t go out, I do n’t make friends, I lock myself in my hut.
Even those bright fashion clothes in the closet, I gave them away, all replaced with professional suits with black and white as the main color.
Mechanized life, non-stop work, thinking that this can anesthetize yourself, but still not relieved.If I weren’t divorced, would I do that to myself?

  Sequelae 6: Slutty Yuan Fang, 28 years old, a woman who is a divorced professional model, especially a woman who has been abandoned by her husband, often feels charming and marries together, fearing that no one will be interested in herself anymore.

After my husband and I divorced, I went to the bar and other nightlife places every night just to find a single man.

The purpose of my doing this is to keep myself constantly excited to relieve mental pain and anger in my chest. At the same time, in order to make me forget the failure, I seek a temporary comfort.

If there is a man looking for a date, it shows that his charm is still there, even if that person only gives me a moment of warmth or a sense of understanding that is not wrong.

  Cause analysis Some women are prone to sequelae of divorce?

  People with extreme personalities are extremely impulsive and irritable.

Once you encounter a divorce problem, you will often worry about cursing your ex-husband, and you want people around you to hate your ex-husband together.

Because of the extreme personality, things often go to extremes, another violent abnormality, or loneliness and indifference.

This type of person is the easiest to get rid of the sequelae of divorce, the duration is shortened, and it is likely to burst at any time.

  ”When I watched him leave the court with the woman, I really wanted to rush to kill her.

I was ruined by her in the second half of my life. I’m sorry, they don’t want to be peaceful!

Comment: Dissolution of an unfortunate marriage should be happy rather than painful, there is no need to do so.

At first it seemed that I wanted the regretful person who had left you to regret it.

Punish others for your own mistakes, and the last pain is yours.

  People who are prone to depression like those who are prone to depression. They think too much, expand their problems without limit, and even feel that they have no hope of solving the problem and lose confidence in life.

Once divorced, they first think about life or death, rather than thinking about how to live well.

  ”No one in this world is more unlucky than me. How can I encounter such a marriage?

During that time, I felt very sad. I found the direction of life. Every day except commuting or commuting, I couldn’t get up to anything. My friends tried to enlighten me and introduce me new friends, but I was not interested.
I won’t trust any more men, especially married men.

Comment: Correctly understanding the problems that may arise in marriage may be more important than finding a new boyfriend, because the source of the sequelae is the deviation of your understanding of marriage.

  The type of extreme strong man is a great substitute for everything, and everything likes the power of others to help solve it.

On the contrary, people who are extremely unconfident about themselves.

Allow life for a long time, only used to be taken care of and arranged.

Once divorced, I don’t know how to face a specific life, and long regretted divorce.

  ”Before I was married, I was a very strong person. After marriage, I hope that there will be men in my family.

In the end, I have to worry about everything and ask me to solve it myself.

Seriously, I want to know that this might as well not divorce.

“Comment: Allow strong people to have an inability to live independently after divorce.

If, through my own efforts, this kind of thought that is dependent on others is changed to cope with myself, although it is a bit bitter, but very short, after passing this period of time, we will find that in fact, one can live well.

  A typical divorced woman who has no career, often quits her job and becomes a full-time wife.

To make matters worse, the two youths consumed during the time at home also forgot the original knowledge and skills.

Once divorced, their first concern is their own survival.

  ”At the time of the divorce, I was always worried that I would not be able to live alone. I didn’t have any work skills or work experience. I also took a child. Because of the fear of life pressure, I didn’t have the courage to find a job.

Later, I started to learn sewing, and finally I have my own home decoration store and a fixed customer base.

The praise of customers for my craftsmanship gave me confidence and a smile.

Looking back now, it was really ridiculous that I was hiding at home and would not go out.

“Comment: The trauma of vocational rehabilitation divorce is the best way to treat the sequelae of divorce.

Especially women who are harmed by marriage need their own business.

Adjust your mindset, believe in your own abilities, and career is the only thing women can afford.   Self-treatment plan looks at the right medicine for marriage. Error 1: Women like myopia are easily confused by the appearance of love. They respect love first, are religious and stubborn. Once in love, they have completely lost their judgment.

Trouble comes when there are men with bad quality and carelessness, or men with many problems.

  Prescription: 1.

Cool down before falling in love.

When you meet the one that makes you feel good, calm down before you start.

Because love him is not temporary, but a lifetime.


Don’t be fooled by the appearance of love, see if there is a tight secret behind the handsomeness.


Knowing his family background, background, living environment, and friends, if he is a group of wine and meat friends, he himself is not much noble.

  Mistake # 2: Comfortable women do n’t have life skills, they do n’t even cook and cook, but they are beautiful, which shows that men are coquettish and can be loved.

They are Barbie dolls in the eyes of men, and they also like to be sought after by men and wrapped in material.

If the inside of the wall cannot be satisfied, the empty heart can easily get out of the wall.

  Prescription: 1.

It is better to have another man as a consoling combination of rehabilitation and vacancy, it is better to have a child or keep some pets.


Learn to be a professional full-time housewife and pay attention to the man’s stomach.

Men are looking for a lively partner, not a picture that looks beautiful.


Don’t ignore the power of good friends, you should have high-quality same-sex friends to give you positive suggestions and company.

  Mistake 3: Most women like the perfect cleanliness type put pressure on themselves, forever strong, strong desire to control, demanding others harshly, this will make your man feel indifferent.

  Prescription: 1.

Put yourself on a vacation or soak in a SPA to soothe your nerves. No one puts himself in an insulating sleeve.


Listen to his frustration.

Perfectionist you should quote more of your boyfriend to understand his true needs.


Distract yourself and try to develop a hobby.

Put your eyes on the windowsill dust, remove the eyes on the stain on your boyfriend’s neckline, and learn to be a woman with thick leaves.

  Mistake # 4: Caring for forced women is often concerned that men cannot live without her.

If he loses his ability to wash socks after he marries you, if you call him more than 5 times a day, it is estimated that you have cared for obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Is the protein of an animal best?

Is the protein of an animal best?

The source of food protein is animal and plant. The amino acid composition of protein can be used as a standard for certain proteins.

Because human proteins are made up of amino acids, some of them can be synthesized by the body itself, while others can only be obtained from food, that is, essential amino acids.

銆€銆€Animal protein contains all the essential amino acids, so it is called “complete protein”, and the quantity and proportion of each other are close to the needs of the human body. After the human body is inserted, it absorbs and absorbs, while the vegetable protein is reversed, and the human body must be low.

Therefore, the quality of animal protein is a subsidiary plant protein.

銆€銆€So, which animal’s protein is best in common animal foods?

銆€銆€Recently, Professor Luo Yongkang, deputy director of the China Animal Products Processing Research Committee and a doctoral tutor at the College of Food Science and Nutrition, China Agricultural University, used modern advanced technology to conduct an in-depth analysis of the protein components of scorpion meat, so that the indicators were respectively related to pigs., cattle, sheep, chicken made a detailed comparison.

銆€銆€According to Professor Luo Yongkang’s research, the results showed that the meat content reached 23.

5% topped the list, 8 points higher than lamb, pork, beef and chicken.

3%, 9.

4%, 9.

9% and 14.

4%; 8 kinds of essential amino acids and 10 non-essential amino acids in the meat are very rich.

Compared with other livestock and poultry meat, the highest essential amino acid content of the meat is 39.

4%, while lamb, pork, beef, and chicken are 37 respectively.

2%, 38.

3%, 39.

0%, 33.


銆€銆€The type and content of amino acids determine the pros and cons of the protein.

Lysine in the meat (9.

0%), histidine (4.

8%) is significantly higher than the amino acids of other meats.

Lysine can promote appetite, promote the growth and development of young children, increase the absorption of calcium and its accumulation in the body, and accelerate bone growth. It is an essential amino acid required for the synthesis of important proteins such as regenerative cells of the brain.
Histidine, although not an essential amino acid for adults, plays a very important role in the growth and development of newborns and children.

銆€銆€Tryptophan is an important substance for identifying whether a protein in meat is comprehensive and an important indicator for evaluating the quality of meat.

The content of tryptophan in the meat is 1.

4% higher than lamb (1.

3%), beef (1.

1%) and chicken (1.

2%), similar to the tryptophan content of pork, so the quality of the meat should be supplemented with other meat.

銆€銆€The meat is not fresh, mainly depends on the number of amino acids that affect the umami taste.

Aspartic acid and glutamic acid are two important umami amino acids. From the proportion of their amino acids, the fat is 24.

6%, much higher than lamb (22.

9%), pork (23.

2%), beef (23.

3%) and chicken (19.


This is also an important reason why people praise the delicious and delicious meat.Some people think that the meat must be rough and rough. In fact, the meat is tender and tender, far from being comparable to beef and mutton.

銆€銆€There is a saying that “the heavenly dragon meat, the underground meat”, this is the highest praise of the ancients for the meat, and Professor Luo Yongkang of China Agricultural University through modern scientific research shows that the meat protein is the best quality compared to other livestock.It is well-deserved to call it “the king of protein king in meat.”

1 kind of dried fruit is a vascular scavenger, 5 capsules a day, thrombolytic, blood vessels all the way


1 kind of dried fruit is a “vascular scavenger”, 5 capsules a day, thrombolytic, blood vessels all the way

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The blood vessel is like a highway. Once the intervention occurs, the road crisis is easy to occur. The passage of blood vessels in the human body will become more and more serious and easy to be congested. Once the phenomenon occurs, vascular disease will follow.

It is completely a problem of vascular aging, and vascular intervention has a great relationship with the bad diet in life. This is also the reason why vascular diseases are getting younger and younger.

Vasoconstriction is caused by the diameter of blood vessels, combined with the thickening of blood. The excess plasma in the body, triglycerides are thick in the plasma, and plaques appear in the blood vessels, eventually leading to slower blood vessel flow and vasoconstriction.

These foods should also avoid high feces, such as fat, animal liver; high calorie, such as fried chicken, potato chips and other fast foods such as high sugar, pastries, cakes, chocolate and various sugar products; high starch, refinedRice, wheat, etc.; high cholesterol, egg yolk, paste, seafood.

These foods are often eaten, especially in high-fat foods, which can cause high blood fat, blood viscosity, vasoconstriction, high blood pressure, and so on.

The vascular endothelium is inside the body, and usually only through examination will have results, so you must pay attention to an indicator – triglyceride during physical examination.

When the triglyceride exceeds the normal value (1.

7mmol / l), we must pay special attention to the prevention of vascular disease.

Lowering blood fat, vegetables and fruits can not be less, the main cause of high blood lipids is excess lipids in the body, that is, the triglyceride index is too high, so eat more vegetables every day, fruits are more conducive to lowering blood fat, and vegetables and fruitsThe vitamins and vitamins and the cellulose needed by the human body play a very good role in cleaning and maintaining the vascular endothelium.

1 kind of dried fruit is “vascular scavenger”, 5 capsules a day, easy to lower blood fat, fruit, raspberry, dried fruit: SOD (superoxide dismutase) is the natural enemy of oxygen free radicals, the number one killer of oxygen free radicals in the body.

In 1998, three famous scientists in the United States, Robert, Ferry and Loignano announced to the world that the reduction of these activities of SOD is the root cause of human illness and death. The supplemental SOD can prevent and treat various diseases and delay aging.purpose.

With this research, he won the 1998 Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine.

In 2013, the famous American medical journal Lancet discovered that the fruit raspberry dried fruit has re-natural SOD (superoxide dismutase), and contains a large amount of anthocyanins, salicylic acid, quercetin, and acid.It can soften blood vessels and remove blood impurities such as blood lipids and blood clots.

Life fruit raspberry dried fruit soaked in water: take 5-8 capsules. After the temperature is lower than 50 degrees, put it into a water cup for about five minutes, then add the dried fruit together. Each cup will have the best effect in the morning and evening.obvious changes.