Changchun High-tech (000661) Tracking of the First Quarterly Report: Performance Continues to Be Beautiful and Growth Hormone Maintains High-speed Growth

Changchun High-tech (000661) Tracking of the First Quarterly Report: Performance Continues to Be Beautiful and Growth Hormone Maintains High-speed Growth
1.Event: The company released the 2019 first quarter report.1Q1 achieved revenue of 17.75 ppm, a 72-year increase of 72.07%; realize net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies.650,000 yuan, an increase of 73 in ten years.67%; net profit deducted from non-attributed mothers3.580,000 yuan, an increase of 96 in ten years.93%; realized earnings per share 2.15 yuan. In terms of financial indicators, selling expenses6.20 ppm, an increase of 45 in ten years.77%; management costs 8115.530,000 yuan, an annual increase of 23.58%; R & D expenses1.150,000 yuan, an increase of 36 in ten years.98%; financial expenses -800.950,000 yuan, a decrease of 424 a year.24%; net operating cash flow 6.180,000 yuan, an increase of 398 in ten years.31%; accounts payable 3.24 ppm, an increase of 73 in ten years.63%, mainly due to the increase in settlements temporarily estimated by real estate companies. 2.Our analysis and judgment: (1) Growth hormone drives the pharmaceutical business to maintain rapid growth, real estate business settlement increases and thickens performance. The company’s performance is beautiful, mainly due to the rapid growth of the pharmaceutical business and the actual business settlement.Rapid growth of pharmaceutical business19 The company achieved operating income in the first quarter.750,000 yuan, +72 a year.07%; net profit attributable to mother 3.65 ppm, +73 for ten years.67%; deduct non-attributed net profit 3.58 trillion, ten years +96.93%.The acceleration of the company’s reported performance is mainly due to two reasons: (1) Growth hormone drives the pharmaceutical business to continue its high growth trend.Reported intermediate pharmaceutical business income +44.16%, net profit +62.15%.We believe that it is mainly driven by growth hormone, and terminal data show that the growth rate of growth hormone sales in the first two months has exceeded 60%.(2) Real estate business settlement income increases every year. As for the issue of vaccine batches, the batch of 19Q1 varicella vaccines was issued24.270,000 bottles, a reduction of 75 per year.5%; rabies vaccine batch issued 51.360,000 bottles, a reduction of 63 a year.1%. Expenditure is well controlled.From the perspective of expenses, the sales expense ratio was 34 in 19Q1.95%, a decrease of 6 per year.31pp; management expense ratio 4.57%, a decrease of 1 per year.79pp.We believe that the decline in the expense ratio during the period is related to the replacement transition of the actual business settlement. (2) Continue to be optimistic about the growth hormone to maintain rapid growth The company’s multiple advantages in the domestic growth hormone market, we are optimistic about its future high-speed growth.As a domestic growth hormone leader, Kinsey has the comprehensive advantages of the most complete dosage forms, the strongest terminal control ability, and the development of new indications.We are optimistic about the company’s growth hormone business to maintain rapid growth: (1) The domestic growth hormone penetration rate has decreased, and the market has room for expansion.There are about 7 million children with dwarf who are currently in the treatment window period, of which more than 2.8 million are children with growth hormone deficiency (GHD). Assuming a national market size of $ 4.5 billion in 2018, even considering the difference in urban and rural consumption capacity, the GHD treatment rate is onlyAbout 10%.If only GHD indications are considered, and long-acting dosage forms are not considered for the time being, it is assumed that in the future urban and rural penetration rates will reach 20% and 10%, respectively, and the use ratio of water injection and powder injection will reach 4: 6 and 1: 9 respectively, then conservative estimatesThe market size for growth hormone therapy for GHD is above 110 ppm. (2) The phase IV clinical study of the long-acting dosage form has been completed, which is expected to continue to contribute to the performance flexibility and further strengthen the company’s growth hormone hegemony skeleton.During the reporting period, the company’s long-acting growth hormone has completed phase IV clinical research, which will gradually build the foundation for the subsequent academic promotion of products and enter the European and American markets, and continue to continuously contribute to performance flexibility. (3) The sales team continues to expand, the sales channels continue to sink, and the market coverage is expanded.By the end of 18, the company’s sales team was about 1,400 people. In the future, it will continue to expand the sales team and continue to expand the market coverage, thereby increasing the number of hospitals and prescribing physicians, and the number of new patients. (4) In the short term, it is absolutely difficult to seize the market share of Kinsey water needles.As the domestic market has huge room for expansion, each company is expected to grow together.Even considering the competitive factors, Anke’s water needle reached 19 years old, and was approved in the first half of the year. Novo Nordisk water needle has been approved for listing, but at the same time, it also faces problems such as bidding and hanging the net, and there are product conversion costs in the place of doctors. (5) Growth hormone is mostly prescribed outside the hospital and is not affected by the proportion of drugs.The sales model of Kingsey growth hormone is usually that after the patient confirms the use of growth hormone in the first visit of a tertiary hospital, it is subsequently transferred to a children’s hospital or a clinic next to the hospital with a prescription, which is not affected by the hospital’s strict control of the proportion of drugs. (6) The child height management market is heating up.Parents have a high degree of recognition of children’s height, and the child height management market continues to heat up. (III) Continue to be optimistic about the development prospects of vaccine business. We are optimistic about the company’s vaccine business development prospects. Enlarging existing products will help maintain rapid growth, and gradually develop a rich pipeline of pipeline products. It is also expected to continue to contribute to performance flexibility: (1) Rabies vaccine is expected toContribution to performance increase.The 18-month effective rabies vaccine process has been significantly improved and scaled up. Considering the impact of previous vaccine incidents, it is expected that Maifeng’s mad vaccine market will accelerate its recovery and contribute to performance flexibility. (2) Chicken pox vaccine continues to expand into the international market and is expected to accelerate its volume in the future.The company has completed registration of chickenpox vaccine in India and Nigeria, and is about to complete registration in Indonesia.At the same time, registration work is underway in Guatemala, Bangladesh, Turkey, Thailand and other countries.The product will also benefit from the vaccine incident, and is expected to achieve further volume through continued development of the international market. (3) The nasal spray influenza vaccine has been reported to be produced and will be replaced with a priority review in June 18th. If it is successfully marketed, the alternative route to nasal spray will be left blank. (4) The research and development of mad seed freeze-dried powder needles has progressed in an orderly manner and is in the state of planned recruitment.At the same time, a sufficient amount of products for phase III clinical trials have been prepared, and the drug inspection report of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has been obtained in advance. (5) Invest in Ruizhou 武汉夜网论坛 Biological, 20-valent pneumococcal vaccine is expected to enter the clinic in 19; (6) Purchase of full-human anti-rabies monoclonal antibody technology. If it is successfully marketed, it will form synergy with the company’s existing rabies vaccine. 3.Investment suggestion The company’s first quarter report has a very good performance. The growth of growth hormones in the main strata drives the pharmaceutical business to maintain rapid growth; and it will fulfill its business earnestly.We continue to be optimistic about the company’s development prospects.The company is a domestic leader in biopharmaceuticals. We believe that growth hormone performance will maintain rapid growth: through consumption upgrades and people’s understanding of height management, the growth hormone market has a broad future growth space.The company 深圳丝袜会所 has the most complete product line in the field of growth hormone, the strongest terminal control ability, the speed of new indication development, the leading technology and the active deployment of new alternative technologies.In terms of dosage form, powder injection strengthens and consolidates competitive advantages; rapid development of new indications for water injection promotes continuous heavy volume; long-acting dosage forms are exclusive dosage forms; intravenous clinical completion and sales channel expansion will significantly increase performance.Regenerative human follicle stimulating hormone replaces domestic blanks and promotes the process of import substitution after approval of supplementary indications.The vaccine business is about to enter a new stage of development: chickenpox vaccine is opening up the international market, and rabies vaccine will turn a profit through process modification and dosage form upgrade.Huakang Pharmaceutical is committed to maintaining stable growth.The company’s real estate business will also maintain steady growth.Regarding the impact of the acquisition of the remaining equity of Jinsai Pharmaceutical for the time being, it is expected that the net profit attributable to the mother for 2019-2021 will be 13.49/17.88/23.05 ppm and EPS were 7.93/10.51/13.55 yuan, corresponding PE is 39/29/23 times. 4.Risks suggest that the market for long-acting growth hormone is less than expected, the market for recombinant human follicle stimulating hormone is less than expected, vaccine safety risks and policy risks, and new drug development is less than expected.

Goldwind Technology (002202): Inflection point expansion ROE will step into the recovery channel

Goldwind Technology (002202): Inflection point expansion ROE will step into the recovery channel
Investment Highlights Three Norths lifted the ban, rushed to install electricity prices, and the wind power industry boomed.Looking forward to 2019-2020, in addition to the logic of the industry’s improvement in 2018 (the lifting of the ban in the Three Norths, normalization of the Mid-East, offshore and decentralized volume, etc.), there are two positive factors in the 北京夜网 industry: the ban in the Three Norths continues to be lifted, and electricity prices are grabbedStarting construction, we expect that the new installed capacity in 2019/2020 is expected to reach 28GW / 33GW, an increase of about 33% / 18%.  Both the volume and price of the bidding market have risen, and the turning point for wind turbine profits can be expected.The number of domestic open tenders in 1H19 reached 32.3GW, an annual increase of 93.4%, a record of the highest semi-annual bidding volume.Judging from the tender price, June 2, 2019.0MW / 2.The average bid price of 5 MW-class units increased by 12 points from the low point in September last year.1% / 6.2%, considering the fan delivery cycle, the focus on fan products, the large-scale delivery, and the low performance of fan performance in 3Q19.  Beginning in the fourth quarter of 1919, the turnover rate and net interest rate increased at the same time, and the ROE resonance picked up.In the first half of 2019, China’s new wind power installations increased by 14.5%, the company’s external sales capacity increased by 52 in the first half.38%, turnover rate has begun to pick up, 1H19 company asset turnover rate is 0.18, with the same increase of 18.twenty one%.In fact, since 4Q19 began to improve the profitability of wind turbines, the company’s profitability has entered a repair stage, at which time the turnover rate and profitability will have a resonance rebound, and ROE will enter a stage of rapid improvement.  The era of bidding and flat prices has begun, and leading OEMs have obvious advantages.Since 2019, wind power has entered the bidding era in full, and at the same time, parity projects have begun to guide the industry to pay more attention to LCOE. The OEMs have more advantages in wind turbine selection and wind farm system design. Therefore, LCOE is the main competitive factor.In the competitive bidding and flat pricing era, the competitiveness of leading OEMs has become more prominent.  There is a difference between Vestas’ business model and the core competitiveness gap has narrowed.The difference between the company’s and Vestas’ business models is that Vestas’s related income derived from fan sales is higher than the company, and its fan sales accounted for only 23 in 2018.8%, much lower than the company’s 73.2%, but its business related to fan sales reached 83.5%.In terms of wind turbine products, judging from the results of the world ‘s best wind turbine selection, there is no intergenerational difference between the company and Vestas onshore wind turbines, and there is an intergenerational difference in offshore wind turbines, but the company ‘s R & D expenditures have started in 2015.It maintains a comparable level with Vestas, and its proportion exceeds Vestas. With the support of this research and development intensity, the difference between the company and Vestas will continue to narrow.  Investment 无锡桑拿网 suggestion: It is estimated that the net profit will be 32% in 2019-2021.54, 45.84 and 55.31 ppm, an increase of 1 each year.16%, 40.89%, 20.64%, the current budget (A shares) corresponding to three years PE is 17, 12, 10 times, maintain “Buy” rating.  Risk alert events: market competition risk, risk of abandoning wind and electricity, exchange rate risk.

Bodybuilding standards

Bodybuilding standards

Since ancient times, people have been pursuing the beauty of the human body persistently. However, due to the difference of people’s age, cultural level, social experience, occupation, gender, age, ethnicity, etc., there are differences in what is the beauty of the human body.view.

  Hu Xiaoming, a Chinese sports aesthetics researcher, has proposed the following standards for human beauty based on the actual situation in China: “The bones are normal, the joints are not obviously large and prominent; the muscles are evenly developed, and the skin is slightly appropriate;The male is wide and round; the spine is perpendicular to the front, and the whiteness is normal when viewed from the side; the thorax is raised, and the front and back are slightly V-shaped; the female thorax is full and has a clear curve; the waist is thin and strong;The chest is round and moderate; the legs are long, the thighs are soft, the calf of the calf is slightly protruding, and the arch of the foot is high.

“The beauty of the human body is the combination and unity of health, strength, and beauty. It includes a healthy and perfect body that grows and develops, powerful muscles, a beautiful body shape, and a healthy and uplifting spirit.

  Male bodybuilding standards 1.
Strong muscles and strong body muscles are the source of human strength and a symbol of strength. Therefore, a fit body and a healthy body are closely related to the developed muscles.

In the eyes of artists, anthropologists and sportsmen, well-developed muscles and a strong physique are important factors for human beauty.

  With the developed cervical muscles, people can be aligned upright, strong and powerful; the developed pectoral muscles (pectoralis major, pectoralis minor) can make people’s tibia fat and straight: developed cervical biceps, three tibiaMuscles and forearm muscle groups, implanted arm lines, clear, thick and powerful; the deltoid muscles covering the shoulders connect the shoulders to widen, and the developed latissimus dorsi muscles will make the skeletal stems have a beautiful V shape; powerfulThe spine muscles can fix the spine, so that the upper body is straight without hump. The developed abdominal muscles can increase abdominal pressure, protect internal organs, help reduce waist circumference, and enhance beauty. The developed hip muscles and powerful lower limb muscles can fix lower limbs., Support the whole body, giving a sense of firmness and power.

  In short, developed and elastic muscles are a source of strength and a symbol of bodybuilding.

  2.The shape is well-proportioned, and the clear-cut body shape mainly reflects the external image of the human body, which is one of the important factors that constitute the human bodybuilding.

  From the perspective of studying the beauty of the human body, with the proportion of traces, the degree of muscle development, and the ratio of shoulder width and hip circumference, it is more suitable as a condition for dividing the body shape.Or sports) and thin.

  (L) Fat type: It is characterized by generally thick upper (shoulder width) and lower (hip circumference), the trunk is like a round bucket, and the waist is very large.

The aunt in the abdominal wall is thick, sagging in the lumbar spine, the abdomen is soft, and the navel is deep.

There are many aunts on the top, and some are feminine.

Generally short neck, double chin.

The weight often exceeds the iconic weight (height -100) by about 30%; 50 ‰ (2) lean type; its characteristics are opposite to the fat type, the waist circumference is small, the trunk is small and large, the shoulders are narrow, and the chest is almost.

The limbs are the highest, the muscles are not full and the lines are not obvious.

First-class, unparalleled chin.

The weight is 25-35% less than the standard weight.

  (3) Muscle type (exercise type): It is characterized by wide shoulders, small hips, large latissimus dorsi, and upper body showing an inverted triangle.

Waist circumference is thin and abdominal muscles are prominent.

Limbs are well-shaped and muscular.

First class strong and powerful, unparalleled chin.

Lose weight or exceed 5% of standard weight.

  People who often engage in this sport, especially athletes, are mostly muscular (sporty).

They are well-formed, muscular and sharp-lined.

  Knowing the law classification, you can improve your body shape through bodybuilding exercises, lose weight through exercise to gain weight, and lean body can also increase weight through bodybuilding exercises, and strive to make the body strong and shapely, muscular and soft.


Full of energy and tenacity.
  The external manifestation of fullness is skin-to-fitness, correct posture and smart movements, while the internal manifestation is full of vitality, bravery, tenacity, and perseverance; (1) skin-building.

This is an important sign of human beauty.

The famous Soviet poet Mayakovsky praised the strong muscles and bronze skin as the most beautiful clothes in the world.

Indeed, the skin is a mirror of the state of health, and those with a bright red complexion are energetic; on the contrary, those who are gray and tired are often sick and sentimental patients.

Red and shiny skin is related to factors such as regular exercise, proper nutrition, normal living system and optimistic mood.

We should pay attention to regular exercise to protect the skin.

  (2) The posture is correct and the movement is chic.

The Chinese nation has a long history of civilization, and has always been famous people’s words and deeds, every move.

The graceful sitting position should be to look up, chest up, straight waist, and abdomen.

Do not include the chest and back, as this is the cause of spinal curvature and low back pain, and this sitting position will inevitably cause people to be debilitated.
  The graceful standing posture should be “three straights and one open”, that is, straight neck, chest, legs, eyes open round.

Look at the front, head and neck, torso and feet on a vertical line, with your arms hanging down naturally.
Don’t lift your abdomen upright, and change the center of gravity too much to the standing position of one leg.

This can cause spinal deformities and low shoulders for a long time.

  The graceful walking posture is not a sway, or a horoscope, but you should keep your body straight, your chest should be waist, and your belly should be slightly closed. Your knees and toes should always be facing forward, your arms will swing naturally, and your steps will be steady.And even.

  In short, graceful gestures and chic movements.

It not only conforms to the laws of human anatomy and physiology, but also gives the impression of bodybuilding.

  (3) Brave and firm, perseverance: The Chinese nation has always known people’s spiritual temperament. While praising the image and power of heroes, they must always praise the hero’s grandeur.

Man is an organic unified whole. Similarly, the beauty of the human body is harmoniously united with the physical beauty of the external appearance and the beauty of the spiritual temperament inherently manifested in the organic combination.

Therefore, it is necessary to have a courageous spirit and a tenacious will.

Resolute and decisive character and good moral cultivation.

This kind of hairdressing is deep in the heart, but it can be expressed externally through every action, every word and every deed, and make others able to suffer.

This requires that while carrying out bodybuilding exercises, attention must be paid to strengthening the training and cultivation of ideological style, willpower, and mental temperament.

Generally speaking, men should have well-developed muscles, a strong physique, a well-balanced body, a burly figure, an upright posture, a chic demeanor, and the bravery, resoluteness, toughness, and tenacity from the depths of the soul.The beauty of masculinity.

Folk blood remedies

Folk blood remedies

(1) Group: 50 grams of dried red dates, 100 grams of peanuts, 50 grams of brown sugar.

  Wash the jujube with foam, take the peanuts after the peanuts are slightly cooked, put the jujube and the peanuts in the water to cook the peanuts, add the appropriate amount of cold water, simmer for half an hour, remove the peanut clothes, the human brown sugar, dissolve the juice, makeTake a snack.

  Efficacy: This side benefits Qi and nourish blood, suitable for blood deficiency syndrome.

  (B) group: 250 grams of fresh squid fish, peach kernel 15, grams, rice wine, soy sauce, sugar, the right amount.

  The squid fish is rinsed clean and cut into strips.

Wash the peach kernel and peel it for use.

Squid fish into the pot, add peach kernels, water, stir fry, add rice wine, soy sauce, sugar, and then cook over low heat until cooked.

  Efficacy: This side has the effect of nourishing blood and regulating menstruation.

  Apply to blood deficiency and amenorrhea.

  Source: This party is from “Luchuan Materia Medica”, the original party is used as “women’s menstruation”, for the treatment of blood deficiency and the closure of the representative side, blood deficiency and dying, and blood and sea emptiness, see the menstruation.

  Fangzhong is mainly squid fish, flesh and blood, and the ability to nourish and regulate menstruation; with peach kernel as auxiliary, blood circulation and menstruation.

The two are used together, one to nourish the blood to regulate menstruation, one to promote blood circulation to regulate menstruation, and to nourish blood, so it is suitable for blood deficiency and blood stasis and amenorrhea.

  ”Tang Yao Experience” to the squid fish, add lotus root cooking, the power of blood circulation is enhanced, the original side is “postpartum blood closure.”

  Taboo: This pregnant woman does not eat.

  (3) Black beans are rich in nutrients and contain protein, trace, glucose, vitamin B1, B2, niacin, carotene, and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, iron and potassium.

  Black beans are especially rich in protein, higher than meat, eggs and milk, and are known as the “king of plant proteins”.

  Chinese medicine believes that black people enter the kidney, black soybeans are warm, non-toxic, into the kidney, spleen, heart, have kidney and strengthen the body, dehumidification and water, anti-aging and longevity.

  ”The Secret of the Year” contains: “Taking black beans, amazing long skin, benefiting color, filling the essence, adding strength, and making up the virtual food.

“In the folk, there are many prescriptions for black beans.”

  Chinese medicine believes that black people enter the kidney, black soybeans are warm, non-toxic, into the kidney, spleen, heart, have kidney and strengthen the body, dehumidification and water, anti-aging and longevity.

“The Secret of the Year” contains: “Taking black beans, amazing long skin, benefiting color, filling the essence, adding strength, and making up the virtual food.

“In the private sector, there are many prescriptions for black beans for diet therapy. Several examples are available for reference: postpartum diseases: black beans 1.

5 kg, stir-fry until there is smoke, into the bottle, after more than one day.

Each serving a small cup, 2-3 times a day, so that the sweat is slightly sweaty.

Postpartum uniforms are both anti-wind and blood.

  Early white hair: boil black beans with vinegar, take juice, about 10 grams each time, heat the water to wash hair, have the effect of black hair.

Sprinkle 20 black beans every night, a spoonful of black sesame seeds, with a black hair effect.

  Hair loss: boiled black beans, 50 grams each time, 2 times a day.

If you do not improve for 1 month, you can use salt to cook black beans (5 grams per 500 grams of black beans and salt), as served before.

  Yin and night sweats: black beans, jujube 50 grams each, round meat (longan meat) 15 grams, add 3 bowls of water to 1 bowl, 2 times in the morning and evening to take the evening group one: black beans 1.

5 kg, stir-fry until there is smoke, into the bottle, after more than one day.

  Method of service: Each serving a small cup, 2-3 times a day, so that the sweat is slightly sweaty.

  Indications: Postpartum disease.

After the birth, they often wear anti-wind and eliminate blood.

  Group 2: Black beans, 50 grams of jujube, 15 grams of round meat (longan meat), add 3 bowls of water to 1 bowl, 2 times in the morning and evening.

  Indications: Yin and night sweats.

  Group 3: boiled black beans, 50 grams each time, 2 times a day.

If you do not improve for 1 month, you can use salt to cook black beans (5 grams per 500 grams of black beans and salt), as served before.  Indications: Hair loss.

  Group 4: Boil the black beans with vinegar, take the juice, about 10 grams each time, heat the water to wash the hair, have the effect of black hair.

  Sprinkle 20 black beans every night, a spoonful of black sesame seeds, with a black hair effect.

  Indications: Early white hair.

  Fresh mulberry 1000 grams, 500 grams of rice.

Fresh mulberry washed simmered juice (or 300 grams of dried juice to slag), and then the medicinal juice, cooked together with glutinous rice, into the glutinous rice dry rice, to be cold, add the amount of koji, mix well, fermented into wine.

  Serve daily with meals.

Applicable to liver and kidney yin deficiency, thirst, constipation, tinnitus, dark eyes, sputum, joint disadvantages.

The mulberry nourishing yin and blood is strong, supplemented by glutinous rice to supplement the qi and improve the curative effect.

Genius parents cleverly teach children to play with toys

Genius parents cleverly teach children to play with toys

In proportion to various artificial toys, nature provides us with higher natural toys. These god-given toys are both economical and more attractive to children.

Don’t worry about these things that will turn your home into a mess, compared to the happiness of your children. What’s this all about?

  Role-playing games: Old toys play new tricks. As long as parents take a little care, all kinds of old toys that are thrown aside by children can be redeveloped to attract young children again.

Role games are an effective way to put old toys to new uses.

  For example, parents and children play a game of opening a store together.

  At the beginning of the game, roles are assigned: one is a customer, and the other is a salesperson.

The distribution of roles should take a democratic approach, allowing children to choose freely and giving children the opportunity to make their own decisions.

  Then put out all the old toys and organize the shelves with the children.

Organizing the shelves is a good opportunity to train children to develop mathematical thinking skills from classification.

Children should be guided to place all toys on the set shelves: steering (bicycles, cars, buses, planes, ships, etc.), weapons (pistols, tanks, etc.), dolls, cookers, and so on.

  After the shelves are organized, they start to “buy and sell”.

It takes money to buy things.

Of course, money can be used as a substitute, and some small toys such as small pictures, small cardboard, etc. can be used as money as long as the child can think of it.

However, it is best to use real money so that children can intuitively understand coins and learn how to count, calculate and manage money.

  In the process of “buying and selling”, parents even constantly guide their children to recognize colors, sizes, and learn to classify.

Finally, parents can exchange roles with children to repeat the game.

After the game, pack the toys with your child.

  Children in role games like this have a high enthusiasm for participation. Even in the game, the old toys are used to the maximum extent, and the children’s attention, imagination and other thinking skills are also cultivated, and parent-child communication is enhanced.

  Return to nature: God-given toys recreate the magical nature and provide us with reverse natural toys, such as fallen leaves, branches, small stones, sand and so on.

As with all kinds of artificial toys, these godsend toys are both economical and more attractive to children.

  In nature, children are natural craftsmen.

They dug tunnels on sand piles, built castles, built high-rises, and had fun, covered with mud and sand. They thought that a small branch that fell on the ground was interested, and then they lingered because of a pile of stones.

Where children can give full play to their nature, all parents need to do is to let go of their children. Children may know how to use heaven-sent toys better than parents.

At this time, smart parents should let go of their children’s imagination and creativity, and allow their children to freely stretch their personality in toys.

And don’t stop behind your child: “Don’t redress!

“,” Don’t tie your fingers, “which can only discourage children.

  Admire the child When the child finds a small stone he likes to show off to you, boast the child’s vision; when the child builds a “highway”, pretend the car is running on it.

When the child sees you appreciate his masterpiece, he will create more magical works with interest.

  Division of labor and work with children to find a lot of blocks, stones, etc., according to different standards such as type, size, etc., and design graphics with children.

For example, larger stones make fake mountains, and smaller stones pave the way.

  Finally, bring a bunch of natural toys home.

Ask your child to mix these natural toys with toys at home.

For example, if you build a house out of blocks and then surround it with big stones, it is a wall.

  Don’t worry about these things that will turn your home into a mess, compared to the happiness of your children. What’s this all about?

Babies have long teeth

Babies have long teeth

Children’s teeth are now generally uneven.
A census found that 70% to 80% of the students had malformations of the jaw, of which more than 90% were accompanied by crowded teeth, and half of them required orthodontics, also known as “hoop teeth”.
  Dr. Yao Jun, Department of Pediatrics, Affiliated Stomatological Hospital of Fujian Medical University, said that the children’s teeth are uneven, which is related to increasingly fine food, reduced chewing stimulation, and insufficient jaw bone development.
He said that the jaws are the bones and muscle tissue that make up and down the mouth, and the bones in the jaw are called jaws.
Proper chewing is good for stimulating jaw bone development.
Jaw dysplasia that lacks sufficient chewing stimulation does not have enough space to accommodate permanent teeth that are larger in volume and number than primary teeth when changing permanent teeth.
Insufficient space between teeth will cause irregularities such as tooth irregularities that affect aesthetics.
  Some parents think that giving their children fine, fine and soft foods when they change their teeth can protect newly born permanent teeth.
As everyone knows, if you eat soft food, it will affect the development of the jaw.
Therefore, dental experts suggest that you can properly give your children some hard food when changing their teeth. For example, don’t cook vegetables too rotten, properly sugar cane, and don’t cut into small pieces when eating apples. Children should be allowedHolding the whole bite is good for the development of the jaw.

8 Clinical Uses of Hawthorn

8 Clinical Uses of Hawthorn

Hawthorn, also known as red fruit, red in the mountain, is a unique fruit of the upstream, a fresh fruit implanted for the supply of autumn and winter.

The sweet and sour taste, delicious, refreshing, rich in nutrition, loved by people.

Chinese medicine believes that hawthorn is sweet and sour, has a mild temperature, has appetite and digestion, eliminates stasis and stasis, promotes blood circulation, eliminates cough, and deworms and detoxifies.

Modern pharmacological research proves that hawthorn has many aspects of pharmacological effects on the cardiovascular system. It can expand the coronary arteries, relax the blood vessels, increase coronary blood flow, improve cardiac vitality, excite the central nervous system, have blood lipids, lower blood pressure, strengthen the heart,Anti-arrhythmia and other effects.

Here are some of the medical prescriptions of hawthorn are as follows: 1.

Treatment of hypertension: 10 fresh hawthorns, mashed, 50 grams of sugar, decoction, even for several days.


Treatment of hyperlipidemia: 40 grams of hawthorn, 15 grams of lotus leaves, 12 grams of cassia grass, 1 gram of peppercorns, 500 ml decoction of water as tea, 2 times a day.

After taking it continuously for 1 month, if the blood lipids return to normal, you can go to peppercorns, change the remaining 3 medicines to half the amount, and decoction for a long time as tea.


Treatment of coronary heart disease, angina pectoris, tachycardia: 12 grams of wild hawthorn, decoction with water, 1 dose daily for several days; or 3-9 grams of hawthorn flowers, decoction.


Cure scurvy: Hawthorn, black beans, 120 grams each of sugar, mash the hawthorn and black beans first, add 150 ml of water and fry, add sugar and boil 20 minutes after boiling, and finish drinking once.


Treatment of cirrhosis ascites: 30 grams of hawthorn, 100 grams of rice, 10 grams of granulated sugar, fry the hawthorn water with rice, sugar and porridge to take.


Treatment of indigestion: raw hawthorn, fried malt 10 grams each (subject to children’s discretion), decoction; or 16 grams of hawthorn, 9 grams of orange peel, 3 slices of ginger, decoction, divided into 2 servings.


Treatment of wounded food: Hawthorn meat fried in black, ground, and served with warm water, 15 grams each time, twice daily.


Govern stagnation: moderate consumption of hawthorn slices or hawthorn cakes, candied hawthorn can cure the accumulation of stagnation caused by eating meat; 14 hawthorn, 24 almonds (peeled tip), decoction and drink, can treat dog meatThe backlog caused.

Four tips make weight loss simple


Four tips make weight loss simple

Is it difficult to lose weight?

The famous nutritionist Li Ruifen pays you four tips to make your weight loss very simple.

銆€銆€Nutrition Your heart uses your nutritional knowledge to arm your mind and establish a scientific concept of eating healthy.

In addition, it is not only to eat with your mouth, but also to eat with “heart”.

Specifically, it is necessary to make two clear: it is clear that the disease from the mouth into the modern civilization is mostly related to eating, so the disease prevention should be controlled from the source.

Obvious obesity can be reduced, using the expected conditioning method to lose weight is not painful, alternative easy, economical and practical.

As long as you follow the plan and practice it, you will be effective.

銆€銆€Slim your body weight loss to gradually reduce the waist circumference, abdominal circumference, hip circumference, to achieve the appropriate standard.

Specifically, do “three know”: know the standard of normal weight, waist circumference, abdominal circumference and hip circumference; know the harm to the human body and life; know the methods and steps of scientific weight loss.

At present, the job seeker has a medical method to judge whether he is overweight: standard weight method, body mass index method, body rash method and waist-to-hip ratio method.

Among them, only the body micro rate needs to be measured by a professional measuring instrument, and the other three methods are slightly measured by the dieter himself.

銆€銆€Standard weight = height (m) 2 x 22 inches.

Within 10% of this value, it can be regarded as normal weight; more than 10%, but not more than 20% is overweight; more than 20% is obese.

銆€銆€Body mass index (BMI) = weight (kg) 梅 height (m) 2, which is the number of squares divided by the height of the square.

The value obtained is at 18.

twenty three.

9 is normal, at 24?

9 is overweight and over 28 is obese.

銆€銆€Waist to hip ratio = waist circumference (cm) 梅 hip circumference (cm), that is, the number of waist circumference divided by the number of hips.

The value obtained is less than or equal to 0 for men.

85, female is less than or equal to 0.

80, the body weight is in the appropriate range, beyond which the value is overweight or obese.

銆€銆€It is not that someone is hungry to control your mouth, not to eat, but also to eat scientifically in accordance with the “Chinese Dietary Guidelines.”

It can be summarized as the following three points: First, balance, refers to sputum and sputum, acid and alkali, primary and secondary, coarse and fine to eat together; second, diverse, preferably eat more than 25 kinds of food every day;Appropriate amount, according to your height, weight, occupation and activity, flexible adjustment of the type and amount of food consumed daily.

銆€銆€Take your legs and pay attention to the right amount of exercise every day to achieve instantaneous in and out balance.

Specifically, to do “three counts and one choice”: “three calculations” is to calculate their daily consumption value, the actual daily consumption of all activities and the daily consumption value of each stage of weight loss.

“One choice” is to choose a sport that is suitable for personal conditions and that can be adhered to and enforceable.

銆€銆€Renowned nutrition expert, Li Ruifen, nutritionist of the Beijing Military Region General Hospital.

What should women do to eat?


What should women do to eat?

Beauty Salon: Amy is a woman’s nature. In order to catch up with fashion, many white-collar women’s hair styles have been changed and changed. In order to maintain youthful beauty, many women are also willing to apply the package to three layers and three layers.

Experts caution that women should be cautious when using cosmetics. Some inferior cosmetics often contain harmful substances and lead content is too high.

Blood system: It is one of the most sensitive systems for lead poisoning. Lead in the blood exceeds the standard, which will cause a series of reactions, which will eventually lead to a decrease in hemoglobin synthesis, and more foods rich in calcium, iron, zinc and vitamin B, C.It can resist the action of lead, reduce the absorption of lead, and help to reduce the lead content in the blood.

Excessive tea and coffee: Coffee contains certain nutrients, and tea is also a good health product, but it can only be moderate, otherwise it will be too late.

Coffee contains a compound called phenolic carbonate that blocks the body’s absorption of iron.

Iron deficiency anemia is especially unsuitable for drinking tea. The combination of fermented acid and iron in strong tea will form insoluble substances, so that iron can be easily discharged.

Women should avoid avoiding coffee and tea during menstruation.

Vegetarian, fruit as a meal: it is difficult to guarantee enough iron if you don’t touch it or just eat it.

Although some vegetables contain iron, there is no more meat. At the same time, the oxalic acid, phytic acid, phosphoric acid and a large number of substituted fibers contained in the plant will also affect the absorption of iron. The absorption rate is only the tenth of the meat.One.

Usually eating more fruits is indeed valuable for maintaining inorganic salts, but the fruits lack iron, calcium and other ingredients.

If you use vegetables and fruits for a long time as a staple food, it is very easy to cause anemia.

Through the above introduction, I believe that you have a certain understanding of the anemia of women, and usually eat food and nutrition reasonably, and thus, regular, moderate diet, can prevent anemia, eat food, and have potential for treatment.

The above-mentioned home-cooked foods are very likely to have the effect of 鈥渂lood-forming鈥? Usually, they do not hinder eating more. If you have anemia, then you should adjust your replacement.