Behind the various ambiguous expressions between men and women

Behind the various ambiguous expressions between men and women

“Ambiguous” has gradually become a buzzword, and men and women living in metropolises seem to be obsessed with such a relationship.

What kind of relationship is hidden behind their ambiguous performance?

    Men often buy women early for diligence, but men often buy women not for diligence, but women never buy men, so the relationship between men and women is no longer just acquaintances. If men are not women’s juniors, younger onesPeople, then there must be another invisible thing to balance this behavior.

For example, the relationship between man and woman is ambiguous, and in this relationship, men are active and women are relatively psychologically dominant.

    When a man takes the initiative to help a woman in public, in some cases, when he sees that the woman is talking to her acquaintance about some troublesome things, and the man around him takes the initiative to interject, and talks about his relationship or the way,Meet someone or have a special way to solve the problem.

In this case, we must be able to conclude that the relationship between men and women is not very close.

Men can offer help to women. They can be called acquaintances or unfamiliar but somewhat connected people, but men tend to please.

But it is certain that the relationship between men and women will not be very close.

Because if it is a close relationship, the woman will definitely understand the situation of the other person and will talk to the other person in private.

    Men and women often stay together, but acquaintances with dull fashion have this situation, which must show that men and women are already lover relationships, and will not be normal couples, but relationships such as extramarital affairs.

Because if you are a friend, you must avoid others. If you are a normal couple, you must pretend to be unfamiliar.

Only if they are extramarital lovers, and they can’t help meeting each other often, but when they meet other acquaintances, they need to find the cause, and when they meet outsiders, they should pretend that the relationship is very bland.

Although this is a deceit.

Some lovers of men and women do not avoid taboos on certain occasions, and some are in front of a few irony friends.

    Men and women are not husbands and wives, but men and women are often angry at each other and ignore each other.

This not only shows that the relationship between men and women has deepened, but also that there is an alternative emotional relationship between men and women.

At the beginning of men and women’s emotions, they usually don’t be angry, and both parties will care about each other’s feelings, but when the feeling has a certain depth, one party has an alternative payment to the other, and there will be some demands and requirementsThere is also more capital to be angry, and it is easier to be angry when emotions become “chicken ribs.”

    In public, women can casually use lessons to say that men and women are not husband and wife or other relatives, but in public, women can casually speak about men in lessons, and men show amazing generosity., At most impatient.

That must show that both men and women went to bed for some purpose.

And going to bed is purposeful.

If the man is still the boss of the woman, the woman can reprimand the boss in turn, it must be that the man messed up the subordinate relationship in bed and made some promises that should not be promised.

    Women speak bad things about men behind, and are sexually speaking. Women talk bad things about men behind, and it involves sexual privacy.

That shows that men have holidays with women, or what men have done to women.

Or once there was an ambiguous relationship, but now the relationship has deteriorated.

    Women and men walk together generously and show much closer. If there is no kinship between men and women, in this case, the relationship between women and men is clear, at best it is the relationship between men and women.

Especially when men and women appreciate each other and are more speculative but have not really started their emotional journey, they seem to be very intimate, but men and women will be generous with each other. Between men and women, except for normal couples, they will perform well before they get along.The tendency to gather together, when they really stick together, they will take the initiative to separate in public.

    Women invite men to eat. Women invite men to eat, or they owe men, or appreciate men, or ask for men.

If there are reasons for the above, it is more than possible.

If a woman invites a man to dinner, but is very polite, or always wants to please, it must be a request.

When men and women have no sexual relationship, women may invite men to eat for other reasons, but after women and men go to bed and have feelings, women may cook for men at home, and most of the guests will be men.

If women are invited to dinner to this extent, they must be light meals, and it may be said temporarily, and the men do not bring money.

    Maybe a man gives a rose to a woman in front of everyone. Some people think that this must be the spouse who dares to do this. In fact, this is not necessarily the case. It is very likely that men and women have an open relationship.

It is rare for a couple to send flowers to each other, and it is very likely that when men start pursuing women.

But after marriage, the odds are much less.

Unless men feel that they owe women too much, they think of giving flowers.

But for lovers, flower delivery is a flattering and cheap.

    Women and men walked back and forth across the distance. We thought that if we did this twice or once, maybe we wouldn’t pull the two together.

But this way of going back and forth, repeated.It can also explain why the relationship between men and women is special and it is necessary to guard against acquaintances.

    The relationship between people is inherently subtle, and it is even more difficult to grasp the “ambiguity” taste.

I just hope that these people who are so happy with “ambiguity” don’t get lost in it.



Baotalai or manna, formerly known as grass-worm.

Is a perennial perennial plant in the Labiatae family.

The underground rhizomes are spiral, crisp and tender without fiber, and can be used for pickles.

This product is native to China and is distributed in various places. It is cultivated in low water and wetland.

Stems, leaves and roots are parasitic for medicinal purposes.

Sexuality is sweet, flat and non-toxic.

Ingredients All grass bush threonine, choline, stachyose.

Rhizome contains protein, trace amounts, stachyose, amino acids, stachyine, trigonelline.

The function of activating blood and guinea wind, dispersing fatigue and pain, and detoxifying.

[跌打损伤] 干根6克,杜衡根末1·5克,共研和,以黄酒送服。 [黄疸] 根30克,积雪草30克,黄桅子6克,茵陈篙9克,水煎服。 [毒蛇咬伤] 鲜根、生半夏等分,共同捣烂,敷于伤口。 [游走性关节风湿病] 干草15克 (鲜草60克),黄酒和水等量煎服。

Hit the wall, Shujin and blood

Hit the wall, Shujin and blood

Elderly people who get up early to exercise often hit their backs against the tree to keep fit.

This method seems simple, but it contains the concept of health, and is similar to the “iron back” of traditional Chinese medicine.

  Chinese medicine believes that there are many important meridians in the back of a person, and some bladder meridians and du veins.

The bladder runs through the body from head to toe, so when it is abnormal, it also affects the whole body.

Dumai is the meeting of Zhuyang. Opening up Dumai can eliminate many diseases.

The method of hitting the wall or hitting the tree is to follow this principle, massage and squeeze the back end meridians and their upper points to achieve the purpose of health care.

In addition, hitting hard objects such as the wall with your back is also good for activating the whole body’s blood and strengthening the lower back muscles.

  The method of hitting a wall (tree) is easy to learn and can be practiced anytime, anywhere.

The impact should be from light to heavy and short to long.

If the top wall (or tree) does not hurt in advance, it can be gradually extended to 5-10 minutes.

At the same time as each impact, the nose must be short and airy, and “En” sound.

In addition to vertical impact, you can also hit the back from left to right, rotate the impact, or use the side of the body to hit the wall, and try to get the entire end properly compressed.

  However, it should be noted that the elderly are weak and have chronic diseases. When doing the above actions, slow down and control the intensity, and try to be as light as possible to prevent problems such as injury or dizziness.

Drinking milk and slimming


Drinking milk and slimming

Is there a way to lose weight without suffering?

The answer is of course affirmative.

That is the “milk powder diet” that uses the milk powder that the baby eats.

To be simple, use milk powder instead of rice to make your body reasonable and easy to slim down. This is a good way to lose weight.

銆€銆€There are a lot of people who have tried many methods, but they have failed. So try this method.

銆€銆€Milk powder diet refers to the use of low levels of milk powder instead of daily diet, basically a meal of milk a day.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all available, depending on your own lifestyle.

For example, in the morning, drink milk powder, lunch, and dinner to eat some low-dose, easily digestible foods, so that the stomach is used to.

The rice can be reduced to half of the usual time, and the amount of the vegetables is reduced to 1/3 of the usual amount.

However, if you do not eat breakfast in the morning, if you drink milk powder in the morning, it will have the opposite effect.

Because plain white adds 60 grams of milk powder conversion.

銆€銆€The most effective way to lose weight is to replace dinner with too much overlap.

Milk powder for weight loss, baby milk powder sold in the market or slimming milk powder for adults.

60-70 grams at a time (4 tablespoons of curry rice spoon).

Put it in a larger cup and rinse it off with warm water.

銆€銆€Why do you have a weight loss effect when you eat a milk powder every day?

銆€銆€This is because the milk powder stays in the stomach for a long time, has low conversion and high nutritional value.

There are about 331 kcal in 60 grams of milk powder (one dose), and half of them are sugars called lactose contained in milk powder.

This kind of lactose, the body can be digested and absorbed by the baby, but it is not easy to digest when grown up.

Therefore, after we drink milk powder, we can only consume half of the conversion contained in the milk powder. If we use milk powder as the main food, we can limit the conversion of one meal to 166 cards.

Nutritional structure In this regard, milk powder is a complete food supplement that supplements the nutrients necessary for the growth of vitamins, minerals, etc., so there is no need to worry about malnutrition.

From the point of feeling of fasting, because of the special ingredients of milk powder, it can stay in the stomach very short. After the adults drink, they can be as full as a meal.

Back pain in winter?

锘?Don’t want to be “ice beauty”, pay attention to keep your back warm.

Back pain in winter?
Don’t want to be “ice beauty”, pay attention to keep your back warm.

The human body has four major health areas, namely the back area, the spine area, the armpit area and the navel area. The most easily overlooked is the back.
When it comes to health, many people will ignore the back directly.
In fact, the warmth of the back is really important to our health. Let’s talk briefly: the warmth of the back is very important. The human body has four major health areas, namely the back area, the spine area, the armpit area and the navel area.What we ignore is the back.
Chinese medicine believes that the back is yang, the abdomen is yin, and the back of the human body is basically the human body’s yang, so the spine of the back is the main yang of the yang.
The Du Meridian is associated with the Liuyang Sutra, which is called the 鈥渟ea of the Yangjing鈥? Therefore, it is the yang of the whole body. The operation of the whole body yang is related to the spine. Therefore, the warmth of the back is closely related to the function of the organs.
For some women who love beauty, the backless dress is one of the essential dresses for summer.
However, most white-collar women now sit in air-conditioned rooms for a long time, and there is no insulation measures on the back. It is easy to invade the cold and the back is cold, which causes various cervical diseases.
When the female body is cold, it is also easy to cause menstrual disorders, resulting in symptoms such as menstrual pain and low back pain.
Women should prevent chills because the amount of estrogen secretion is drastically reduced in women about 4 days before menstruation, which affects autonomic nerves, causes blood vessels to contract, and blood circulation is blocked. Therefore, women in this period are prone to chills.
If a woman puts her back in a low temperature for a long time, causing cold air invasion, it will cause chills in women, cause ovulation disorders, menstrual disorders, and cause various gynecological diseases.
How should the back be maintained?
1. Rolling the back to roll the back is actually very simple. You can put a thicker stick on the bed, then rest your back on the stick, bend your legs, step on the bed, and then roll your back back and forth on the stick.Can play the role of massage the back.
As long as you stick to this exercise every day, you can clear the bladder and the Du Meridian.
2, stretching the back and stretching the back can be carried out at any time and place. First, put your hand on the back waist and lean back, the movement is as slow and steady as possible.
3, to maintain a good sitting posture is not only easy to make the back feel sore, but also cause people to suffer from waist and shoulder disease, so keep a good sitting posture in the relief of disease, but also play a role in protecting the back.
When sitting in a chair, try to keep the spine upright and not bend.
Now that you know that bad sitting poses will cause more damage to your back, so whether you are in daily life or at work, as long as you are sitting, it is best to maintain a good posture, so that not only the body shapeThe effect of the modification, but also the role of the back.
When people are sitting, try not to tilt. This will cause the spine to bend and deform for a long time. It is best to keep it from standing upright. Only in this way can we prevent the occurrence of various spinal diseases.
4, pay attention to changes in diet and diet to promote the role of the back, try to eat more foods with higher calcium, so as to protect the spine while relieving the soreness of the back, while it can also ensure the hardness of the bones.

When is the most difficult thing to eat?


When is the most difficult thing to eat?

There are various ways to lose weight. Please see the different ways to lose weight according to different time periods.
銆€銆€What is the most effective way to lose weight?


But dieting is too painful, and every MM who loves beauty has a deep understanding.

Do you know that food is not going to increase cockroaches, you can take it away!

Beauty who wants to lose weight must take 3 meals a day to reduce the amount of food, and then ensure the energy supply by adding meals.

Of course, it is necessary to choose the right time period at the right time, and even choose the right food.

Can you quickly lose weight.

Now, to reveal which four foods to eat, which can reduce weight: 7:00 to 9:00: calcium-containing food.

銆€銆€銆€銆€Implanting 300 nag of calcium can help you weigh 22% more, 61% of aunts, especially abdomen aunts, will suffer 81% more.

銆€銆€銆€銆€10:00 to 11:00: Almonds who eat almonds lose twice the weight of those who do not eat almonds; eating almonds before lunch will reduce the intake by 333 calories.

銆€銆€銆€銆€14:00 to 16:00: Honey honey can adjust your blood sugar to normal levels within 20 minutes of acceptance and keep it for 2 hours while reducing your fatigue.

銆€銆€銆€銆€20:00 to 21:00: Coconut coconut is the best source of fatty acids in nature, and this fatty acid can increase the rate of liver burning by 50%.