Breakfast with snacks to fill the stomach!

Breakfast with snacks to fill the stomach!

The accelerated pace of life has led many people to view breakfast as optional or even skip breakfast at all.

However, health experts in Singapore point out that eating staple foods for breakfast and filling snacks are the most harmful to the health of the stomach and intestines.

  Approximately, people do not eat for about 10 hours after getting up in the morning, their stomachs are empty, and their blood sugar levels are lowered.

After you start your activity, your brain and muscles consume sugar and your blood sugar levels will continue to drop.

At this time, if there is no meal, there is not enough blood sugar consumed in the body, and severe hypoglycemia will occur, and the human body will feel depressed, tired, fatigued, and unresponsive.

In addition, skipping breakfast for a long time will cause digestive disorders, which will cause people to suffer from gastrointestinal diseases such as chronic gastritis and pancreatitis.

  ”The human body consumes less water and bread after a night’s sleep, and the main breakfast leads to a lack of energy throughout the day.

Because although it is full of energy in a short time, it will soon feel dry again, resulting in a significant drop in blood sugar levels at noon.

“In addition, if you eat snacks for breakfast, you can’t supplement your body with enough nutrients.

  Experts also suggest that staple foods such as bread should be added. Such cereals can provide the body with sufficient carbohydrates and also facilitate the absorption of milk.

At the same time, yogurt can’t be eaten on an empty stomach. Tomatoes, bananas, pears, and other fruits with acidic flavors and crude fiber fruits are also not conducive to eating on an empty stomach in the morning.

  Finally, experts suggest that breakfast must not be eaten while walking or getting up early for coffee.

  However, when you can’t resist the temptation of snacks, but you still want to keep a good figure, and you are worried that snacks will affect the absorption of nutrients, so snacking becomes a psychological burden on you. What should you do?

  In fact, you don’t need to change your snacking habits. The key is to choose foods that can keep your mouth busy without losing weight and learn to eat snacks reasonably. In this way, you can even supplement the nutritional deficiency of your meal.

Child with cold and diarrhea in summer

Child with cold and diarrhea in summer

[Guide]The sultry summer is a kind of suffering for the baby.

In this season, too many children often catch colds and diarrhea.

Parents report that the cold medicines stored routinely at home do not seem to work well, and that once the cold strikes, the baby is also accompanied by diarrhea.

After entering the ambush, the season is characterized by “Summer” and “Wet”. When the summer and wet evils invade, the baby will suffer from colds and diarrhea. It is still because of the heat and wetness, and the child’s cold and diarrhea are not easy.

The cold of summer heat does not prevent the baby from using Chinese medicine to catch a cold in winter and spring. Sneezing, runny nose, and fever are common. Traditional Chinese medicine thinks this belongs to the wind evil’s lungs, while summer cold sneezes, runny nose is not obvious, fever and headache are common, andSpleen and stomach dysfunction, the baby does not want to eat, nausea and vomiting, and thin stools. Ms. Chen said that her child is 7 months old. The effect of cold medicine is basically to relieve sneezing and runny nose, but it can not solve the baby’s nausea and vomiting.symptom.
Professor Wang introduced that for the cold of summer heat, traditional Chinese medicine adopts the method of clearing the summer heat, such as adding and subtracting fragrant tea, the medicine is composed of silver flower, forsythia, citron, tempeh, magnolia, lentils, perennial, and fragrant incense.

The citron has antipyretic and anti-dampness properties, and is used for the treatment of summer colds, colds, fevers, headaches without sweat, abdominal pain, vomiting, and urination.

For summer baby diarrhea, Chinese medicine should also be typed to treat it. For example, babies with hot and humid diarrhea have thin stools, lots of water, yellowish smell, or see a small amount of mucus. Children have abdominal pain and loss of appetite. Pueraria huanghuang Huanglian Tang is the preferred choicePueraria, Pueraria, Scutellaria baicalensis, Coptis chinensis, talcum, and licorice can relieve heat and dampen heat. If the baby vomits, add Pinellia ash and Chenpi, and if the baby is wet, add Atractylodes, Aquilaria and Magnolia.

For babies with hot and cold diarrhea, if you want to take a medicine, you can alternate the Gegen Qinlian pellets.

If the diarrhea is caused by the cold, the baby’s stool color is thin, there are many foams in the middle, the smell is not too smelly, and the child’s bowel sounds and abdominal pain. At this time, Huoxiangzhengqi powder can be added and subtracted.

Babies can also eat Huoxiangzhengqi liquid, but can’t eat Huoxiangzhengqi water. Because water is a tincture, some ingredients are extracted with alcohol, so the water contains a small amount of alcohol, so it cannot be taken by the baby.

How to care for a cold baby in summer has entered the sky, and the temperature is gradually rising. Most of the cold patients in summer are caused by avoiding hot and cold. Such experts remind parents that they should keep warm in high temperature season, do not repeat, and even let the child stay in the whole day.In a low-temperature air-conditioning environment, before 10 am, children can be allowed to perform outdoor activities for 1-2 hours to enhance their adaptability to the environment. The air conditioner at night cannot be turned on too low.

If the baby has a cold and cough at home, the parents should promptly add water to the child to keep the respiratory tract moist and reduce the viscosity of the sputum. When the coughing occurs, turn the baby over and pat the back. Pay attention to the child’s face to the side to prevent vomiting.Inhale and allow your baby to drink more water and replace the sputum into the digestive tract.

Parents buckle the back with a hollow palm. There is a certain amount of strength and rhythm when buckling the back, and the direction is from the scapula bone from bottom to top, and beat from the outside to the inside.

Outpatient clinics reported that the recent sickness of the baby was more rainy, and Nanjing went directly to high temperature. The number of outpatients of the respiratory and digestive departments of Nanjing Children’s Hospital increased. Statistics from the hospital showed: from July 5 to July 23, specialists in respiratory and digestive medicineThe number of outpatient clinics was 1,124 and 619, respectively. The maximum number of outpatients per day was 139 and 114. Most of the small patients had colds and fever, diarrhea and gastroenteritis.

Weather changes and improper use of air conditioners are all causes of increased respiratory diseases. Many small patients have improved their colds, but they have repeatedly occurred.

She suggests that if the symptoms are not severe and the child is in a good spirit, only obstructed nose, sneezing and slight cough can be observed.

If you have a fever 38.

Above 5 ℃, you should go to the hospital for treatment in time, especially for children with skin rashes. Don’t neglect to prevent infectious diseases.

A family of a child under the age of one should also note that in July and August each year, babies have fever in the outpatient clinic. Due to the poor heat dissipation function of the baby’s skin and sweat glands, when the ambient temperature increases, the child will have a low fever,Fever, this condition does not require treatment, just turn on the air conditioner to cool down.

Gastroenterology clinics have had more bacterial infectious diarrhea these days. When asked about their medical history, the baby was caused by unclean food.

Older children are greedy and cold. Excessive consumption of cold drinks causes inflammation, abdominal pain, children with obvious pus and bloody stools, and severe dehydration, they must recommend infusions, anti-inflammatory, and replenish water and electrolytes.

If diarrhea is not serious, eat some antidiarrheal or intestinal mucosal protective agent, micro-ecological preparation.

Children’s vanity bursts, what should parents do?

Children’s vanity bursts, what should parents do?

Since my child went to junior high school, in addition to the school’s mandatory requirements for school uniforms, all his clothes are brand-name, shoes must be Adidas, usually casual clothes are Nike, even belts must choose crocodile.

  I just bought a mobile phone last year, and now I ‘m clamoring for a new 3,000 yuan mobile phone. What ‘s so outdated, then the mobile phone sold for more than 1,000 yuan!

  He usually gives him pocket money every week. Since he entered junior high school, his pocket money is 100 yuan per week, sometimes reaching 150 yuan.

But recently he kept saying that money was not enough and asked for more pocket money every week.

We asked him how the money was spent, and he said that sometimes he and his classmates invited each other to eat McDonald’s, KFC, etc., and sometimes they just bought some good things in the boutique.

We didn’t agree to his request to increase pocket money. He was so angry that he didn’t talk to us for a few days, and fell a glass. In the end, we compromised.

  He doesn’t let me drive him to school now, only let his father drive him and ask him why.

He said that I opened QQ and lost his face. His father opened Honda, which he quoted with the parents of other classmates.

  He has been dealing with wealthy classmates recently, because some of them have poor grades and poor quality, so I advise him to stay away from these people, and spend more time with good classmates and make progress together.

Guess, how did he answer?

He actually said that reading in this society is useless now. The key is to have money, so that people can realize you.

He also said that many of the poor students in the class were looked down upon, no matter whether you were studying well or not.

  How could my child become like this and become so adored with vanity? Is there any way to persuade and guide him?

  If parents are confused about their child’s problems, first reflect on whether their education methods are problematic.

  There is a famous saying in the education circle: there must be parents who have improper education methods behind the problem children.

From this case, I hope parents can review whether they have the following inappropriate education methods.

  Analysis suggestions: 1. The bad role model parents are the children’s first teachers. The words and deeds of parents have a subtle influence on children.

When parents ‘children do not wear brand-name clothes and constantly change new mobile phones, review themselves: Do you often buy brand-name clothes when you buy clothes yourself, and often say something like” brand-name “in front of your child?

Are parents often using the mobile phone is the latest trend, the replacement is faster?

  Suggestion: To eliminate the child’s problems, parents should stop their inappropriate words and deeds in the past and have good behaviors in front of the child.

  2. Parents do not establish rules of conduct for their children.

Parents usually do not have specific requirements for their children’s pocket money. What money should be spent and how much they usually spend, parents may not have told their children.

Therefore, children are more willing to spend money.

  Suggestion: Commonly agree with the child on how much pocket money is needed each month, and need to be expanded in some aspects, and list them in detail; give the child a fixed pocket money each month and let him control it.

If the budget is exceeded, parents no longer care.

  3, often meet children’s unreasonable requirements.

Many parents reluctantly agree to the child’s request when the child is unreasonably troublesome. Do n’t you know that this is a compromise that has led to the formation of the child’s willfulness and perseverance.

For example: This parent is not satisfied with the child’s request for a high-grade comparison with others. Why not let the child ride to school by bike?

Explain to your child: Unless the weather is bad, don’t use a car to pick up and drop off at once.

  Suggestion: If your child asks for rudeness, you must reject it steadily, and the parents’ attitude must be consistent.

Parents should not sing a red face and a white face, lest one side care and one side control situation make the child feel that there is opportunity, but instead encourage the formation of bad temperament, vanity and other bad characters.

Parents treat their children’s wayward behavior with the same attitude.

Instead of restricting the child sometimes, sometimes indulging the child and making the child feel at a loss.

  4. Improper expectations of parents.

Every parent wants his child to make good classmates, but he never wants his child to be an admirer of vanity and poor learning; what if other parents educate their children in this way?

Besides, he himself is under pressure in front of his classmates, and he will not take the initiative to associate with them.

  Suggestion: Let the children know: bird beauty is feathers, human beauty is learning.

The real idea is not whether there is money.If a person sits in a high-end car and wears a brand name, but his mouth is full of ignorant words, misbehavior, and no basic etiquette, he will not be regarded by others.

Three types of food may increase rheumatoid


Three types of food may increase rheumatoid

Basically, in people’s daily diet, some foods can significantly aggravate the patient’s symptoms, if you can pay attention to avoid the pain and psychological stress.

So, which foods can aggravate the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis?

銆€銆€First, high fecal feces can produce ketone bodies during oxidation in the body, and excessive ketone bodies have metabolic stimulation to the joints, so patients should not eat high-fat foods such as milk, fat, etc.The soup should also be less oily.

銆€銆€Second, seafood patients should not eat more seafood, such as kelp, sea cucumber, sea fish, sea shrimp, etc., because it contains uric acid, absorbed by the body, can form urate crystals in the joints, making joint symptoms worse.

銆€銆€Third, over-acid, salty rheumatoid arthritis patients should not eat too much acid, salty foods, such as peanuts, white wine, sugar and chicken, duck, fish, meat, eggs and other acidic foods, more than normal in the bodyThe pH value can make the pH value of the body change transiently, increase the secretion of lactic acid, and consume a certain amount of calcium and magnesium ions in the body, which aggravates the symptoms.

Similarly, if you eat salty food such as pickles, salted eggs, salted fish, etc., the body’s sodium ions increase, which aggravates the symptoms of patients.

Four simple DIY stovepipe Chinese medicine tea


Four simple DIY stovepipe Chinese medicine tea

The culture of tea has a long history in China, and for the weight-loss family, the rational replacement of traditional Chinese medicine preparation tea can play the role of cellulite and stovepipe!

How about it, try it.

銆€銆€The following four simple Chinese herbal teas with slimming effect are best for edema, muscle and sputum.

First buy the materials in the Chinese pharmacy, you can follow the hands-on to make, the method is simple but very significant.

Kunzao tea – Xiaoyu, Lishui, slimming materials: seaweed 6g, kelp 6g, 鑼嫇3g, coix seed 8g, oolong tea practice: add water 500cc, first cook the coix seed, add other materials after 15 minutes, continue to cook for 15 minutes and then go to the slag,When tea is simmering.


Weight loss fitness tea – detoxification laxative weight loss material: honeysuckle 50g, chrysanthemum 50g, hawthorn 50g, honey flavor practice: add honeysuckle, chrysanthemum, hawthorn into the pot, add 2000cc water for 30 minutes, filter juice.
Add boiled water once more, then filter the juice, add heat to the heat, heat until slightly boiled, let cool, add as honey.

銆€銆€Ingredients: 1 piece of fresh orange peel, 5 red dates, one method of black tea bag: cut red dates, drink with water and drink with orange peel.

銆€銆€Ingredients: Cassia, hawthorn are divided into equal parts, grinding into a coarse-grained method: take 5g each time, brew with boiling water, it is recommended to ingest three times a day.


Chenpi plantain tea – diuretic, weight loss, refreshing materials: dried tangerine peel 3g, plantain 5g, green tea practice: the material is placed in the cup, brewed with boiling water and soaked in tea.


Three-leaf tea – clear liver detoxification supplement physical material: vinegar 3?
5cc, tea practice: brew tea with 200cc of boiling water, drink it hot, and do brewing several times a day.

銆€銆€Ingredients: Hawthorn 50g, 18g of seaweed, a small amount of sugar candy: Hawthorn plus 350cc boiled for 30 minutes, then go to the residue.

The seaweed cuts into the mountain water and rock sugar, cook until the seaweed is completely melted, put it in the refrigerator and put it in the refrigerator.

銆€銆€Ingredients: fresh loofah leaves, bitter gourd leaves, lotus leaves 30g each (also can be used loofah, bitter gourd instead of: the material is washed, add water 2000cc decoction instead of tea, one day a serving.

Health distinction between more and less

Health distinction between “more” and “less”

More laughs and less anger Smiles, less than ten years.
Laughter is a good medicine to prolong life and reduce aging.
Anger is a wound, which is easy to cause brain disorders, confusion, and bad mood, disrupting the balance of the human body.
Anger can cause toxins to accumulate in the body, reducing life.
銆€銆€More fruit and less sugar, too much sugar, will increase the risk of diabetes.
Eating more fruits can reduce the risk of stroke, and it can also prevent cancer and cancer.
銆€銆€More tea and less smoke Tea has many benefits to the human body. It can thirst, eliminate fatigue, clear the liver and improve eyesight, and prevent cancer, anti-aging, and prolong life.
Smoking can cause physiological and biochemical changes in a variety of tissues and organs, resulting in decreased blood oxygenation, increased blood pressure, and reduced immune function, leading to various diseases.
銆€銆€More water and less alcohol Drinking cold water can promote metabolism, increase blood hemoglobin content, and improve immune function.
People who are used to drinking cold water, the activity of deoxygenase in the body is increased, the accumulation of lactic acid in muscle tissue is reduced, and it is not easy to feel fatigue.
Older people drink a cup of cold water every morning, which can produce magical life benefits.
Drinking a lot of alcohol can damage the gastrointestinal mucosa, causing stomach ulcers, stomach bleeding; can hurt the liver, induce heart disease and stroke; pregnancy after drinking may cause fetal malformation or mental retardation.
銆€銆€More vinegar and less salt People with too much salt are prone to high blood pressure, stroke, kidney disease and so on.
Drinking a small amount of vinegar every day is good for people with high blood pressure and atherosclerosis.
銆€銆€More vegetables and less meat. Excessive meat consumption can lead to blood lipids, increased blood viscosity, and excessive body weight.
Vegetables are not only delicious, but also soften blood vessels, enhance capillary elasticity, clear away heat and detoxify, and resist aging.
銆€銆€Sleep more and less sorrow and trouble can not change anything, but also affect the balance of the body’s regulatory system.
Lack of sleep will affect the body’s immune function, making people vulnerable to disease.
Usually sleep time is 8 hours a day.
銆€銆€More movements and less stops Life is in motion, exercise helps regulate body balance and enhance immunity.
Laziness can easily lead to slow thinking, decreased body quality, and prone to mental illness.
銆€銆€More bathing and less clothes Appropriately reduce the clothes, let the body gradually adapt to the environment, can enhance the contraction and expansion function of subcutaneous capillaries, and improve the ability of disease prevention and disease resistance.
Bathing can give the skin a proper massage, smooth blood, eliminate fatigue, and refresh your mind.
銆€銆€Chewing more and eating less Chewing can not only help digestion, but also greatly reduce the prevalence of people and help health.
A small index finger can increase the number of meals and reduce the amount of food each time, which can reduce the burden on the stomach.
銆€銆€More training and less medicine If a person is in good health, he or she must first rely on self-care.
Not only to exercise, but more importantly, to develop a healthy outlook on life and optimism.