Ditch oil is terrible?


This oil is even more terrible, not just carcinogenic, but you are still taking the initiative!

Ditch oil is terrible?
This oil is even more terrible, not just carcinogenic, but you are still taking the initiative!

In the past few years, when the trench oil was raging, many people felt scared when they heard the waste oil. Until now, many people are eating outside or ordering food, and they are worried about whether the food is made with waste oil.

Gutter oil is indeed a very disgusting thing, not only is the health problem worrying, but it will also cause harm to the human body.

But the inferior oil that is often poured into the table can be more than one kind of ditch oil, and by comparing their injuries, the damage of the waste oil to the human body is only slight.

Here, people who want to eat fried foods outside the street stalls should pay attention. The oil used in these stalls is called back oil. This oil can be much more harmful than the waste oil.It is.

However, many people have not noticed this problem. Even if they have noticed it, they have never thought of the danger of this oil, and many families often use the oil when they are making fried food.

What is the back oil?

This kind of oil, also known as Wannian oil, refers to the oil that is used repeatedly in the repeated use of edible oil, even after discoloration or deterioration. Their common feature is that the oil is very dark, obviously turbid, floating on the oil surface.A lot of suspended matter, it will be very sticky when stirred with something.

And because the things that are fried once need a lot of oil, so whether it is outside restaurants or home-based, they will choose cheaper cooking oil, and the cheaper the oil, the more toxic substances will be produced after repeated use.

What harm does the evil human body have?

In addition to the toxic compounds produced by the re-used oil, it will affect the quality of the oil, and the flavor, taste and nutrition of the fried food will be discounted, and the most important thing is to affect the health of the body.

1, minors eat too much of this oil will lead to the stagnation of body growth; 2, any age, especially the middle-aged and elderly people will eat too much after the formation of liver swelling, and liver dysfunction; 3,Will affect the reproductive function of people reaching the age of childbearing; 4, carcinogenic plus several small methods, you can find good oil when you buy edible oil in daily choice: good bean oil color is yellow, and yellowRelatively pure, the overall color of rapeseed oil is also yellow, but it will be green or golden yellow, and peanut oil will be divided into light yellow and orange.

Smell: Dip a little oil on your hands, and smell your hands after a little licking. The pure oil smells only the original plant fragrance, and there is no other odor.

Etc.: The purity of the pure oil is very high. The impurities in the whole barrel are very small. It can also be judged by the method of standing. After a barrel of oil is still standing for 24 hours, it is still clear and clear, without sediment or suspended matter.

Taste: You can taste it. If you eat stinky, rotten and sour, then don’t buy this oil.

Will you use back oil in your home?

Weight loss Chinese medicine formula


Weight loss Chinese medicine formula

Pediatric weight loss is a simple flower, generational flower, clam shell, fried atractylodes each 30 grams, cumin, rhubarb 150 grams each, camphor 30 grams (back).

銆€銆€The method first decoctions the first 6 flavors, the extract is dried and ground into powder, and then the camphor is researched into a fine powder, which is put into a thin cloth to make a 6脳6 cm medicine core, and the external color satin or silk is used for the preparation.Into the belly pocket.

When using the medicine, aim the medicine core at the navel, and do not let it slip.

銆€銆€The solution to childhood obesity is 6-12 years old.

The main cause is overeating greasy and not active.

The side uses aromatized turbid magnolia flower, generational flower, cumin spleen and dampness, sputum shell accumulation, atractylodes stagnation and dampness, rhubarb accumulation and stagnation, smashing and smashing, can be used to accumulate and stay outside the body.

The accumulation of stagnation, stomach fire is not overeating, this is the bottom of the law.

銆€銆€Complete camphor can stimulate the central nervous system, accelerate perfusion and peristalsis, improve digestion, and have the functions of analgesic, antipruritic, antiseptic and infiltration. It can make various medicines reduce the permeability of the skin and achieve therapeutic effects.

銆€銆€Older weight loss prescription epimedium 50 grams, ephedra, magnet 10 grams each (after), musk leaves, two ugly each 30 grams, cinnamon, Ai Ye sulfur each 15 grams (back).

銆€銆€In addition to magnet powder and sulfur, the method of decoction extracts the other medicines, dries the powder, and then adds the magnet and sulfur to form a fine powder, which is filled into a thin cloth to make a 8脳8 cm medicine core for external use.A belly made of colored satin, close to the navel.

The medicine core is replaced once every 15-30 days, and the three medicine cores are for one course of treatment. Generally, 1-3 courses can make the body weight normal.

銆€銆€The solution to the elderly hypertension is the main disease in the kidney, which is actually the case of the virtual standard, so the use of “Seiinse” treatment.

Fangzhong Epimedium, cinnamon kidney and impotence, warm and cold; Ai Ye, musk warm in the spleen, aroma and wet; Mahuang two ugly alternate wet stagnation from the muscle surface, and can be discharged from the inside; unless the sulfur to help the fireThe magnets are used to help the medicines penetrate into the air.

The combination of the whole party helps the yang to stagnate, the aroma is turbid, and the function of solidifying the body is fat.

銆€銆€Women’s weight loss women are mostly obese due to spleen deficiency, overeating fat, or six incomprehensible, seven emotions are not comfortable, or the spleen is stomach heat, and it is so irritated that the feces accumulate.

Therefore, there are three treatment methods: spleen deficiency and dampness (puffiness) type Pei Peilan 20 grams, white peony, 15 grams of Atractylodes, live alone, 10 grams of Guangmuxiang, 5 grams of pepper, Ai Ye, 5 grams of Guizhi.

銆€銆€The method is to decoct the medicine, and the extract is dried and ground into a fine powder, which is put into a thin cloth to make a 8脳8 cm medicine core, and the apron made of colored satin is placed close to the navel.

Replace the medicine core every 15-20 days, use 3-6 medicine cores for 1 course of treatment, generally 1-3 courses can make the weight return to normal.

銆€銆€Fang Jie female spleen deficiency, yang yang is cold and wet endogenous, “Su asked?

Tianyuan Zhengji Daxue” Cloud: “Feeling in the cold and wet, the people’s illness is heavy and bloated, and the chest is full.”

Fang Zhong Pei Lan, Atractylodes, alive and aroma.

It can also swell; white sputum is warm and fragrant and turbid; Guangmu fragrant qi and pain, Jianwei stagnation; cassia twig, pepper, Ai Ye Wenzhong dispels cold, helps Yang pass through.

Spleen and yang transport and self-removal, it is more than self-retirement.

銆€銆€Qi stagnation and blood stasis type Angelica 30 grams, Chuanxiong 15 grams, Asarum, Sanling, 10 grams each, frankincense, myrrh, 5 grams of cloves, 3 grams of borneol (post-in) method of deicing, firstThe medicine is decoctioned, the extract is dried and ground into fine powder, and then the ice sheet is ground into a fine powder, filled into a thin cloth, and made into a 8脳8 cm medicine core, a jacket made of colored satin, and attached to the navel.outer.

Replace 1 drug core every 15-20 days, 3-6 medicine cores for 1 course of treatment, generally 2-3 courses can make normal weight.

銆€銆€Fang Jie Qi Liu Liu will often cause qi stagnation and blood stasis, endocrine disorders and form a depressed obesity.


This God article “Cloud: “Sorrowful, gas occlusion does not work.

“” Qi is the handsome of blood”, qi stagnation is bloody.

Therefore, the party uses Angelica, Chuanxiong nourishing blood and promoting blood circulation; phlegm and phlegm, the fragrant incense is suffocating and dissipating; three ridges, no medicine and blood circulation and breaking sputum; Asahi can evacuate the cold, internalize cold drink, Shangtoutoufeng, XiaxiaTongshenqi, can be stagnation and phlegm; cloves spleen and qi, wet kidney to promote yang and swelling; because the borneol through the sputum, scattered smoldering fire, combined with anti-inflammatory swelling, lead to the function of drug penetration.

銆€銆€Spleen and stomach heat type Fang Senna, 30 grams of Yuanming powder, 15 grams of camphor, hawthorn, Magnolia, 10 grams of Rhizoma Rhubarb.

銆€銆€The above-mentioned various methods of the method are decocted, and the extract is dried and ground into a very fine powder, and a suitable penetrant is added to prepare a medicine core of 8脳8 cm, filled with a belly made of colored satin, and tightly attached to the navel.
Change the drug core every 15-20 days, each 3-5 medicine core is a course of treatment, usually 2-3 courses, which can reduce the body weight to normal.

銆€銆€The solution to women’s overeating greasy and thick taste, good and bad, spleen and yang, digestive fire, eliminate the valley, and unfortunately get tired and get fat.

This side uses senna leaves to clear the heat.

Good governance of gastrointestinal tract fire, abdominal fullness; Yuanming powder diarrhea fever abnormal; berberine, rhubarb heat and dampness, breaking the accumulation to eliminate retention, and the effect of sputum pass through.

The combination of the whole party can reduce the stagnation and stagnation, and the smoldering sputum will be redundant.