Hefei Department Store (000417): Performance exceeded expectations Expected shareholding companies drag down performance

Hefei Department Store (000417): Performance exceeded expectations Expected shareholding companies drag down performance

1H2019 company revenue increased by ten in ten years.

95%, net profit attributable to mothers fell by 16.

56% 1H2019 achieved 59 operating income.

63 ppm, a six-year increase of 6.

95%; net profit attributable to mothers1.

3.7 billion, which translates into a fully diluted EPS of 0.

18 yuan, a decrease of 16 per year.

56%; net profit deducted from non-attributed mothers1.

5.0 billion, a decrease of 32 every year.

75%, performance was lower than expected.

The company’s net profit attributable to its mother contracted and decreased, mainly due to the intensified competition in the regional market and the company’s equity investment in Huarong Consumer Finance Company confirmed investment losses of 4031 million.

In terms of single quarter breakdown, operating income in the second quarter of 2019 was 24.

32 ppm, a ten-year increase3.

34%; net profit attributable to mothers was 16.6 million yuan, a decrease of 66 a year.

95% of the net profit of non-returned mothers deducted 4.82 million yuan, a year of 89 reduction.


Comprehensive gross profit margin increased by 1.

72 averages, during which the expense ratio rose by zero.

The average gross profit margin of the 38 companies with average 1H2019 was 20.

29%, an increase of 1 over the same period last year.

72 units.

1H2019 company period expenses13.

26%, a year-on-year increase of 0.

Of the 38 samples, the sales / management / financial expense ratio was 4 respectively.

14% / 8.

91% / 0.

21%, a change of 0 compared with the same period last year.



18 units.

The supermarket tested the franchise model, and the participating companies 武汉夜生活网 continued to drag down their performance. At the end of the reporting period, the company operated a total of 236 stores in department stores, supermarkets, and home appliances.

The company’s supermarket business has started the franchise mode. Currently, it has opened 5 franchise stores. Because the franchise stores are still in the early stages of development, the franchise fee is only introduced to franchisees. Franchise sales are not included in the company’s revenue.The strengthening of the market still needs to be further judged in the light of future exhibitions and revenue.

The investment of Huarong Consumer Finance Co., Ltd. and Anhui Airport Baida Qixingxing Cross-border E-commerce Co., Ltd., which the company has a shareholding in, has reduced investment by 40.31 million yuan and 36, respectively.

620,000 yuan, a drag on the company’s performance.

Downgrade profit forecast and maintain “overweight” rating. The company ‘s main retail business is affected by macroeconomic uncertainty and intensified regional market competition. Under pressure from revenue growth and expenses, we lower our forecast for the company ‘s fully diluted EPS for 19-21 to 0.



31 yuan (previously was 0.31/0.


35 yuan), the company’s P / B ratio decreased, maintaining the “overweight” level.

Risk Warning: The business areas are widely concentrated, and the length of the new store incubation period is longer than expected.

Gehua Cable (600037) Coverage Report for the First Time: Strengthening Operational Savings, Smart Broadcasting and Expansion of Incremental Market

Gehua Cable (600037) Coverage Report for the First Time: Strengthening Operational Savings, Smart Broadcasting and Expansion of Incremental Market

Investment Highlights: First Coverage, Target Price 12.

6 yuan, increase the level.

The company strengthened its operational capabilities and content reserves, and increased the value of cable TV networks in the context of the triple play, actively developed smart city business, explored smart radio and television to empower grassroots governance, and created new business growth points.

EPS0 is expected for 2019-2021.



52 yuan, giving an estimate of the average level of comparable companies in 201922.

5xPE, corresponding to the target price of 12.

6 yuan, covering for the first time, give overweight rating.

  The storage volume promotes the increase, and the user experience is the core to enhance the realization of network value.

On the user side, the company continued to innovate and improve the user experience until 2019, when the H1 company’s cable television registered user 597.

320,000 households, adding about 170,000 HD interactive (including 4K smart set-top box) users, gradually updating the number of UHD interactive users to 5.37 million; actively adjusting market strategies to respond to competition in the broadband market, and the user distribution continues to shift to a high offset: 35MThe proportion of users with high bandwidth and above is 44 at the end of 2018.

5% increased to 51 in 2019H1.


Vigorously develop ultra-high-definition and Internet video content on the content side to promote the development of new media business. The high-definition interactive platform transmits 184 digital TV programs. The number of online video-on-demand programs exceeds 150,000 hours, of which HD / UHD programs 青岛夜网 exceed 80,000 hours.The proportion exceeds 55%.

  Actively participate in the construction of two-level media integration in urban areas and carry out the construction of smart cities.

The integrator business represented by smart cities has become the company’s transformation engine. The company actively participates in the construction of smart cities and cultivates new sources of revenue and profit growth points. In 2019H1, the company continues to promote the Xueliang project in Tongzhou / Changping / Pinggu, and seeks to explore smart broadcastingCan manage at the grassroots level, use Gehua’s wired network, and promote the integration of the three ends of the work side, mobile phone side and TV side. Accurately and quickly respond to the crowd’s demands, while opening a new breakthrough for the company’s smart radio 四川耍耍网 and television business.

  Catalyst: Development of smart broadcasting application scenarios, risk of landing of State Grid integration Tips: The development of smart broadcasting projects is less than expected, and the progress of State Grid integration is less than expected

How to change our psychological distance

How to change our psychological distance

From home, I often take bus number 8.

When there are few people in the car, I usually find an entire row of seats to sit down.

It was later discovered that a considerable number of people had this habit.

If there are more and more people in the car, and people have to stand in the compartment crowded with each other, you will find that people and people are standing back to back, eyes are looking out of the window, the body posture is contracted, for fear of andTouched by others.

  Why is this happening?

People seem to be separated by an invisible wall.

This wall is a sign that people’s psychological distance is widening.

  Nowadays, people ‘s material life is getting better and better. Various facilities in cities are becoming more and more advanced. In crowded cities, we often see some urban people proud of their place of residence. They have counted the famous cities in the city.Yes, museums, theaters, concert halls, and big people, in fact, they have very little opportunity to enjoy life, especially the relationship between people becomes more and more indifferent, and the psychological distance of people is getting farther and farther.
  Therefore, while the construction and facilities of the city have brought comfort and convenience to people, many problems have also arisen.

From the perspective of human survival, human life is far from the land and the natural environment, and thus detached from the root of existence.

Urbanization has reduced people’s living space, but it has increased the psychological distance between people.

People’s ability to live and work actually decline.

  ”Distance” is one of the basic concepts of geometry. It has different boundaries for different objects. It is interpreted in the dictionary as a spatial and temporal separation.

The “distance” here is habitually determined as the natural distance, and few people are related to the inner world of the person. In fact, there is also a distance in the human mind, and this distance is manifested in various emotional states.

For example, now that we have relatives between us, there are fewer people visiting; young people go home to visit their parents less often; everyone thinks that conscience is harder to find than before . In fact, this is all psychologicalThe performance of widening distance.

  With the economic and social development, especially the rapid development of industrialization and informatization, mankind has changed the entire world, greatly enriched its material and spiritual life, and promoted the great development of human society. Industrialization has brought many peopleWhile enjoying, it also brought a lot of psychological pressure to people, and even caused serious psychological obstacles.

Now the greatest enemy of mankind is not famine, earthquake, cancer, psychological problems such as loneliness, irritability, inferiority, depression, sexual perversion, superstition, suicide, etc.

The reason is that human beings have been away from Mother Earth for too long, so all kinds of psychological problems will occur, so that people will no longer be as close and friendly to each other as when they were born, me and him,There is an increasing psychological distance between him and you. Some distances take a long time to “replace”, and some distances cannot even “replace”.

Sometimes we are already avoiding each other or even hating each other.

We distance ourselves and walk lonely in the homes of all of us. This is the sadness of us human beings as the spirit of all things.

  I remember this poem: the furthest distance in the world / not life and death / but I stand in front of you / you don’t know that I love you . this is a person who loves him with his indifferent heartThe person is a person who dug up a trench that people can’t cross with indifference.

This is not an objective reason that widens the psychological distance between people, but also a ditch that is difficult for a person to overcome with their own psychology, and turns the distance of actual life into a psychological distance between people.

We certainly don’t want this mentality to linger in our lives.

  How to make our human mind return to nature and reduce the psychological distance between people. In fact, the concept of “harmony between man and nature” in Chinese classical philosophy has given us a good answer. This idea has become an important part of Confucianism for more than 2000 years.The view is that man and nature are essentially connected, so all people and things should follow the laws of nature and achieve harmony between man and nature.

The most basic way of thinking of the Chinese is embodied in the relationship between man and heaven. He believes that man and nature live in harmony is one of the most important principles.

Therefore, we need to return to nature and rebuild the harmonious relationship between humans and nature.

  Advanced industrial production methods and urbanized lifestyles are irreversible. How to make this way of life become poetic, that is, to achieve a new “harmony between man and nature” under the circumstances of modernization, industrialization, and electronics.

Fancy skipping jumps out of perfect figure

Fancy skipping jumps out of perfect figure

We know that skipping is a very effective aerobic exercise.

In addition to the general qualities of sports, it has many unique advantages.

Rope skipping consumes four hundred calories every half an hour.

It is a bodybuilding exercise, which greatly helps the heart and lungs and other organs, coordination, posture, weight loss, etc. It is an exercise suitable for all ages.

  Therefore, if you want to have better weight loss, you can use trick skipping.

Single leg, high leg raise, open leg, etc. will not only consume more aunts, but also increase the fun of skipping.

  One-leg skipping is effective for keeping weight on the legs and keeps running. One leg takes turns skipping the rope.

Jump as fast as possible after practice, so that you can effectively reduce the excess meat on your legs!

  Lift the leg with a high jump rope to lose weight. One leg is raised at a right angle, and the left and right legs are switched to jump.

The point is toe down when jumping.

If you have difficulty changing legs continuously, you can adjust the rhythm lightly upside down after jumping once.

  Open leg skipping rope is effective for thigh weight loss. After jumping with your feet together, your feet will open and swing the rope.

When the rope turns back, jump your feet together and jump again.

Repeat this exercise to exercise your thigh muscles.

  After swinging the skipping rope in both directions to lose weight with your feet close together and skipping the rope, one leg is stretched vertically while pulling the rope.

When the rope was about to return to the front, skip your feet together.

Then switch legs and repeat the same action.

how to deal with child astriction.

how to deal with child astriction.

Why do children have constipation?

There are many reasons: foods contain more protein and less fiber; children with partial food preferences only eat fish, not fruits, vegetables, etc .; they are fed or eaten too little because milk has more casein and calcium than human milk, and fecesMany insoluble calcium soaps are prone to constipation.

As a result of eating too little, the amount of stool will decrease, which will not cause a feeling of defecation, and will naturally cause constipation.

  There is no habit of regular bowel movements. Parents do not pay attention to training children to have regular bowel movements, or children are playing on the fun, even if they have a bowel movement, or do not say that because of changes in the living environment, causing the bowel to stay inside for too long, and the water is absorbed, causing constipation.
  The number of Bifidobacterium in the body is not enough. Probiotics and harmful bacteria coexist in the body and maintain a balanced state. Among them, the beneficial Bifidobacterium is colonized in the deep layer of the intestinal mucosa, forming a biological barrier to prevent the invasion of foreign bacteria and enhance the body’s immunity.; Promote the digestion and absorption of nutrients, and synthesize B vitamins and vitamin K; Through the metabolism of sugar, reduce the pH value in the body, thereby inhibiting the growth of spoilage and pathogenic bacteria, and improving the metabolic environment.

Organic acids produced by bifidobacteria can also stimulate tandem peristalsis.

Therefore, when the number of internal Bifidobacterium spp. Is insufficient, constipation is likely to occur.

  The disease causes congenital diseases such as high blood pressure fractures or congenital megacolon. No matter how much training and medical treatment, the condition will not improve.

Certain chronic diseases, such as malnutrition, rickets, dermatomyositis, minor illness and congenital muscle weakness can also cause constipation.

  What are the dangers of constipation in children?

Really redundant: 1.

Feces scratch the intestinal mucosa, causing anal pain during defecation in children, which can manifest as a small amount of blood or mucus attached to the surface of the stool.


Causes anal fissures in children, hemorrhoids.


The initial flora balance is disrupted, resulting in a decrease in initial immunity.


As the stool stays in inertia for a long time, the concentration of toxic substances increases and it is easy to cause allergies.

  How to prevent and treat constipation?

There are indeed countermeasures: 1.

Pay attention to increase water intake, so that children develop the habit of drinking water.


Train children to develop good bowel habits.

Choose a more regular time each day to let them defecate, and it is easiest to establish rules.

Babies over three months can start training. After feeding in the morning or after feeding at night, let the children defecate and continue to perform on time for half to one month to develop a habit.

Don’t get involved in time arbitrarily.


Ensure that children have enough physical activity every day.

Parents or pediatrics (over 3 years old) perform abdominal massage exercises daily to stimulate bowel movements.


Breastfeeding children gradually develop constipation. If it occurs, you can add intestinal supplementary foods, such as sweetened vegetable water or freshly squeezed orange juice, tomato juice, etc. You can add vegetable puree or cooked fruit puree for more than 4 months.


Artificial feeding is more likely to cause constipation. If it occurs, the following adjustments can be made: ① Increase milk sugar to 8%.

  ② Use milk powder containing bifidobacterium reproduction factor or bifidobacteria, such as bright young infant milk powder, etc., to adjust the suspension and peristalsis of children.

  ③ When supplementary food is added, children younger than 3 months can add tomato juice, orange juice and other boiled fruit juices.

4-8 months, you can add puree, fruit, gruel and other complementary foods.

9-12 months can add thicker cereals such as corn flour, millet, oatmeal and other porridge.

More than 1 year old can eat coarse grains, carrots and vegetables, agar jelly and so on.
  ④ Usually teach children not to be picky eaters, eat more vegetables, fruits and other activated stools to soften.
Deliberately mix pediatric and coarse grains, such as sweet potatoes, pumpkin, corn, etc. to promote bowel movements.


Increase the number of bifidobacteria.

Can be taken with microbial preparations, such as Pefilcon, powder for children, 2 sachets per day; children with capsules, 2 capsules per day; divided doses, the course of treatment depends on the improvement of constipation.

If constipation occurs after termination, you can take it again.


Prostate or anal local stimulation.

Pediatric constipation without defecation or fecal impaction for 3 days can be injected into the anus of the child with 5-10 ml of Kaisailu to stimulate and cause defecation.

For small babies, a small soap bar can also be inserted into their anus, or a little finger wearing rubber gloves dipped in a small amount of paraffin oil or vaseline, and inserted into the anus for laxative.


Apply laxatives under the guidance of a doctor.

Chinese medicine can be used Ma Ren Zi Pi pills, 1-2 pills daily, stop taking after laxative.

Western medicine treatment, can take magnesium milk before bedtime, each time 0.

5-1 ml / kg weight, or 4-8 ml of paraffin oil, even for several days, while training the stool the next morning.

Laxatives are generally not used easily.

Older children can take phenol cholesterol, 3 mg / kg body weight each time, and train the stool the next morning.

Golden autumn osmanthus fragrance can relieve phlegm and cough


Golden autumn osmanthus fragrance can relieve phlegm and cough

Osmanthus fragrans is one of the top ten traditional Chinese flowers. When it blooms in autumn, its fragrance is fragrant and rich, which is a must.

Osmanthus osmanthus not only can be viewed, but also edible. Osmanthus tea made from osmanthus is a Chinese specialty tea. It has a soft aroma and delicious taste. It can also be used as other dessert ingredients, sweet and delicious.

Today I will introduce a red bean osmanthus rice cake soup.

Ingredients for red bean osmanthus rice cake soup: 300 grams of rice cake, sugar osmanthus relative, honey red bean slices, red bean paste changed to white sugar, water amount method: 1, wash the rice cake, cut into 1 cm square pieces, pour in the potBoil in water; 2. Spoon the bean paste into boiling water, slowly stir it with a spoon, and then boil the rice cakes over high heat. It will take about 5-8 minutes to cook until the rice cakes are softened; 3. Put sugar according to each person’s tasteIt can be seasoned or not, because the red bean paste is sweet. The specific amount can be adjusted according to personal preference. After serving in the bowl, sprinkle some honey red beans and sugar osmanthus.

First, Osmanthus fragrans has many habits. It can dispel cold and break phlegm and relieve cough. Osmanthus fragrans has been loved by Chinese people since ancient times. It is regarded as a traditional flower.Osmanthus fragrant drinking osmanthus wine to watch the moon is the first elegant thing.

In modern times people find that osmanthus is more widely used.

It can extract aromatic oil, make osmanthus extract, can be used in food, cosmetics, can be used for making pastries, candy, and brewing wine.

Osmanthus flavor is mild and mild, can dispel cold and break knots, dissolve phlegm and cough, and is often used to treat symptoms such as toothache, asthma, and abdominal pain.

The ancients believed that osmanthus is the strength of 100 medicines, so the wine made with osmanthus can achieve the effect of “drinking Chitose”.

In the Han Dynasty, osmanthus wine was a good product used by some people to worship the gods. The younger generation worshipped the osmanthus wine to the elders. After the elders drank, it symbolized the longevity of life.

The wine is sweet and mellow. It has appetizing refreshing and refreshing spleen function.

Osmanthus wine is especially suitable for women’s participation, and has been praised as “women’s happiness wine”.

Second, women can use osmanthus tea to warm the yang and whiten the skin. Women with cold skin often have symptoms such as dysmenorrhea. Osmanthus can warm the yang and is a health-friendly flower that is very friendly to women. Women who are often coldPrevent daily use of sweet-scented osmanthus tea to add osmanthus tea.

Osmanthus tea can warm yang, whiten the skin, detoxify the body, relieve cough, reduce phlegm, nourish the lungs, and prevent and treat bad breath, unclear vision, urticaria, duodenal ulcers, and stomachache.

In summer, many people feel that their skin is dry, or that their voices are hoarse because of getting angry. Adding osmanthus to green tea or oolong tea can overcome the effect.

Conditioning, Health Care, Pseudo-Aging for Middle-aged Women

Conditioning, Health Care, Pseudo-Aging for Middle-aged Women

“Pseudo-aging” is actually excessive fatigue in some organs of the human body.

Studies have found that women’s youthful vitality and facial skin are directly related to kidneys, ovarian function, and estrogen balance. Women in the 30-40 age group have “excessive consumption” of the body due to the burden of child rearing, family and work.The ovarian function and the balance of estrogen and estrogen have changed. These changes have caused excessive fatigue in some organs and cells of the human body, so the aging phenomenon shown is actually a kind of “pseudo-aging”. This period is generally about 5 years.

Further research has found that the “aging” of women during this period can be reversed, because it is actually a “sub-healthy” state of the human body. If you can properly supplement substances that increase hypertension, ovarian function, and regulate estrogen balance, they willRejuvenate the tired organ cells in the body, and the woman will become younger.

  It can be seen that in this “sub-healthy” situation, it is not feasible to simply pay attention to the beauty of the facial skin, and it should be solved fundamentally by raising and supporting inside and outside.

30-40 years is a very important period in the life of a woman. If you miss this opportunity, the long-term fatigued cells in the body will lose their reversal and develop from “false aging” to the real aging period.Body conditioning and health care, special attention should be paid to the maintenance of female characteristics.

6 massage small action effective mouse hand


6 massage small action effective mouse hand

For white-collar workers, most of them start facing the computer every morning when they go to work. From morning till night, they use the mouse all day long, and long-term use of the mouse can cause “mouse hand” disease, then what should I do?What?

Chinese medicine 6 massage small movements to help you effectively mouse hand.

銆€銆€1, the preparatory seat, the waist is slightly straight, the feet are flat and shoulder width, the left palm overlaps with the right hand back, gently placed on the calf, eyes closed micro-closed, breathing and mixing, body relaxation, sit still 1?
2 minutes.

銆€銆€2, shake the wrist joint with a strong hand to hold your other small fingers, and then a little hard to enter clockwise, counterclockwise direction to shake for half a minute to one minute.

銆€銆€Role: mainly to relieve pain and promote blood circulation, smooth joints.

銆€銆€Efficacy: qi and stomach, Tongluo pain.

銆€銆€3, pinch the wrist joint to press the thumb of the thumb on the palm of the hand, the other four fingers on the back side, appropriate to force the wrist joint 0.


1 minute.

銆€銆€Efficacy: dredge the meridians, activating blood circulation and relieving pain.

銆€銆€4, according to the Daling point, Yangchi points will put the thumb of the healthy limb on the wrist of the Daling point, the middle finger is placed in the Yangchi point, and the appropriate force is pressed 0.

5?1 minute.

銆€銆€Efficacy: dredge meridians, slip joints.

銆€銆€If you are hurt by the mouse hand, it does not prevent you from trying these methods of healing the mouse.

銆€銆€5, according to the squatting pool point, put the thumb of the healthy limb on the affected limb Quchi, the other four fingers on the back of the elbow, and press the thumb to press 鎻?.

5?1 minute.

It is better to have a feeling of soreness.

銆€銆€Efficacy: regulates the viscera, promotes blood circulation and relieves pain.

銆€銆€6, according to the hand Sanli point with the thumb of the healthy limb thumb in the affected side of the hand Sanli point, the remaining four fingers attached to the opposite side of the acupuncture point, press 鎻? appropriately.

5?1 minute.

Do you want to spit grape skin when eating grapes?

Do you want to spit grape skin when eating grapes?

The grapes are delicious and have a high nutritional value.

Mature vitamins contain 15%-25% glucose and many kinds of minerals and vitamins that are beneficial to the human body.

銆€銆€Grape nutrients: Grapes contain 8%-10% sugar, vitamin A, B1, B2, C, protein, mineral potassium, phosphorus, iron, etc., and almost contain a variety of physiologically functional substances.

銆€銆€The function of the grape: The sugar in the grape is mainly glucose, which can be quickly absorbed by the body.

When the body has hypoglycemia, if the grape juice is added in time, the symptoms can be relieved quickly; French scientists have found that grapes can prevent thrombosis better than aspirin, and can lower the serum level and reduce the cohesiveness of platelets.It has a certain effect on the prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases; the flavonoids contained in grapes are a powerful antioxidant, which can resist aging and eliminate free radicals in the body; the grape contains an anti-cancer trace element (resveratrol), which canPrevent healthy cells from becoming cancerous and prevent the spread of macromolecules.

Grape juice can help patients with organ transplant surgery reduce rejection and promote early recovery.

銆€銆€How should grapes be preserved?

銆€銆€After buying the grapes, wrap them in paper and put them in the refrigerator for temporary storage. Do not use plastic bags, so that the frost on the surface of the grapes (when the refrigerator in the refrigerator is warm and cold) causes cracking and rot.

銆€銆€The best cleaning step for the grapes: When washing the grapes, remove the rotten grape fruit and use scissors to cut the grapes and the fruit and carefully cut them.

Do not cut the peel, it is easy to contaminate the flesh when washing after peeling, and do not leave a small section of fruit stalks. Grapes with small fruit stems are not easy to wash, and it is easy to stab other grapes.

Tip: Do not remove the fruit from the ear, so that the fruit stem will bring out the fruit brush in the grape grain, leaving a hole in the fruit grain, the pulp is easy to rot.

After cutting the spikes, you can see that the intersection with the grapes is complete.

Put the grapes in the pot, add a little water, squeeze some toothpaste in your hands, rub your hands and gently wash the grapes.

Drain the dirty water and rinse it off with water.

Rinse the water until there is no foam. Rinse it, put it into the sieve and drain it, then use a flat plate, put a clean towel, pour the grape into it, once a layer of grape thickness, shake the pan with both hands.Roll the grapes evenly.

In this way, the remaining water can be drained.

銆€銆€Special reminder: the whole washing process should be fast (within five minutes), so that the grapes will not swell and rot.

The above practices try to ensure that the grapes do not come into contact with excessive water before consumption. Otherwise, the grapes are easily cracked and rot, and most of the nutrients and active ingredients are lost.

In addition, the grapes should be washed when they are eaten, because it is easy to break after washing.

After washing, even in the refrigerator, it can only be placed for two or three days.

銆€銆€Should you eat the grapes?

銆€銆€The grape skin contains anthocyanins. In addition to anthocyanins, the grape skin also contains another antioxidant, resveratrol.

Both types of substances are beneficial to the human body.

銆€銆€So, when we eat grapes, are we even swallowing the belt seeds (the higher the content of proanthocyanidins in grape seeds) to get the protection of these powerful antioxidants?

銆€銆€First of all, the current food safety issues are becoming less and less satisfactory.

I have planted a grape before I have used it. I know that the amount of pesticide used in the grape is very large and it is very easy to produce grapes without spraying.

Commercially available grapes start with flowering results, generally 7?
Spray the fungicide once every 10 days, and in the later stage, in order to prevent the grape anthracnose from harming the grape fruit, it is necessary to spray the medicine for the ear.

銆€銆€These pesticides cannot be completely removed during the washing process.

At present, there are many detergents on the market that can remove pesticides on the surface of fruits. The actual effect is not as good as the promotion.

銆€銆€First, the antioxidants such as proanthocyanidins and resveratrol in grapes are not highly soluble in water (resveratrol is more difficult to dissolve in water).

People who have studied nutrition know that nutrients must be dissolved in water or trace amounts to be absorbed by the body.

Low solubility means that most of the nutrients will 鈥減ass through鈥?and fail to achieve the desired effect.

銆€銆€Therefore, for your own health, safety, or painstakingly abandon the rich cellulose contained in the grape skin and the antioxidants that are not easily absorbed.

Re-raising the spleen in the late summer and early autumn, eating less melons and eating more autumn fruits


Re-raising the spleen in the late summer and early autumn, eating less melons and eating more autumn fruits

There is a saying that is called “a summer without disease, three points of deficiency”, this “virtual” includes spleen deficiency, stomach deficiency and qi deficiency.

People generally lose weight in the summer because of the weakness of the spleen and stomach.

In fact, according to the theory of Chinese medicine, there is still a “long summer” in the four seasons.

Changxia is located in the late summer and early autumn, covering the four summers of the summer, the heat, the autumn, and the summer.

Everyone may have the feeling that every time in the late summer and early autumn, whether it is clothing or food, they are particularly fond of mold, because it is in the summer season, and “wet” is the main force of Changxia.

銆€銆€In the late summer and early autumn, the “Gua” character should eat less Chinese medicine. The characteristics of the spleen are that the spleen is characterized by dryness and dampness. The long summer moisture is inherently heavy. If this time, accidentally raining, or not changing the sweat-soaked clothing in time,It is easy to make the spleen trapped by the wet evil, resulting in loss of appetite, loose stools, and heavy limbs.

At this time, if you eat more cold food, it will increase the burden on the spleen and stomach. Therefore, there are many people who have diarrhea at this time.

At this time, we must pay special attention to diet, protect the stomach, especially iced watermelon, then you can not eat if you can not eat.

銆€銆€In summer, people have a special liking for watermelons, especially the cool and delicious iced watermelon, which has become a must-have for people to eliminate heat.

But maybe you still don’t know, in fact, watermelon has a nickname, called “cold melon.”

Watermelon is cold and hot, and the food is cold, so this name is given.

Watermelon is originally cold. If this “cold melon” is put in the refrigerator, it is simply “adding frost”. Even its heat-clearing effect is better. It is very enjoyable to eat, but the damage to the spleen and stomach is very big.of.

Some people eat more watermelon, diarrhea, and even dizziness, body weight and other phenomena, it is because of dampness and spleen.

銆€銆€In fact, not only watermelon, melon, cucumber, melon, bitter gourd and other foods of the melon generation are cold food.

At this time, the spleen and stomach are weak. If you eat too cold and cold, it will only “pour oil on the fire”, causing diarrhea is inevitable.

So after the summer, watermelon should basically withdraw from the “historical stage.”

銆€銆€After the autumn, the heat of the “beans” should be eaten more than the melons, but how do you cope with the gas in the late summer and early autumn?

銆€銆€Mung beans In fact, some foods in life can be used to cool off the heat and dampness. The most widely known is the mung bean soup.

The juice greenish green bean soup can not only dissolve the heat of the heat, but also dampness, help your spleen and stomach to solve the problem.

銆€銆€Red beans are not just mung bean soup, but the mung bean brother “Red Bean” (also known as red bean, Chixiaodou) also has this effect.

Li Shizhen once called red beans “the valley of the heart”, Chinese medicine believes that it has the effect of spleen and water, heat and dehumidification, swelling and detoxification.

Because of the good nature of red beans, Tongli waterway, so often take the effect of weight loss.

For a woman who loves beauty, if she is worried about the deformation of her body due to the “Autumn Festival”, she can cooperate with more red bean soup, which can cool down the heat and maintain your graceful body. Why not!

銆€銆€In the early autumn, spleen and eat less melons and eat more autumn melons can not eat, then what to eat?

Autumn melon should not be eaten, but autumn fruit can be eaten.

銆€銆€Autumn pear autumn pear is the most recommended fruit in autumn.

Qiu Pear is also known as the “fruit sect”, “Jade Milk”, and has the reputation of “the sect of the hundred fruits.”

Chinese medicine believes that the pear is cool and sweet, can produce the effect of moistening the skin, clearing away heat and removing phlegm. For the autumn of dryness and evil, it is the best choice for drying.

銆€銆€The autumn pears have different ways of eating and the effects are different. The folks have the expression of “the heat of the six clear sorrows of the living, the yin of the cultivators.”

If you have symptoms such as sore throat and sore throat, it is good to eat raw.

If you want to prevent the effects of nourishing yin and moisturizing the lungs, it is better to eat it.

The pear can be steamed over water, boiled soup or mixed with porridge to eat, so that the pear can be steamed over water, soup or porridge to eat, it is safer to eat.

銆€銆€Jujube and jujube are also suitable for the best.

Jujube has the name “woody food” because the ancients thought it could be eaten on behalf of food.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” believes that jujube is sweet, warm, can replenish vital energy, nourish blood and produce fluid, and has a good therapeutic effect on diseases such as “spleen weakness, eating less sugar, qi and blood deficiency”.

There is even a saying that 鈥渢he day is to eat jujube, the red color is not old鈥?

Using red dates to increase rice bran into porridge, it also has a good effect on liver protection and liver protection.

銆€銆€However, jujube should not be eaten too much. “More food is cold and hot. Those who win and lose are not edible.” Do not eat more than 50 grams per day.