Genius parents cleverly teach children to play with toys

Genius parents cleverly teach children to play with toys

In proportion to various artificial toys, nature provides us with higher natural toys. These god-given toys are both economical and more attractive to children.

Don’t worry about these things that will turn your home into a mess, compared to the happiness of your children. What’s this all about?

  Role-playing games: Old toys play new tricks. As long as parents take a little care, all kinds of old toys that are thrown aside by children can be redeveloped to attract young children again.

Role games are an effective way to put old toys to new uses.

  For example, parents and children play a game of opening a store together.

  At the beginning of the game, roles are assigned: one is a customer, and the other is a salesperson.

The distribution of roles should take a democratic approach, allowing children to choose freely and giving children the opportunity to make their own decisions.

  Then put out all the old toys and organize the shelves with the children.

Organizing the shelves is a good opportunity to train children to develop mathematical thinking skills from classification.

Children should be guided to place all toys on the set shelves: steering (bicycles, cars, buses, planes, ships, etc.), weapons (pistols, tanks, etc.), dolls, cookers, and so on.

  After the shelves are organized, they start to “buy and sell”.

It takes money to buy things.

Of course, money can be used as a substitute, and some small toys such as small pictures, small cardboard, etc. can be used as money as long as the child can think of it.

However, it is best to use real money so that children can intuitively understand coins and learn how to count, calculate and manage money.

  In the process of “buying and selling”, parents even constantly guide their children to recognize colors, sizes, and learn to classify.

Finally, parents can exchange roles with children to repeat the game.

After the game, pack the toys with your child.

  Children in role games like this have a high enthusiasm for participation. Even in the game, the old toys are used to the maximum extent, and the children’s attention, imagination and other thinking skills are also cultivated, and parent-child communication is enhanced.

  Return to nature: God-given toys recreate the magical nature and provide us with reverse natural toys, such as fallen leaves, branches, small stones, sand and so on.

As with all kinds of artificial toys, these godsend toys are both economical and more attractive to children.

  In nature, children are natural craftsmen.

They dug tunnels on sand piles, built castles, built high-rises, and had fun, covered with mud and sand. They thought that a small branch that fell on the ground was interested, and then they lingered because of a pile of stones.

Where children can give full play to their nature, all parents need to do is to let go of their children. Children may know how to use heaven-sent toys better than parents.

At this time, smart parents should let go of their children’s imagination and creativity, and allow their children to freely stretch their personality in toys.

And don’t stop behind your child: “Don’t redress!

“,” Don’t tie your fingers, “which can only discourage children.

  Admire the child When the child finds a small stone he likes to show off to you, boast the child’s vision; when the child builds a “highway”, pretend the car is running on it.

When the child sees you appreciate his masterpiece, he will create more magical works with interest.

  Division of labor and work with children to find a lot of blocks, stones, etc., according to different standards such as type, size, etc., and design graphics with children.

For example, larger stones make fake mountains, and smaller stones pave the way.

  Finally, bring a bunch of natural toys home.

Ask your child to mix these natural toys with toys at home.

For example, if you build a house out of blocks and then surround it with big stones, it is a wall.

  Don’t worry about these things that will turn your home into a mess, compared to the happiness of your children. What’s this all about?

Babies have long teeth

Babies have long teeth

Children’s teeth are now generally uneven.
A census found that 70% to 80% of the students had malformations of the jaw, of which more than 90% were accompanied by crowded teeth, and half of them required orthodontics, also known as “hoop teeth”.
  Dr. Yao Jun, Department of Pediatrics, Affiliated Stomatological Hospital of Fujian Medical University, said that the children’s teeth are uneven, which is related to increasingly fine food, reduced chewing stimulation, and insufficient jaw bone development.
He said that the jaws are the bones and muscle tissue that make up and down the mouth, and the bones in the jaw are called jaws.
Proper chewing is good for stimulating jaw bone development.
Jaw dysplasia that lacks sufficient chewing stimulation does not have enough space to accommodate permanent teeth that are larger in volume and number than primary teeth when changing permanent teeth.
Insufficient space between teeth will cause irregularities such as tooth irregularities that affect aesthetics.
  Some parents think that giving their children fine, fine and soft foods when they change their teeth can protect newly born permanent teeth.
As everyone knows, if you eat soft food, it will affect the development of the jaw.
Therefore, dental experts suggest that you can properly give your children some hard food when changing their teeth. For example, don’t cook vegetables too rotten, properly sugar cane, and don’t cut into small pieces when eating apples. Children should be allowedHolding the whole bite is good for the development of the jaw.

8 Clinical Uses of Hawthorn

8 Clinical Uses of Hawthorn

Hawthorn, also known as red fruit, red in the mountain, is a unique fruit of the upstream, a fresh fruit implanted for the supply of autumn and winter.

The sweet and sour taste, delicious, refreshing, rich in nutrition, loved by people.

Chinese medicine believes that hawthorn is sweet and sour, has a mild temperature, has appetite and digestion, eliminates stasis and stasis, promotes blood circulation, eliminates cough, and deworms and detoxifies.

Modern pharmacological research proves that hawthorn has many aspects of pharmacological effects on the cardiovascular system. It can expand the coronary arteries, relax the blood vessels, increase coronary blood flow, improve cardiac vitality, excite the central nervous system, have blood lipids, lower blood pressure, strengthen the heart,Anti-arrhythmia and other effects.

Here are some of the medical prescriptions of hawthorn are as follows: 1.

Treatment of hypertension: 10 fresh hawthorns, mashed, 50 grams of sugar, decoction, even for several days.


Treatment of hyperlipidemia: 40 grams of hawthorn, 15 grams of lotus leaves, 12 grams of cassia grass, 1 gram of peppercorns, 500 ml decoction of water as tea, 2 times a day.

After taking it continuously for 1 month, if the blood lipids return to normal, you can go to peppercorns, change the remaining 3 medicines to half the amount, and decoction for a long time as tea.


Treatment of coronary heart disease, angina pectoris, tachycardia: 12 grams of wild hawthorn, decoction with water, 1 dose daily for several days; or 3-9 grams of hawthorn flowers, decoction.


Cure scurvy: Hawthorn, black beans, 120 grams each of sugar, mash the hawthorn and black beans first, add 150 ml of water and fry, add sugar and boil 20 minutes after boiling, and finish drinking once.


Treatment of cirrhosis ascites: 30 grams of hawthorn, 100 grams of rice, 10 grams of granulated sugar, fry the hawthorn water with rice, sugar and porridge to take.


Treatment of indigestion: raw hawthorn, fried malt 10 grams each (subject to children’s discretion), decoction; or 16 grams of hawthorn, 9 grams of orange peel, 3 slices of ginger, decoction, divided into 2 servings.


Treatment of wounded food: Hawthorn meat fried in black, ground, and served with warm water, 15 grams each time, twice daily.


Govern stagnation: moderate consumption of hawthorn slices or hawthorn cakes, candied hawthorn can cure the accumulation of stagnation caused by eating meat; 14 hawthorn, 24 almonds (peeled tip), decoction and drink, can treat dog meatThe backlog caused.

Four tips make weight loss simple


Four tips make weight loss simple

Is it difficult to lose weight?

The famous nutritionist Li Ruifen pays you four tips to make your weight loss very simple.

銆€銆€Nutrition Your heart uses your nutritional knowledge to arm your mind and establish a scientific concept of eating healthy.

In addition, it is not only to eat with your mouth, but also to eat with “heart”.

Specifically, it is necessary to make two clear: it is clear that the disease from the mouth into the modern civilization is mostly related to eating, so the disease prevention should be controlled from the source.

Obvious obesity can be reduced, using the expected conditioning method to lose weight is not painful, alternative easy, economical and practical.

As long as you follow the plan and practice it, you will be effective.

銆€銆€Slim your body weight loss to gradually reduce the waist circumference, abdominal circumference, hip circumference, to achieve the appropriate standard.

Specifically, do “three know”: know the standard of normal weight, waist circumference, abdominal circumference and hip circumference; know the harm to the human body and life; know the methods and steps of scientific weight loss.

At present, the job seeker has a medical method to judge whether he is overweight: standard weight method, body mass index method, body rash method and waist-to-hip ratio method.

Among them, only the body micro rate needs to be measured by a professional measuring instrument, and the other three methods are slightly measured by the dieter himself.

銆€銆€Standard weight = height (m) 2 x 22 inches.

Within 10% of this value, it can be regarded as normal weight; more than 10%, but not more than 20% is overweight; more than 20% is obese.

銆€銆€Body mass index (BMI) = weight (kg) 梅 height (m) 2, which is the number of squares divided by the height of the square.

The value obtained is at 18.

twenty three.

9 is normal, at 24?

9 is overweight and over 28 is obese.

銆€銆€Waist to hip ratio = waist circumference (cm) 梅 hip circumference (cm), that is, the number of waist circumference divided by the number of hips.

The value obtained is less than or equal to 0 for men.

85, female is less than or equal to 0.

80, the body weight is in the appropriate range, beyond which the value is overweight or obese.

銆€銆€It is not that someone is hungry to control your mouth, not to eat, but also to eat scientifically in accordance with the “Chinese Dietary Guidelines.”

It can be summarized as the following three points: First, balance, refers to sputum and sputum, acid and alkali, primary and secondary, coarse and fine to eat together; second, diverse, preferably eat more than 25 kinds of food every day;Appropriate amount, according to your height, weight, occupation and activity, flexible adjustment of the type and amount of food consumed daily.

銆€銆€Take your legs and pay attention to the right amount of exercise every day to achieve instantaneous in and out balance.

Specifically, to do “three counts and one choice”: “three calculations” is to calculate their daily consumption value, the actual daily consumption of all activities and the daily consumption value of each stage of weight loss.

“One choice” is to choose a sport that is suitable for personal conditions and that can be adhered to and enforceable.

銆€銆€Renowned nutrition expert, Li Ruifen, nutritionist of the Beijing Military Region General Hospital.

What should women do to eat?


What should women do to eat?

Beauty Salon: Amy is a woman’s nature. In order to catch up with fashion, many white-collar women’s hair styles have been changed and changed. In order to maintain youthful beauty, many women are also willing to apply the package to three layers and three layers.

Experts caution that women should be cautious when using cosmetics. Some inferior cosmetics often contain harmful substances and lead content is too high.

Blood system: It is one of the most sensitive systems for lead poisoning. Lead in the blood exceeds the standard, which will cause a series of reactions, which will eventually lead to a decrease in hemoglobin synthesis, and more foods rich in calcium, iron, zinc and vitamin B, C.It can resist the action of lead, reduce the absorption of lead, and help to reduce the lead content in the blood.

Excessive tea and coffee: Coffee contains certain nutrients, and tea is also a good health product, but it can only be moderate, otherwise it will be too late.

Coffee contains a compound called phenolic carbonate that blocks the body’s absorption of iron.

Iron deficiency anemia is especially unsuitable for drinking tea. The combination of fermented acid and iron in strong tea will form insoluble substances, so that iron can be easily discharged.

Women should avoid avoiding coffee and tea during menstruation.

Vegetarian, fruit as a meal: it is difficult to guarantee enough iron if you don’t touch it or just eat it.

Although some vegetables contain iron, there is no more meat. At the same time, the oxalic acid, phytic acid, phosphoric acid and a large number of substituted fibers contained in the plant will also affect the absorption of iron. The absorption rate is only the tenth of the meat.One.

Usually eating more fruits is indeed valuable for maintaining inorganic salts, but the fruits lack iron, calcium and other ingredients.

If you use vegetables and fruits for a long time as a staple food, it is very easy to cause anemia.

Through the above introduction, I believe that you have a certain understanding of the anemia of women, and usually eat food and nutrition reasonably, and thus, regular, moderate diet, can prevent anemia, eat food, and have potential for treatment.

The above-mentioned home-cooked foods are very likely to have the effect of 鈥渂lood-forming鈥? Usually, they do not hinder eating more. If you have anemia, then you should adjust your replacement.