5GETF listed on the first day of contrarian net purchase 2.

500 million yuan turnover 3.
600 million yuan

5GETF listed on the first day of contrarian net purchase 2.
500 million yuan turnover 3.
600 million yuan

Source: China Economic Net Original title: 5GETF listed on the first day of contrarian net purchase 2.
500 million yuan turnover 3.
600 million yuan on October 16th, A-shares pulled back again, CSI 300, CSI 500 and CSI 1000 fell by 0.
34%, 0.
45%, 0.
42%, the transaction volume of the two cities also decreased by 35.7 billion yuan compared with the previous trading day.
However, in this market environment, 5GETF listed today still shows 合肥夜网 super high popularity.
Data show that only 15 minutes after the opening, the turnover of 5GETF exceeded 100 million yuan, and 45 minutes after the opening, the net inflow amount exceeded 100 million yuan.
As of today’s closing, 5GETF turnover reached 3.
600 million yuan, with a net purchase total of 2.
500 million yuan.
  5GETF is the first 5G themed ETF in China, with an on-site trading code of 515050.
The data shows that 5GETF closely tracks the CSI 5G Communication Theme Index.
The index consists of 40 high-quality 5G themed stocks, including telecommunications services, communications equipment, computers and electronic equipment, and computer applications.
Investors buying 5G ETF on the market is equivalent to buying these 40 5G concept stocks with one click, which can seize the 5G investment opportunities.
From the perspective of index performance, the data shows that as of October 15, the CSI 5G Communication Theme Index has risen 25 this year.
57%,000070\“ t=\”001001\“>特发信息、300322\” t=\“001001\”>硕贝德、300134\“ t=\”001001\“>大富科技等多只成分The stock has also increased by more than 100% during the year.
  Industry analysts said that the 5G theme is becoming the most eye-catching outlet in the capital market, and related investment tools are also sought after by investors.
5GETF is officially listed, and investors can start tracking 5G themed indexes conveniently at a cost of around 100 yuan and share 5G investment opportunities.
Under the influence of factors such as the long-term improvement of the 5G theme and the prominent scarcity of products, 5GETF naturally exhibited the “gold absorption” effect, and active trading on the market.
  In fact, as a scarce tool for 5G investment, 5GETF has received much attention since its launch and has been favored by investors.
It can be seen from the previous subscription situation of the fund that the total amount raised in the 5GETF initial offer reached 41.
5.2 billion yuan, total subscriptions 7.
480,000 households were one of the best-selling equity ETF products during the year.
  Since the beginning of this year, the 5G industry chain has performed particularly well due to a number of positive stimuli.
According to institutional perspectives, the industry boom will continue to increase in the next three years, and 5G will usher in a large-scale construction period. The scale of 5G base stations during 2019-2021 may be higher than the scale of 4G base stations during 2013-2015.
Starting from the second quarter of this year, the industry performance has begun to reverse in a “U” shape. It is expected that revenue and net profit will likely continue to grow rapidly for several quarters in the future, and continue to be optimistic about the future trend of the sector.
At the same time, the operator’s centralized procurement has recently been gradually implemented. The related hardware industry chain and 5G application fields are expected to gradually enter the performance cashing period. Quarterly results are expected to continue to improve and valuations will be rapidly digested.
As 5G technology continues to mature, the future performance of the industry is worth looking forward to. Investors may wish to use 5G ETFs for proper layout.

China National Travel Service (601888): Good wind brings power

China National Travel Service (601888): Good wind brings power

Duty-free industry: sustained and rapid growth, policy expectations under the game of consumer restructuring will continue to support the continued growth of Chinese outbound tourism and the support of tax-free policies, and the domestic tax-free industry will continue to grow at a high rate, with a CAGR of 19% in 15-18 years, and a domestic tax-free expenditure of 39.5 billion in 2018.The increase is 27%, which obviously speeds up, but the absolute amount is only 1/3 of South Korea’s tax exemption, and the difference is significant (South Korea’s tax exemption for 18 years is US $ 17 billion, about 50% + Chinese contributions).

Under the current macroeconomic background, the government ‘s consumer demand for nationals has become more prominent, and the benefits of tax exemption policies have gradually strengthened. We expect domestic tax exemptions to maintain a rapid growth of 18-20% in recent years.

Focus on China’s exemption: the domestic tax-exempt king of the state-owned enterprise background, ten-fold growth in ten years highlights the company’s central-enterprise background, has a domestic entry-exit tax-exemption license (the only nationwide) + island exemption (only two, and continues to integrate sea exemption) + departureDuty-free shops in the city (for foreigners, 5 cities including Beijing and Shanghai) and other comprehensive tax-free permits, permits are scarce, high barriers and high growth.

Since its listing in 2009, the company ‘s performance and market value have increased 10-fold and 10-fold. One is that Hainan ‘s outlying island tax exemption policy has been implemented and it has continued to relax. The other is that the company has been merged in Beijing and Shanghai in 17-18.The effect of scale continues to appear, accounting for about 80% of domestic tax exemption in 2018, the global tax exemption is expected to rank fourth, and domestic absolute tax exemption.

Highlights of growth: The duty-free shops in the outlying islands are expected to grow. After the departure of the shops in the outlying cities, the new revenue will be integrated and high growth in 17-18 years. The company is now welcoming a new round of growth opportunities for duty-free shops in the city.

A look at the stores in the outlying islands: The policy is favorable. The next phase of the Sanya store overlaps with the second phase to continue to benefit. Haimian is expected to inject this year. Its Haikou store 19.

1 has been opened, and its short-term budget is expected to gradually reach 8-18 billion +, and the medium and long-term line is expected to benchmark Sanya stores (8 billion); second look at the duty-free shops in the departure city: 19 years of the company ‘s departure in the city (for foreigners)) It is expected to resume centralization and opening up, and the national departure policy is gradually approaching. If the policy has a broad landing space in the future (depending on different policy assumptions, a comprehensive measurement of the medium and long-term space: short-term or 2-5 billion, the mid-line scale is expected to reach 10 billion +,Long-term policies continue to relax and cross-regional expansion), and third look at tax-free expansion in overseas cities.

Risk warning systemic risk, exchange rate risk, policy risk, new project opening schedule or opening operation may be lower than expected.

Domestic tax-free overlord, outlying islands / departure stores bring new changes to the market, maintaining “buy” is expected to be EPS2 in 19-21.



11 yuan, PE is estimated to be 33/30 / 25X (without considering the impact of the duty-free shop policy in the city of China).

The company is the most directly benefited target for the rapid growth of China’s tax-free industry. Its performance under license and scale advantages can continue to grow rapidly.

In the future, the duty-free shops in the outlying islands (new views on Haidu injection and Haikou duty-free shops), the departure of duty-free shops in the city (expected to strengthen the tax-free policies for 深圳桑拿网 Chinese departures), and the resonance of duty-free shops overseas are expected to usher in a new round of growthThe driving force is to maintain a “buy”, with a market value of 2000 trillion.

Jinshi Resources (603505): Gradually realize high growth, large space for future resource integration

Jinshi Resources (603505): Gradually realize high growth, large space for future resource integration
Event: The company announced that it expects to realize net profit attributable to mothers in 20192.07-2.US $ 3.4 billion, an annual increase of 50-70%, net profit after deductions2.16-2.430,000 yuan, an annual increase of 63% to 83%. Fluorite is operating at a high level of prosperity, and the company’s performance has achieved high growth.The performance was basically in line with expectations, and the overall fluorite industry was operating at a high level. In 2019, the average price of refined fluorite powder was 2,906 yuan / ton, an increase of 6%.At 17%, the company’s amethyst production capacity was released, and about 10 tons of fluorite production capacity was added. The increase in volume and price pushed the company’s performance to a new high.In the single quarter, the average prices of fluorite from the first quarter to the second quarter were 2878, 2879, 3037, and 2829 yuan / ton. The downstream refrigerants entered the traditional off-season in the third and fourth quarters. With the third-generation refrigerants and hydrofluoric acid in a breakeven background,The overall performance of fluorite prices is still strong, ensuring that the company’s quarterly performance is relatively stable, and the results for the first three quarters are 0.41, 0.69, 0.550,000 yuan, the fourth quarter performance is 0.41?0.6.8 billion yuan.In 2020, downstream and downstream demand will increase, and the company’s production capacity will have more room to release, and its performance is expected to reach a new high. The competition pattern of the fluorite industry has been continuously optimized, and the company’s resource integration strategy has been steadily moving forward.Fluorite, as the source of fluorination industry, involves key downstream fields such as refrigerants, semiconductors, medicines, pesticides, etc. The market prospect is broad and has been incorporated into strategic mineral resources.The safety has been completely changed, and the environmental protection of the door has been upgraded. In the past, the small and scattered competition pattern was being reshuffled. For small mines that did not meet the standards, the beneficiation plant was gradually eliminated.Leading enterprises have standardized production and operation, and have become the biggest beneficiaries of the optimization of the industry structure, ushering in a golden period of rapid development.Based on the high-quality fluorite mines in Zhejiang, the company has 青岛夜网 launched a national resource integration strategy. It has successively deployed Inner Mongolia Xiangzhen Mining and Anhui Zhuangcun Mining. The company’s integration strategy has been steadily advancing, and the space for future imagination is large. The proposed implementation of equity incentives demonstrates confidence in future development.The company proposes to implement an equity incentive plan, granting a stock budget and replenishment of 4.32 million shares, accounting for the company’s share capital at the time of the announcement of the plan.8%, the first time to award incentives to 77 people, mainly including directors, executives, core technical and business personnel.And plan to not less than 55 million yuan, not more than 1.US $ 0.8 billion in self-owned funds to repurchase equity incentives of joint-stock companies, and the performance evaluation target is 2020/2021/2022 to return to the parent and deduct non-net profit of not less than 2 respectively.99, 3.59, 4.1.2 billion US dollars, binding the company’s core team, mobilize enthusiasm and innovation, and show confidence in future development. Earnings forecasts and investment advice.The company’s EPS for 2019-2021 is expected to be 0.94 yuan, 1.47 yuan, 1.71 yuan (previous forecast was 1 respectively.17/1.48/1.69 yuan), because the off-season affects fluorite sales, lowered its full-year profit forecast for 2019.Taking into account the optimization of the fluorite industry structure, the company, as the leader of fluorite, is integrating resources, and has a large imagination space in the future. It maintains a “Buy” rating. Risk Warning: The risk of a sharp rise in fluorite prices, the continued downturn in downstream demand, and the risk of security accidents.

Christmas Fun Dinner DIY Creamy Mushroom Soup

Christmas Fun Dinner DIY Creamy Mushroom Soup

Cream in soup, mushrooms.
Finally, it blends with the soup, which is rich and fragrant in taste, which is hard to separate.

Not only moisturizing, but also warming up.

Fresh white mushrooms are rich in the unique nutrients of mushrooms. The mushrooms used in creamy mushroom soup are the white round mushrooms, but not ordinary oyster mushrooms, which fully supplement the various nutrients required by the body.

Creamy Mushroom Soup Ingredients: 2 spoons of unsalted paste, 1 large cup of chopped onion, 1/4 cup of dry sherry, 2 garlic (chopped), 4 thyme pieces, 3/4 cup of heavy cream, 2A tablespoon of lemon juice, 10-15 slices of bread, and about 84 grams of blue cheese (about 2/3 cups).Stir fry the salt for about 5 minutes; 2. Pour dry sherry and stir fry until the alcohol flavor disappears, about 1-2 minutes.

Stir in garlic, thyme leaves, and mushrooms until the mushrooms shrink, about 20 minutes.

Pour in the chicken broth and water and cook for about 30 minutes; 3. Pour the soup into a blender and stir until smooth, then pour it in a pan over low heat.

Add cream and bring to a boil.

Add lemon juice, appropriate amount of salt and black pepper powder. 4. Coat 1-2 spoons of blue cheese on the surface of the bread and bake on baking paper for about 1-2 minutes until the cheese starts to foam.

Add 2-3 slices to the bowl and serve.

Analysis of two cases of right and wrong maintenance habits


Analysis of two cases of right and wrong maintenance habits

Skin error maintenance case Gao Yumei, translation, age: 28 skin age: 35 skin type: white, easy to sun red smoker?

10 sticks a day.

But if I go out at night, I can get another bag.

  Lifestyle: I like to read at night, sometimes overnight, and often sleep late in the morning.

Will occasionally drink a little wine.

  Diet: I like all kinds of foods. Whenever I see foods, I forget the idea of losing weight. After eating, I hate myself.

  Skin care: I rarely do skin care because my skin is so bad that it is not good enough to disappoint me. Whenever I find dead skin or acne on my skin, I wash my face with scrub.
  Dermatologist: Smoking damages the skin, makes the skin look dull, and makes them saggy and saggy.

There is even more bad news: the action of smoking increases the likelihood of wrinkles on the upper lip and wrinkles in the corners of the eyes.

Smoking may make her look 5 years older than her actual age at 40, and she will increase wrinkles from 32.

  Nutritionist: It is recommended that Miss Gao take one capsule of multivitamins and minerals daily, drink a glass of orange juice in the morning, and supplement vitamin C. This can help Miss Gao to reduce free radicals in her body.

  Cases for Correct Skin Care Kim Kaman, Mother, Age: 30 Skin Age: 22 Skin Type: Even Wheat Color Smoking?


  Lifestyle: I go to bed early at night, I guarantee 8 hours of sleep every day, I drink a glass of warm water after getting up every day, and take some nutritional medicine after breakfast to supplement vitamins. I occasionally drink some wine.

  Diet: For breakfast, I usually eat fresh fruits and an all-round breakfast specially prepared for women. I have a simple lunch, like an egg salad, and I pay attention to dinner, not much, but I eat fish at each meal.

I like to eat nuts and seeds, and drink 4 large glasses of water a day without coffee.

  Skin care: I wash my face with warm water without soap and towels. I use a cleansing lotion every morning and a cleansing cold cream every night.

I make eye mask once a day and use a black mud mask every other day to clean and hydrate my skin.

In addition to my daily home care, I also go to the beauty salon for an aromatic massage once a week.

  Dermatologist: Miss Jin’s method is good.

When she reaches 50, she looks 10 years younger than her actual age.

  Nutritionist: Miss Jin has a good diet, which can prevent premature aging. It is very good to eat nuts and seed foods. You can get protein, vitamin B and folic acid from them. These are important for cell regeneration and can improveThe quality of the skin’s color.

Grain is the foundation of health care

Grain is the foundation of health care

In the first book of Compendium of Materia Medica written by Li Shizhen of the Ming Dynasty, it was speculated: “The five internal organs are more equal, and the internal organs are more uneven.

Gu Yun: Angu Zechang, Jeju Valley died.

“Gu means the staple food; Chang means good health. This sentence means that if you can eat well, your body is good.”

  This old saying fully illustrates the essence of the staple food.

Cereal staple food can maintain a vigorous life and ensure good health.

Chinese medicine believes that “four o’clock is based on stomach qi”, “giving stomach qi and dying without stomach qi”, and grain staple food is the main source of stomach qi.

“The Yellow Emperor’s Canon” also has the diet principle of “five grains for feeding, five animals for benefit, five fruits for help, and five vegetables for filling”. It is believed that the grain is the basis of health.

  In fact, the thinking of “An Gu Zechang” is also consistent with the theory of modern nutrition.

Staple foods such as grains and grains are located at the bottom of the pagoda, which is the basis of the entire scale structure.

In the diet of food, the daily diet should be based on cereals, which can provide the body with energy and more than half of the protein.

  Many people do not eat staple foods in order to lose weight, so their faces are yellow, their resistance is reduced, and their health is impaired.

We should eat at least 300 grams of staple foods every day, including rice, steamed bread, noodles, oats, corn, etc., and pay attention to the thickness and thickness.

In addition, “Angu Zechang, Jeju Valley dies” is more applicable to patients. If they can eat a meal, the vitality will be strong; on the contrary, life will not last long, which shows how important the staple food is to health.

Good care to understand the causes of acne_1

Caring for the Causes of Acne

Acne is a problem that annoys many MMs. In order to eliminate acne, the “acne muscle girls” have exhausted various methods, but the effect is not obvious.

In fact, the same is the cause of acne.

In order to really achieve good anti-acne effects, “acne muscle girls” must first understand the cause of acne on their face, and then take the right medicine according to their own conditions, in order to truly win the anti-acne action.

  The acne is full of normal schedule?

  Concept: Antibiotics for hair follicle inflammation can improve Q: In the past, there were not many acne. Now I work, my routine is normal, but my acne is full of face.

Acne is something that is red and swollen, then slowly grows into white. Most of it is distributed on the chin. Sometimes the left face is more severe, sometimes the right is more severe. Apply lotion after bathing every day, before bed.Whitening lotion, where is the problem?

  A: The appearance of acne on the face is abnormal. First of all, you should check whether it is due to improper cleaning. If you have completed the complete cleaning step, but still have acne, the main cause is hormonal imbalance caused by stress, which causes acne.

  If the patient’s acne is red, swollen and whiteheaded, it is a fever-like hair follicle, which can usually be cured by oral or topical antibiotics.

  How to care for large acne before and after menstruation?

  Concept: hormonal imbalances, large acne, do not cut indiscriminately Q: The skin is white and sensitive, often before the menstrual period or too tired, often on the chin, ears, nose, long large acne, it will hurt at first, rubbing medicineEliminate it, because you do n’t have a head, so you ca n’t squeeze it. After a while, it does n’t hurt, but you ca n’t eliminate it. Sometimes you go to a beauty salon to cut it apart, but health and safety are a concern.

Is this a sore?

How can I prevent it?

What should I do if I grow up?

  A: Acne before and after the physiological period is caused by hormonal disorders. In severe cases, it is recommended that patients go to the obstetrics and gynecology clinic to diagnose and adjust the hormonal imbalance caused by the physiological period.

  For skin problems, oral or topical antibiotics can be used to cure it. Do not go to the beauty salon to cut open and squeeze out.

  How to improve the visible acne scar?

  Concept: Face is spotted, taking into account the introduction of left-handed C. Q: Uneven skin tone, previously cured acne, acne scars are still clearly visible at present, which maintenance product should be used to improve it?

  A: Net skin laser or left-handed C introduction, left-handed C introduction is about 1200 yuan, it is recommended to introduce 1-2 times a week, 6-8 consecutive times.

  How to remove deep acne scars?

  Concept: In addition to deep acne scars, you must use medical cosmetology: What is better to rub acne?

What should I do if I have acne scars?

It is hoped that the recommended medicine is easily available on the market.

  A: Generally speaking, when complications or scars have already appeared on the affected area, it is actually difficult to remove them with commercially available scar removal products.

At this time, you should choose a microdermabrasion laser or fruit acid peeling method to effectively eliminate acne scars.

  Bladder has acne. Do not apply ointment by yourself. It is recommended to consult a dermatologist and use a doctor’s prescription for treatment.

In addition to using common anti-acne drugs on the market, in addition to failing to provide the right medicine, treating with the wrong medicine may increase the burden on the skin.

  Can you use laser for pitting scars on your face?

  Concept: Skull scars can be treated with multiple lasers Q: Bladder scars can be treated with multiple lasers Want: If you want to microdermabrasion, is there a laser or other treatment?

How much is it?

Will there be sequels?

  A: Acne scar treatment is currently generally divided into three types: chrome laser, carbon dioxide laser, or nano shuttle laser, which can be used to treat acne scars.

  It is just that the nano-shuttle laser is a new technology. After the treatment, the skin surface can not see the wound, and there will be only a slight red-hot sensation. It can be returned to work with ice, which is a new choice for lunch break beauty.

Deep acne scars of the iceberg type can also be treated with acne scar surgery.

  Nano-shuttle laser uses ultra-fine nano-laser beams to apply small skin spots to the skin’s deep dermis to achieve collagen regeneration, improve the pores and reduce the pigment effect.
After treatment, it is not easy to produce redness and blackness, and its complications also cause pain, not easy to burn, and the effect of firm skin. It is a new technology that combines the advantages of vaporized microdermabrasion and non-dermabrasion laser.

Chinese medicine recommends four medicinal diets that can help lower blood pressure

Chinese medicine recommends four medicinal diets that can help lower blood pressure

“Jiufu is good for blood, light and resistant to old age and long life”, which is the effect of chrysanthemum.

Chrysanthemum is a commonly used Chinese medicine, which has the effects of clearing heat, clearing wind, clearing and detoxifying.

It mainly treats headaches, dizziness, upset and fever, red eyes, scabies, swelling and other symptoms.

One data shows that the incidence of hypertension is getting higher and higher, which has serious impact on human health.

Chinese medicine points out that high blood pressure can be relieved by some chrysanthemum medicated recipes. The following editors will introduce it in detail: chrysanthemum tea requires 10 grams of chrysanthemum and 30 grams of wolfberry.

Add 3 wolfberries?
Boil 5 cups of water for 10 minutes, then add chrysanthemums and cook 2 more?
3 minutes, filter and take the juice, put it into a thermos, and divide into 3?
Drink 4 times a day.

Ju Qi tea is rich in vitamin A, which can prevent and treat various eye diseases, or suffer from hypertension and coronary heart disease. It is most convenient for the elderly to replace.

  5 grams of chrysanthemum black tea, 10 grams of chrysanthemum, and 5 grams of salvia miltiorrhiza.

Add the above 3 flavors to the covered cup, brew with boiling water, and insert it frequently on behalf of the tea.

Generally brewable 3?
5 times, drink the same day.

Jujuan tea can reduce coronary artery contraction, improve myocardial microcirculation, and adhere to it can reduce the number of coronary heart disease and angina pectoris and the degree of substitution.

  Chrysanthemum tea requires 15 grams of chrysanthemum and 20 grams of raw hawthorn.

Add in water decoction or boiling water for 10 minutes.

Drinking chrysanthemum tea often dilates coronary arteries, relaxes blood vessels, lowers blood pressure, and lowers blood lipids.

Suffering from coronary heart disease, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, cardiac insufficiency, etc.

  Chrysanthemum tea, chrysanthemum, 10 grams each.

Add the same to the cup, brew with boiling water, cover, and replace after 10 minutes.

Generally brewable 3?
5 times, drink the same day.

This tea can calm down the liver and soften blood vessels.

Indications for a variety of hypertension, especially for elderly hypertension with atherosclerosis.

Anti-spinal exercise


Anti-spinal exercise

I used to be a welder. I often bowed and worked hard, causing occupational cervical spondylosis. The waist often had problems and it was sore.

Because it is a chronic disease, there are no specific treatments and drugs.

銆€銆€I have learned a lot of exercise therapy. After screening and comparison, I learned a kind of anti-spinal exercise and the effect is quite good.


Naturally, the right palm is pressed and corrected, and the head is tilted back 20 times (the reverse movement of the lower head), and then the left palm is pressed and pressed to correct the backward and backward head 20 times.


Naturally slender, the palms of the hands hold the back waist and bend back 30 times (the reverse action of bending forward).


The tip, the hand naturally puts on the side, the head is placed as far back as possible, the belly tries to straighten forward, the body is like a reverse bow, and the movement is 20 times (the young and the weak are careful) through the gradualExercise, my cervical spondylosis has rarely recurred, and the waist disease is also cured.

The health is good and the action is easier.

(Excerpt from “Healthy People” text / Zhang Jinfang) Eye health exercises can not be missed I am 64 years old this year, the visibility is very good, regardless of writing and painting, or reading newspapers, never wear glasses.

My friend asked me what is the protection of my eyes?

I am jealous: work hard, work and rest.

銆€銆€Seriously doing exercises: I was a teacher. At that time, there was an eye exercise in the school every afternoon. No matter whether I was attending classes or preparing for class assignments, I would work hard with the students as soon as I heard the eye exercises.

Sometimes I even go out for a meeting or a holiday, I took time to do exercises, never stop.

After I retire, I still can’t beat it. It’s just time to change to wake up in the morning and go to bed at night.

銆€銆€Work and rest: reading a newspaper, watching TV, writing for an hour or so, I will get used to massage the eyelids, two thumbs on the temple, the index finger on the eyelids, clockwise, counterclockwise and massage dozens of times,Then close your eyes for a minute or two, or look into the distance for a while, preferably looking at the green.

銆€銆€I have been adhering to the above eight characters for several decades and it has been effective.

Chinese medicine Paishi soup treatment should not be blindly replaced


Chinese medicine Paishi soup treatment should not be blindly replaced

Kidney stones, ureteral stones and bladder stones are all part of the traditional Chinese medicine “鐭虫穻”.

Traditional Chinese medicine mostly uses clearing and damp heat, and Tonglin row of stones is the treatment of Dafa.

However, if patients with urinary stones are treated with traditional Chinese medicine, they must be considered carefully!

銆€銆€Traditional Chinese medicine treatment “Shilin” commonly used for Shi Weisan flavor, drugs such as: Shi Wei 12 grams, 12 grams of winter sunflower, 12 grams of buckwheat, 12 grams of talc, 15 grams of psyllium, 15 grams of Lysimachia, Haijinsha 12Gram, 12 grams of chicken gold, 12 grams of peony, 6 grams of licorice.

If the blood in the urine plus small sputum, the birthplace, the sacred section to cool the blood to stop bleeding.

銆€銆€High calcium urinary stones use low calcium foods as a preventive and therapeutic method to reduce the incidence and prevent recurrence.

It is reported that taking 10 per day?
24 grams of defatted rice bran, even for 4 weeks?
For 2 months, the calcium intake is limited to 700 mg per day. The combination of phosphate and calcium containing phytic acid in rice bran can reduce the calcium intake.

銆€銆€At present, there are a variety of dissolved stone soups and medicines, but they should be properly replaced under the guidance of a doctor.

If patients with urinary stones are treated with traditional Chinese medicine, the following items should be noted: grasping the indications of traditional Chinese medicine stone therapy only can fully understand the conditions of using stone medicine, and patients can make the best self-selection for various treatments.

The conditions for the use of stone therapy are: 1, no serious hydronephrosis, renal function is still good; 2, the diameter of the stone is less than 1.

0 cm, regular shape, smooth surface, and free from adhesion to the renal pelvis and renal pelvis; 3, no obvious deformity of the urinary tract, serious and infection; 4, young and healthy, good to meet a lot of drinking water and participate in favorableSports activities in the row of stones.

銆€銆€During treatment, you should not neglect the diet. The dietary principle of patients with urinary stones may be low in animal protein and high in vitamins.

For those with stones combined with gout should limit meat, eat animal internal organs, daily protein intake is not more than 90 grams is appropriate; eat less spinach, mushrooms, cauliflower, eat more fruits.

The alkalization of urine is of great significance in the prevention and treatment of uric acid stones. It is advisable to choose alkaline vegetables and fruits to keep the urine pH at 6.


Within the scope of 5.

銆€銆€Drinking stone medicine should pay attention to drinking more water. During the service, you should drink plenty of water, 2000 per day?
3000 ml can make the urine volume reach more than 2000 ml per day.

This can replace the urine, reduce the precipitation of urine salts, and facilitate the discharge of stones.

Encourage yourself to jump more, run more, often do gymnastics, carry out stone movements, drop, and self-discharge.