Mu Linsen (002745): LEDVANCE’s Exceeded Expected Package Business Is Expected to Bottom Up

Mu Linsen (002745): LEDVANCE’s Exceeded Expected Package Business Is Expected to Bottom Up

Event: The company released the company’s operating income of 179.

52 ppm, a 119-year increase.

76%, of which, LED materials 淡水桑拿网 achieved operating income of 63.

180,000 yuan, LED finally realized operating income 113.

8.9 billion, accounting for 35 of operating income.

20% and 63.


Net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies.

20 ppm, a ten-year increase of 7.


The packaging business was affected by the industry boom and its own relocation, exceeding expectations.

Since the second half of the year, the company has experienced negative growth, mainly from the downturn in the packaging business.

The merger, the company’s Zhongshan and Ji’an are still in the process of production line adjustment, packaging capacity is lacking, and incidental accidents caused by suppliers brought the company2.

With a loss of 700 million U.S. dollars, production and operation failed to meet expectations; it was reduced. Due to the impact of macroeconomic and trade frictions, the 重庆耍耍网 downstream demand for LEDs was weak, and the company received serious attention as a packaging leader.

If the government subsidy is replaced, the packaging business will be replaced in the long run.

At present, the adjustment of the company’s production line is nearing completion. Through the recovery of accumulated production capacity, the company’s profitability will gradually recover.

The first year of LEDVANCE consolidation exceeded expectations.

The highest contribution of LEDVANCE goes to the mother’s net profit2.

1.8 billion, is the company’s main source of non-profit deductions.

In terms of gross profit margin, we estimate that the overall gross profit margin of LEDVANCE is above 32% (for reference, the gross profit margin of Mulinson’s overseas business is 31.

35%, including a small amount of overseas business of Mulinsen), compared to 28 in 2017H1 before the acquisition.

The 61% increase is obvious, indicating that LEDVANCE has been in a good operating condition after the acquisition.

The scale of operation, LEDVANCE is more resolutely transforming to LED, while simultaneously developing ground and downstream lighting business; at the same time transforming the supply chain and research and development base into a domestic transition, costs and expenses are effectively reduced, and operating efficiency is also improved.

In the environment where the global lighting industry is generally sluggish, LEDVANCE still has a good performance, showing a good synergy between Mulinsen and LEDVANCE.

Internationalization of business and product branding go hand in hand, and the company’s focus is shifting downwards.

Mu Linsen is based on the domestic LED packaging business. After being divided into LEDVANCE, it will reorganize and enrich the downstream business, forming two major layouts of “manufacturing + branding”; and it is expected to extend the business to the world, so that the advantages of Chinese manufacturing can be fully exerted, and the future potential is unlimited.

LED applications now account for 63 of total revenue.

44%, there is no doubt that the end product will be the focus of the company’s operations.

As a well-known global lighting brand, LEDVANCE is expected to further increase its profit margin after a deep adjustment of its business strategy, becoming a source of profit for listed companies.

Profit forecast and estimation.

LED packaging business is expected to bottom out, LEDVANCE development is smooth, we expect listed companies in 2019?
2021 revenues are 223.



6.3 billion, net profit attributable to mother 8.



170,000 yuan, maintain “Buy” rating.
risk warning.
Total LED lighting demand; LED packaging competition is intensifying.

Funds continue to be welcomed by blue chip hot spots

Funds continue to be welcomed by blue chip hot spots
Original title: Funds continue to be attracted to the blue-chip hot spot □ Reporter Zhou Lulu Hong Kong Stock Connect Southbound funds have been pouring into Hong Kong stocks since 杭州夜生活网 mid-March this year, and the stocks that have been concentrated in the net capital inflow south have gradually changed from financial blue-chip toBlue chip, the layout of both hot information stocks.Looking ahead, analysts said that the Hong Kong stock market still has conditions for attracting capital transformation and expanded the macro environment to gradually improve. Hong Kong stocks have not changed for a long time, and they still have configuration value.  Net inflows for nine consecutive weeks This week, Hong Kong Stock Connect’s southward flow of funds continued its net inflow.Wind data shows that, as of the close of July 12, the total net inflow of southbound funds was 40 per week.US $ 0.8 billion, of which 14 was a net inflow of the Shanghai Stock Exchange.The net inflow of Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect was 26 billion US dollars.01 billion euros.At this point, the southward capital has achieved a net inflow for nine consecutive weeks.  Historical data show that at the beginning of 2019, the alternating trend of the southbound fund presentation of the Hong Kong Stock Connect gradually gradually warmed up by mid-March, and then the continuous net inflow mode was started.It may be that in the past three months, the total net inflow of funds going south has reached 577.1.8 billion in revenue, compared with 765 since this year.With a total net inflow of 9.1 billion euros, which accounts for 75% of the total inflow, capital going south is accelerating into Hong Kong stocks.  In the past, southward capital favored heavy blue chips, especially financial blue chips, but from recent data, it was found that possible stocks are also quite popular.According to Wind data, in the top 10 list of the net inflow of funds to the south in the past 7 days, real estate stocks (Vanke Enterprise, China Construction Materials), pharmaceutical stocks (China Biopharmaceuticals), automotive stocks (Geely Automobile), sports goods stocks (Anta) Sports), software stocks (Jinshan Software), food and beverage stocks (China Resources Beer) are on the list; among the top ten lists of net capital inflows in the past month, except Construction Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Pacific InsuranceIn addition to China Merchants Bank and Tencent Holdings’ stable blue gold chips, notable stocks such as China Shenhua, Vanke Enterprise, China Construction Materials, China Biopharmaceutical, Shandong Gold, etc. are also among them.  In addition, the Hang Seng Shanghai-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect AH share premium index has continued to increase 9 this year.54%, A-share premium rate is generally high.Market participants said that the AH share premium index is an important reference indicator for capital flows. At present, the AH share premium index has risen, and H shares have attracted long-term allocation of capital inflows.  The allocation value of Hong Kong stocks ended on July 12, and the Hang Seng Index gradually decreased slightly by 0 in July.25%, the Hang Seng Index rose 6 in June.10%, breaking the curse of the “six musts” of the Hong Kong stock market.Analysts said that entering a small range in July is normal.Looking to the future, the current estimated level of Hong Kong stocks is a “investment depression” from a global perspective; the AH share premium index is at a high level, and H shares also have “depression” value compared to A shares; the expansion of the macro environment is gradually improving, and Hong Kong stocks remain optimistic for a long time.  Bohai Securities pointed out that the current US Federal Reserve ‘s interest rate cut in July is “stuck on the board”. If the interest rate cut results in a weaker US dollar, it will benefit emerging markets and Hong Kong stocks.The Bohai Stock Exchange also stated that Hong Kong stocks are at the beginning of the tenth round of bull market. After the liquidity becomes more accommodative and the profits of listed companies rebound, a new round of rise will be ushered in.  GF Securities said that short-term fundamental growth and boosted market sentiment, and then it is still necessary to pay attention to fundamental changes, and should allocate assets around the “deterministic” main line.GF Securities has suggested three “deterministic” main lines: one is the main line of economy and transition, focusing on consumption (food, sportswear, real estate, automobiles), medical care, insurance, and gambling; the second is responding to “adversity” and autonomous and controllable main lines,Pay attention to the leading technology of Hong Kong stocks. The third is the safety mainline when the rate of change rises. Pay attention to high-yield blue-chip stocks in Hong Kong stocks.

Is fitness in the gym sick?

Is fitness in the gym sick?

Recently, why did Zhang, who had been working in an air-conditioned room for a long time, go to the fitness center for a few exercises recently, she became ill.

She said, “In the beginning I just didn’t feel well in my throat.

Unexpectedly, later it was a cold and back pain.

The reporter consulted the relevant experts in this regard, and it was concluded that the bad environment of the health room might be causing trouble.

  The pungent odor is hindering breathing. The reporter saw in a fitness club that more than 20 square meters of fitness equipment room was piled with too many fitness equipment, and the distance between each piece of equipment was very small.

However, what made the reporter feel dizzy was that when they entered the door, there was a pungent rubber smell, and the entire gym did not have a window. In addition to the vertical air conditioner, there were only one integrated fan blowing back and forth.

  The reporter saw that more than 10 bodybuilders were exercising on treadmills and bicycles, and while they were sweating, they were breathing heavily.

The reporter just stood in the gym for a while, and started to feel a little dry throat.

The reporter asked the staff: “What is this smell?

Why is it so powerful?

The staffer said lightly: “Because the carpet has just been laid, it will be better after a while.

In another fitness center, the reporter found that there were also problems such as total closure, no natural ventilation, insufficient light, and poor air quality.

  The reporter saw that in the aerobics room, several women passed the beat of the music seriously and followed the coach on the stage.

Oddly enough, such a high intensity of exercise did not find these girls sweating.

  When I walked into the aerobics room, the reporter realized it through the hairs that could not be erected. It turned out that not sweating was caused by the air conditioner.

The reporter also found in the equipment room that many women were intensively training on the arm exerciser, but the vertical air conditioner next to them exposed their skulls, and their arms were whirling.

From this point of view, Miss Zhang “strengthened and fit” actually caught a cold, and back pain was not a strange thing.

  Be wary of newly-renovated pollution sources. The reporter specially invited environmental protection professionals to ask him to bring a formaldehyde tester to measure at several gyms in the field, and “close contact” with the formaldehyde index inside the gym.

  In the fitness center of a commercial building, the reporter saw that the closed glass curtain wall was used here, so there was no natural ventilation.

However, due to the installation of central air-conditioning, the reporter felt that the air quality was good by breathing.

After measurement, the test screen displays data 0 after one minute.

04 mg / m2.

  In another indoor stadium, the formaldehyde content in the air near the carpet reached zero.

05 mg / m2, when the tester was close to the leather sofa in the corner, it didn’t take long for the reporter to see the screen number rise significantly, reaching 0.

06 mg / m2.

  Professionals say that some facilities inside the gym may also become a source of air pollution, such as: synthetic leather, MDF, artificial plywood and furniture sofas.

Especially the newly renovated and newly-opened fitness places can easily bury hidden dangers such as excessive formaldehyde and air pollution.

  Fortunately, according to national standards, the formaldehyde content in the air must not exceed per square meter.

10 mg, ie the data is shown at 0.

Within the range of 10, all belong to the normal situation of formaldehyde.

Therefore, in the gym tested by reporters, there was no excess of formaldehyde.

However, professionals believe that even if the formaldehyde content in the air of the fitness center exceeds the standard, the obvious pungent odor emitted by rubber carpets is not conducive to aerobic breathing for the bodybuilder.

Cool Moisturizing 4 Natural Masks

Cool Moisturizing 4 Natural Masks

First, beer pore shrinkage mask.
hzh {display: none; }  啤酒中的蛇麻子是一种清凉剂,具有预防面疱、脓疱等作用,对缩小毛孔也有奇效。  Step 1: Take a clean small bowl and pour in beer.
  Step 2: Immerse the medical cotton gauze in the beer for about 3 minutes.
  Step 3: Remove the cotton yarn, twist it slightly, and apply it to your face.
Relax the facial muscles and leave for half an hour.
If water in cotton yarn is absorbed, it can be soaked and applied again.
  第四步:取下棉纱,你会发现皮肤紧致,毛孔变小 >>>柑橘柠檬 净白活力面膜DIY  二、土豆美白淡斑面膜  土豆中含有丰富的维生素,可以促进皮肤细胞生长,保持皮肤Gloss, bleach the subcutaneous melanin, prevent the development of dermatitis, so it can not only whiten and rejuvenate skin, but also reduce summer sunburn.
  Step 1: Take two to three good potatoes with full heads and no buds, wash and peel them.
  The second step: cut into pieces, put the juice in a juicer, and put the juice in a clean container.
  Step 3: Pour a third cup of fresh milk into the container, mix with flour to make a paste, and use it as a mask.
  Step 4: Apply on face and wash after 20 minutes.
>>> Homemade masks with the same effect as SK-II 3. Yogurt Detoxifying Mask Yogurt can prevent skin keratosis and dryness.
It contains highly active inorganic minerals, trace element zinc and vitamin derivatives that detoxify the skin and reduce the occurrence of acne.
  1. Mix the right amount of yogurt with honey.
  2. Add oatmeal and mix into a paste to make a mask.
  3. Cover your face with a hot towel to make the pores open and easily absorb nutrients.
  4. Apply on face and wash after 10 minutes.
  Fourth, vanishing cream anti-wrinkle series The first one adds 0 to 10 grams of vanishing cream.
1 g of pearl powder, mixed to make a paste, and applied to the face.
Do it every night for two hours each time. The course of treatment is 1-3 months, which can make the face more shiny and prevent facial skin from sagging.
  The second is to take 10 grams of cream and add 0.
3 grams of Coptis chinensis powder, similarly prepared into a paste and applied to the face.
Once a night for two hours each time, the course of treatment is also 1-3 months, which can treat enlarged pores and skin inflammation.
  The third is to put pearl powder and glycerin in a sterilized container, make a paste and apply it to the face.
Leave on for 2-3 hours and wash off before falling asleep.
  For 3 consecutive months, you can reduce wrinkles and melasma.
  Special attention should be paid to the control of the amount of materials.
Too much nutrient, exceeding the absorption limit of the skin, will cause waste; too much oil such as vanishing cream will block the pores and cause acne on the skin.

Aggrieved in the workplace is also a form of learning

Aggrieved in the workplace is also a form of learning

1 plus 1 is not necessarily equal to 2, there are times when there is no discrimination between right and wrong in the workplace. As a staff member, it is normal to be aggrieved at work.

At this time, with the grievances there, it is better to learn to turn grievances into motivation, because there are more important things than grievances, so that you survive and develop in the workplace.

  Foolish strategy “Hello, President Zhang.

Did you sign the documents I gave you yesterday?

Mr. Zhang thought for a while, then turned over the box, and finally spread his hands: “Sorry, I have never seen your file.

“If you’re just graduating from school, you’re usually faced with this situation and say,” I watched you put the files on the table! ”

“But the veteran is no longer the case, he will calm down:” Well, I’ll go back and look for that document.

So, go downstairs, go back to the office, re-export the files in the computer and print them again. When you put the files in the face of the boss again, he signed without even seeing them, because he knew the files better than youWhere the attachments go.

  ”Don’t defend” You are right, the boss is wrong, you must use your brain to find a step for the boss to step down. No matter how the conflict is resolved, cooperation is cooperation!

After the conflict with the boss, we do not agree to leave it, because old problems will arise in the new environment, then what will you do then?

If you make a big fight for the sake of tone, you may ruin your career prospects.

As long as it is not a matter of right and wrong, bear with it.

  The proactive plan does not suffer shortcomings. Proactive reconciliation is the best solution to the conflict using wisdom. Proactive reconciliation requires teamwork, and teamwork can continue cooperation.

When dealing with conflicts, use your own wisdom and team spirit to work hard with your boss and colleagues to let them discover that you are an ideal partner and create a good working space for yourself!

Hot Top Ten Men’s Kidney Diet!

Hot Top Ten Men’s Kidney Diet!

Summer is hot. Too many men suffer from drowsiness all day long and can’t lift their spirits. At this time, it is likely that kidney qi is insufficient, which is a manifestation of decreased kidney function. At this time, it is very necessary to nourish the kidney.I recommend some kidney-reinforcing recipes here, hoping to help men who need kidney-reinforcing.

  Top 10 Practical Kidney Recipes: 1) 1 pair of dog kidney, chopped, crushed into pieces after roasting, 3 grams per night, served with rice wine, 2 times a day.

 (2) Put live loach into clean water and wash it after draining intestinal meat secretions.

Heat the pan, add a few slices of ginger, fry the loach until golden, add about 3 bowls of water, put 50 grams of shrimp, cook a total of soup, and take it once a day.

(3) Wash one pork belly, and replace 10 grams of Cistanche in the pork belly. After tying it, cook it with water, eat soup with meat, and take it once a day.

  (4) 1 white pigeon, depilated and viscera, 24 grams of Chinese wolfberry, 50 grams of Polygonatum, stewed or steamed cooked, served twice daily.

(5) 2 pigeon eggs, cooked and shelled, add longan, 75 grams of wolfberry, 10 grams of schisandra, put in a bowl, steam with water, add sugar and take it twice a day.

  (6) 2 sparrow eggs, 15 grams of shrimp, 9 grams of dodder, wolfberry, put in a bowl, steamed and eaten with water, 2 times a day.

 (7) 9 grams of salted walnut kernels, 6 grams of psoralen, mashed into mud, delivered with fresh saline, once a day, this side has the effect of kidney and Gujing.

 (8) Cordyceps sinensis with appropriate amount of rock sugar stewed across the water, or steamed with longan, walnut kernels, red dates, has the effect of kidney and Yijing.

(9) One soft-shelled turtle, 200 grams of pig spinal cord.

Add ginger, spring onion and pepper to the second flavor, stew, eat meat and soup.

This side has Ziyin Bumed, Gushen Yijing effect.

  10) 10 grams of leeks and 50 grams of rice before. Cook the leeks with simmered rice, just like the previous rice and fine salt, add 500 ml of water to the casserole, and cook the rice porridge.

Warm serving 2 times a day.

This recipe has the effect of warming the kidneys and helping the yang to stop leakage.

  In addition, the daily foods that have kidney metabolites are: shrimp, mussels, loach, beef, donkey, oysters, quail, snake meat, pigeon meat, dog meat, etc.

  Consuming more of the above foods can ensure that your kidneys are strong, away from fatigue, and it is so easy to be a man with plenty of energy!

Happy to lose weight every day

Happy to lose weight every day

In addition to taking drugs, controlling diet, and strengthening exercise, psychotherapy can also be used to correct inappropriate behavior caused by abnormal reactions. Psychologists have found that using behavioral science to analyze the characteristics and types of eating behavior of excessive eating, and training obese people.The correct behavior, therefore, launched a set of weight loss psychology, you can try to do one.

  In the first section, obese people can put a comic book that is ridiculed because of their bloated body, or put a photo of their big belly on the table, while watching photos, eating, and facing the delicious food, just wantWhen gorging, he is immediately stimulated by disgust to suppress appetite.

  In the second quarter, obese people can use rewards to insist on their determination to lose weight.

There are many ways to reward.

One way to do this is to lose a coin into a piggy bank every time you insist on losing weight, and reward yourself for buying something you like.

But remember, don’t give food to your mouth.

It can also be unconventional and concrete in every point.

For example, for every kilogram of decompression, put a pound of sand or other things into the empty bag, and often mention the bag to see if there are multiple.

This weight is the excess meat of your body.

  In the third quarter, for obese people, they should try to avoid eating alone, but should eat with family or friends.

Among the relatives and friends, “hiring” several “supervisors” who have an influence on themselves.

In this way, they can control your diet, neither will you let your stomach empty, nor will you let your belly open.

Sometimes you even lose weight with your heart and soul, but there are times when you are desperate and can’t keep going.

At this point, you should find a dieter who has the same difficulties, encourage each other, learn from each other’s strengths, and overcome difficulties.

  In the fourth quarter, some obese people’s image, smell, and even the imagination of food will cause appetite.

Therefore, it is recommended that obese people use other behaviors instead of eating, and may be able to extinguish this reaction.

For example, take a brisk walk, drink a glass of water, or insist on not eating until such imagination does not lead to excessive insulin secretion.

  In the fifth quarter, if you often eat in a specific environment, such as eating snacks while watching TV, over time, you want to eat when you watch TV, whether you are pregnant or not.

According to the characteristics of obese people, only in certain places, eat at a certain time; or eat while watching TV.

Don’t be superstitious!


Sugar-free drinks drink too much fat

Don’t be superstitious!
Sugar-free drinks drink too much fat

Nowadays, more and more beverages on the market are playing 鈥渉ealthy cards鈥? and some have specifically grasped the psychology of women expecting to lose weight and launched sugar-free drinks.

So, will drinking 鈥渟ugar-free drinks鈥?get fat?

Nutrition experts point out that low-fat, low-sugar is not low, and that drinks that drink more may not be able to lose weight.

Let’s take a look at the reasons below!

銆€銆€Food research experts point out that many people think that sugar-free foods are purely sugar-free.

Of course, the so-called sugar-free means no sucrose.

But no sucrose does not mean to exclude sugar. If some sugar-free foods are smashed with grain, food is a multi-species food that can be decomposed into sucrose and glucose in the body.

Therefore, when choosing a sugar-free beverage, you should also pay attention to the ingredient list, see its ingredients and use alternative sweeteners.

銆€銆€For vegetable coarse grain drinks, some nutritionists believe that bitter gourd has the effect of clearing fire and detoxification. Bitter gourd drink is suitable for women to take in summer; pumpkin contains substitute fiber, which has certain effect on women’s weight loss beauty.

In addition, for many women’s attention to fruit vinegar weight loss, the current nutrition community is not conclusive.

Fruit vinegar drinks appear on the market, although they can help digestion after receiving, but have a certain stimulating effect on dialysis, one time can not be excessive intake.

10 precautions for exercise in arthritis patients


10 precautions for exercise in arthritis patients

Choose low-loss aerobic exercise to choose some exercises that enhance endurance, strengthen bones, and strengthen the muscles of the legs.

These include climbing stairs, walking, dancing, low-intensity endurance machines, etc.

According to your own situation, you can set your own amount of exercise and the length of time.

You can increase the amount of exercise every day, and stick to it every day for 30-60 minutes.

Strengthen your muscles and bones two to three times a week to increase your muscle strength and reduce joint pain.

By strengthening your muscles and reducing joint pain, it also helps increase your metabolism and help you lose weight.

You can go to the gym and let the trainers help you choose weight-bearing equipment or resist the machine for intensive muscle training.

Swimming is a good choice to swim to increase the strength of your joints and strengthen the strength of your hips, and swimming does not put extra stress on your joints.

At the beginning, you can slowly swim in warm water for a few minutes.

You can also use the floating board to catch.

As you begin to adapt to the moving water, you can begin to gradually increase the amount and time of swimming.

Gradually increase your physical activity until you reach your goal.

Do more aerobic exercise to protect the heart from aerobic exercise in arthritis patients to help build a healthy body and heart.

Patients with rheumatoid arthritis are more likely to develop heart disease, and exercise helps reduce this risk.

Aerobic exercise can lower blood pressure and improve cholesterol.

Because bone loss and rheumatoid arthritis often occur in weight-bearing exercise.

Walking, dancing and climbing stairs can help prevent osteoporosis.

Isometric erect: Two palms push the arm in the middle and push it horizontally.

The two palms are against the palm and are pushed in the middle.

Apply force for 5 seconds, then rest for another 5 seconds.

With daily exercise, time can gradually increase to 10 to 15 seconds.

If this exercise hurts your joints, you can ask the coach to give you a static chest movement.

The action of equidistant shoulder movement is a static movement.

You stay upright, your back against the wall, your arms on your sides.

Use the mine elbow to push your upper arm and body away from the pathway.

Hold for 5 seconds, then take a break and repeat the exercise.

If this sport hurts your joint, ask the coach to give you a static shoulder movement.

Practice your body upright with your fingers and straighten your hands forward.

Hold the handle into a fist and then put your fingers straight.

Repeat this exercise 20 times per group.

As the exercise is strengthened, the amount of exercise can be appropriately increased.

Or you can hold soft things like sponge balls in your hands to increase the fun of the exercise.

Work out your thigh muscles sitting on the floor or on a bed.

One leg is straight and the other leg is bent.

Then tighten the thigh muscles, keep it for 5 seconds, relax, and repeat.

Change the other leg for the same movement.

Increase the time to 5 initially.

10.15 seconds.

If this exercise hurts your joints, ask the coach to give you a static thigh exercise.

Keep your wrists flexible on a table or above, place your left forearm on the table, and place your left hand on the table.

Use your right hand to move your left hand’s finger and bend it to your left wrist.

Move slowly backwards and try to keep yourself from suffering.

Then move the game.

Appropriate increase in exercise volume per day, increased to daily income, 20 times per group.

Extend the elbow and practice the length of your arm parallel to the front. Pull your right hand to the left and right, let the right hand abduct, hold this position for 5 seconds, then relax, then change direction.

As your workout time increases, you can gradually increase the time to 15-30 seconds.

Repeated practice.

Easy to abdomen in the winter, five steps to easily get


Easy to abdomen in the winter, five steps to easily get

Winter is freezing outside, and people are getting lazy.

In the office, I talked with colleagues about using internal calls, documents were sent by e-mail, and lunch at noon was also called take-out. The result was sticking to the chair all day.

After returning home from work, after eating, I immediately watched TV on the sofa, and then went to bed. It is difficult to go down to the small belly and not find you.

How to abdomen and reduce belly in winter?

The following small series teaches you 5 steps, as long as you can do it easily.

銆€銆€In the lower abdomen with the largest number of girls, there are three reasons for this: 1.

If you don’t have a posture, you don’t really have a lower abdomen. As long as the posture is corrected, the lower abdomen will disappear.

First of all, when the hunchback and lower back are too curved, it will appear that the lower abdomen is prominent.


The aunt’s accumulation of this situation is really because the aunt piled up.

You can use the body fat meter to measure the lower abdomen locally, you can know if it is too much.


People with loose abdominal muscles who do not exercise often have this problem. The method of judgment is very simple. You can observe whether the lower abdomen will become bigger after eating a meal. If this is the case, it means that the abdominal muscles of the lower abdomen are slack.

The solution is also very simple, as long as you do sit-ups every day.

If you can’t do 10 sit-ups, you can replace it!

Physicians recommend 50 sit-ups per day is the best.

銆€銆€Successful abdomen first step: posture correction, abdominal breathing change breathing mode: start every morning + evening flowers 30 minutes in the abdominal breathing (the feeling of discomfort when inhaling, the stomach has a flat feeling when exhaling), be careful not to deliberately suck and call, just change the usual breathing mode.

Slowly develop habits, so that the excess sputum on the stomach and waist will disappear and disappear.

銆€銆€How to do abdominal breathing abdominal breathing is actually very simple. When we inhale, the belly rises. When exhaling, the belly tightens. When breathing, the chest does not open. Inhale through the abdominal cavity. When inhaling, feel the abdominal cavity.Lift inward and upward, fully inhale and then exhale.

Although it may not be used at first, it is accustomed to help stimulate gastrointestinal motility and promote waste discharge in the body, which can also make the airflow smooth and increase lung capacity.

銆€銆€The second step of successful abdomen: remove the stool action 1 eat fermented food than Fedella is a good bacteria that can promote gastrointestinal motility, while fermented foods or beverages like yogurt, kimchi, cheese, etc., mostly contain BiederBacteria and lactic acid bacteria have great functions for the transformation of the intestinal environment.

銆€銆€Bifidobacterium bacteria can help you to discharge your stools. It also maintains the health of your skin and helps the synthesis of vitamin B. It also stimulates and enhances the body’s immune function and inhibits the growth of bacteria in the intestines.

銆€銆€Action 2 speed-speed fiber-filled tip1 is based on coarse rice, germ rice, oats and other cereals. The fiber-blended starch rice and germ rice replace the finer white rice, and the like, such as sweet potato, coix seed, mung bean and so on.Rich in fiber, a lot of absorption can improve the problem of hangover.

銆€銆€Tip2 chooses foods containing dietary fiber, such as seaweed, medlar, fairy grass, love jade, etc., the accumulation of fiber is rich, and the taste is slippery, easy to have a feeling of fullness, change, is an ideal weight loss saint!

銆€銆€Tip3 vegetable stalks should also be eaten together. Every time you eat green vegetables, you will pick the stalks and eat only soft leaves.

This can’t be done!

The stalk is the most abundant part of the fiber. Once the corn skin and the non-dietary dietary fiber that can be digested can be picked up, it can stimulate the intestinal wall and help the bowel and intestines. The fiber quality will be greatly reduced!

銆€銆€Tip4 fruit and skin together to eat fruit peeling, in fact, invisibly cut off the fiber together!

Like apples, pears and fruits, as long as they are cleaned and eaten together with the skin, it is smart!

銆€銆€Tip5 replaces some meat beans with bean products and is also rich in protein. It replaces some meat with it. Not only is the content low, but the fiber is also improved. The speed of intestinal peristalsis is of course faster!

銆€銆€The third step of successful abdomen: medicated bath to help the abdominal medicated bath, thin belly is the medicated bath therapy that has been popular in Taiwan in recent years. Its principle is based on different Chinese medicinal materials, cooked and heated, whether with steam orDirect foaming will have obvious effects on the body’s blood circulation or treatment.

銆€銆€According to the philosophy of Chinese medicine: medicated bath can promote blood circulation, metabolism, as long as the prescription is properly adjusted, it can also achieve the effect of local slimming.

銆€銆€The medicated bath material should be bathed in a medicated bath. First of all, you can go to the Chinese pharmacy to buy the following things: lotus leaf two two, diarrhea one and a half, anti-self two two, baiziren two two.

銆€銆€The bath started at 1.

Soak these Chinese herbs for 20 minutes with 5000 cc of water.


After the bubble is finished, fire again and boil the medicinal material with 5000 cc of water for 30 minutes.

銆€銆€3.Then the whole slag of Chinese herbal medicines is drained off, leaving this hot rolling soup, which is the good thing we have to take a bath.


After pouring the precious medicine into the bathtub, you have to put two very important things, that is, the ginger mother who has been beaten, and a bottle of rice wine.

Because these two things will promote blood circulation and help you absorb these Chinese herbs.


Finally, you are in the bathtub to enjoy the time to soak in the bath, remember to spend at least 30 minutes!

銆€銆€The secret of medicated bath in the process of bathing, if you feel very boring, you can massage your skinny, thin parts, I heard that this massage will accelerate the skin to absorb these drugs.

銆€銆€The fourth step of successful abdomen: reasonable diet, less drinking and less chewing gum: when drinking a gas drink or chewing gum, it will swallow a lot of air, especially the polyphenol contained in the chewing gum, will not be digested by the small intestine.
銆€銆€Eating healthy foods: Yogurt and fermented milk activate the absorbed substances and help to improve the microbial system of complications, thereby preventing abdominal swelling.

銆€銆€Eliminate tension when eating: Many people have a very sensitive stomach, especially women.

It may be a hormonal receptor problem in the mucosa of the digestive tract, which causes frequent diseases and people mistakenly cause colitis.

The daily prevention method is to correct the posture when eating, eat slowly, and the environment should be quiet (if the TV is turned off), chewing should be sufficient.

銆€銆€The food should be cooked: the current fashion cooking is half-baked, which causes the starch to be destroyed. Most of the vegetables and the starch sugar in the grains accumulate in the large intestine, producing carbon dioxide, which causes cholesterol to rise.

銆€銆€The fifth step of successful abdomen: lifting the heel and practicing the calf.

銆€銆€If you want to exercise your abdomen, you can also hold the handle of the chair, put your feet together and try to lift it up and up, so you can exercise your abdominal muscles and thighs to make your body more perfect.

The abdominal organs can also be well protected by exercising on the abdominal muscles.