How to change our psychological distance

How to change our psychological distance

From home, I often take bus number 8.

When there are few people in the car, I usually find an entire row of seats to sit down.

It was later discovered that a considerable number of people had this habit.

If there are more and more people in the car, and people have to stand in the compartment crowded with each other, you will find that people and people are standing back to back, eyes are looking out of the window, the body posture is contracted, for fear of andTouched by others.

  Why is this happening?

People seem to be separated by an invisible wall.

This wall is a sign that people’s psychological distance is widening.

  Nowadays, people ‘s material life is getting better and better. Various facilities in cities are becoming more and more advanced. In crowded cities, we often see some urban people proud of their place of residence. They have counted the famous cities in the city.Yes, museums, theaters, concert halls, and big people, in fact, they have very little opportunity to enjoy life, especially the relationship between people becomes more and more indifferent, and the psychological distance of people is getting farther and farther.
  Therefore, while the construction and facilities of the city have brought comfort and convenience to people, many problems have also arisen.

From the perspective of human survival, human life is far from the land and the natural environment, and thus detached from the root of existence.

Urbanization has reduced people’s living space, but it has increased the psychological distance between people.

People’s ability to live and work actually decline.

  ”Distance” is one of the basic concepts of geometry. It has different boundaries for different objects. It is interpreted in the dictionary as a spatial and temporal separation.

The “distance” here is habitually determined as the natural distance, and few people are related to the inner world of the person. In fact, there is also a distance in the human mind, and this distance is manifested in various emotional states.

For example, now that we have relatives between us, there are fewer people visiting; young people go home to visit their parents less often; everyone thinks that conscience is harder to find than before . In fact, this is all psychologicalThe performance of widening distance.

  With the economic and social development, especially the rapid development of industrialization and informatization, mankind has changed the entire world, greatly enriched its material and spiritual life, and promoted the great development of human society. Industrialization has brought many peopleWhile enjoying, it also brought a lot of psychological pressure to people, and even caused serious psychological obstacles.

Now the greatest enemy of mankind is not famine, earthquake, cancer, psychological problems such as loneliness, irritability, inferiority, depression, sexual perversion, superstition, suicide, etc.

The reason is that human beings have been away from Mother Earth for too long, so all kinds of psychological problems will occur, so that people will no longer be as close and friendly to each other as when they were born, me and him,There is an increasing psychological distance between him and you. Some distances take a long time to “replace”, and some distances cannot even “replace”.

Sometimes we are already avoiding each other or even hating each other.

We distance ourselves and walk lonely in the homes of all of us. This is the sadness of us human beings as the spirit of all things.

  I remember this poem: the furthest distance in the world / not life and death / but I stand in front of you / you don’t know that I love you . this is a person who loves him with his indifferent heartThe person is a person who dug up a trench that people can’t cross with indifference.

This is not an objective reason that widens the psychological distance between people, but also a ditch that is difficult for a person to overcome with their own psychology, and turns the distance of actual life into a psychological distance between people.

We certainly don’t want this mentality to linger in our lives.

  How to make our human mind return to nature and reduce the psychological distance between people. In fact, the concept of “harmony between man and nature” in Chinese classical philosophy has given us a good answer. This idea has become an important part of Confucianism for more than 2000 years.The view is that man and nature are essentially connected, so all people and things should follow the laws of nature and achieve harmony between man and nature.

The most basic way of thinking of the Chinese is embodied in the relationship between man and heaven. He believes that man and nature live in harmony is one of the most important principles.

Therefore, we need to return to nature and rebuild the harmonious relationship between humans and nature.

  Advanced industrial production methods and urbanized lifestyles are irreversible. How to make this way of life become poetic, that is, to achieve a new “harmony between man and nature” under the circumstances of modernization, industrialization, and electronics.

Covering the quilt in winter

Covering the quilt in winter

Quilts are cheap and cheap but oppressively breathe.

Quilt is the most traditional and widely used quilt. Its price is affordable, fluffy and very warm. Many elderly people like the comfort and warmth of quilts.

However, it is bulky and airtight, which can compress the upper and lower sides, resulting in a decrease in lung capacity. It is not suitable for those who have chronic diseases of the respiratory tract and have difficulty breathing.

In addition, the bulky volume will affect turning over and reduce sleep comfort.

  Sleeping badly, covered with fleece.

Wool fiber elastic constant, can absorb moisture equivalent to 1/3 of its own weight, comfortable and warm.

Wool also has a good drape, so it is more fit. It is especially suitable for those who do not sleep honestly, such as children who love to step on the quilt, to prevent a cold from waking up.

  Allergic constitution, covered with silk quilt.

Silk cannot be exposed to chemicals such as pesticides during the growth process. Therefore, silk is considered to be the most environmentally friendly and natural quilt. It is suitable for people with sensitive skin and allergies.

The silk quilt is light and thin, and it won’t make people breathless when they sleep, which is good news for patients with respiratory diseases.

In addition, the “hydrophilic side chain amino acids” in silk quilt can quickly and effectively absorb moisture, keep it dry, and prevent rheumatism and arthritis.

  Love to sweat and cover the duvet.

The duvet is relatively light. The quilt of the same volume, the weight of the duvet is only 1/3 of the quilt, and 1/2 of the quilt.

Has excellent thermal insulation, moisture absorption, and sweat permeability.

General quilts will accumulate too much water soon after use and become a breeding ground for germs. The down fiber has several triangular stomata that can breathe, and the surface layer is rich in waterproof grease.Shrink or swell, quickly absorb the human body’s sweat and moisture and volatilize quickly, keep the quilt clean and human body dry.

Therefore, the duvet is especially suitable for people who live in the transitional south and sleep and sweat.

  Chemical fibers are the most damaging to the skin.

Known as thin and warm, the chemical fiber quilt is cheap, so many people will buy it without hesitation.

As everyone knows, like chemical fiber clothing, it is easy to generate static electricity in the dry autumn and winter seasons, which can stimulate skin penetration, easily cause rough skin, sensitivity, acne, and desquamation.

How to prevent baby anemia through diet

How to prevent baby anemia through diet

[Introduction]Living standards have improved, and children ‘s nutrition has been guaranteed. It is puzzling that despite the constant presence of three meals a day, there are still too many babies with symptoms of anemia. Why is this?

Experts caution that parents should look for reasons for their children’s alternatives, because improper choices are likely to lead to anemia.

  The nutrition is constantly strengthened. The baby is about to become anemia. Ms. Wang ‘s baby is just three years old. Due to her mother ‘s careful selection, the little boy looks white and fat. When she goes to the hospital for a physical examination, the doctor finds that the baby has mild iron deficiency anemia, although the symptoms are mild.No medication is needed, but Ms. Wang is still advised to pay more attention to the baby’s diet to avoid symptoms such as abnormal mental development and behavioral changes due to iron deficiency anemia.

  Ms. Wang felt aggrieved when she heard what the doctor said, because she has always paid great attention to the nutritional mix of the child, milk, fish, shrimp and so on. The child has never been short of it.

However, the doctor learned from Ms. Wang’s words that the baby has rarely eaten beef, pork, animal liver, green leafy vegetables, and the reason for the baby’s anemia is that the parents’ daily operations are not reasonable.

  Most of the baby ‘s anemia is caused by improper intake. Experts say that many children with iron-deficiency anemia are clinically found, which is different from anemia when children are depleted with existing substances. Most of today ‘s children ‘s anemia is not nutritionally unable to keep up.It is caused by the parents’ unreasonable alternatives. Most of the children with anemia have mild symptoms and can be corrected only by taking supplements.

  So the baby is born 1?
After 4 months, there will be a physiological anemia period. The reason is that infants and young children grow and develop quickly and require a large amount of iron, and the iron stored by the mother at birth is generally consumed after 3 months of birth., Breast milk or milk can not provide enough iron for the baby, the baby is prone to physical anemia.

  In addition to the period of physiological anemia, some parents do not add supplementary food to their children in time, which may lead to insufficient iron intake; or, although sometimes a certain amount of iron, the child’s rapid growth and development may also cause iron deficiency anemia.
Some babies who are allergic to milk, long-term infection with milk can cause chronic bleeding, which leads to anemia.

  In addition, some babies do not like to eat green leafy vegetables in the diet, and animal viscera will also cause cell nucleic acid metabolism disorders due to lack of folic acid and vitamin B12, and induce megaloblastic anemia.

  Children with anemia should be prevented as early as possible. Iron deficiency anemia can lead to children’s mental retardation and abnormal behavior changes. Iron deficiency anemia that occurs in infants and young children can even cause irreversible damage. Therefore, parents must attach great importance to the reasonable replacement of the baby.

“First of all, because iron babies in breast milk are easy to absorb, moms have correctly chosen breast milk replacement.

If breastfeeding is not possible, try to choose infant formula instead of iron.

Experts reminded, “Second, parents should pay attention to the baby 4?
At 6 months, add supplements to them at the right time and in the right amount.

“Generally speaking, liver, blood, beans, meat (beef, lamb, fish, etc.), green leafy vegetables, apricots, and peaches contain more iron. Green leafy vegetables, liver, kidneys, and yeast have lower levels of folic acid.

When adding complementary foods, follow one-to-many, one-to-many, and thin-to-thick principles as appropriate. According to your baby’s digestive ability, you should observe 3?
7 days, when the baby is sick or the weather is too hot, the addition of new breeds should be suspended.

  Experts point out that younger babies can supplement iron with egg yolk and pork liver sauce, and older children can add meat paste, meat floss or animal blood to supplement iron.

When drinking fresh milk, the baby should not be boiled for too long to avoid the loss of anti-anemia factors such as folic acid and vitamin B12.

  If your child has anemia, you can take medicines such as iron-containing syrup, iron-zinc-calcium granules for children, and blood tonics under the guidance of a doctor.

Christmas Fun Dinner DIY Creamy Mushroom Soup

Christmas Fun Dinner DIY Creamy Mushroom Soup

Cream in soup, mushrooms.
Finally, it blends with the soup, which is rich and fragrant in taste, which is hard to separate.

Not only moisturizing, but also warming up.

Fresh white mushrooms are rich in the unique nutrients of mushrooms. The mushrooms used in creamy mushroom soup are the white round mushrooms, but not ordinary oyster mushrooms, which fully supplement the various nutrients required by the body.

Creamy Mushroom Soup Ingredients: 2 spoons of unsalted paste, 1 large cup of chopped onion, 1/4 cup of dry sherry, 2 garlic (chopped), 4 thyme pieces, 3/4 cup of heavy cream, 2A tablespoon of lemon juice, 10-15 slices of bread, and about 84 grams of blue cheese (about 2/3 cups).Stir fry the salt for about 5 minutes; 2. Pour dry sherry and stir fry until the alcohol flavor disappears, about 1-2 minutes.

Stir in garlic, thyme leaves, and mushrooms until the mushrooms shrink, about 20 minutes.

Pour in the chicken broth and water and cook for about 30 minutes; 3. Pour the soup into a blender and stir until smooth, then pour it in a pan over low heat.

Add cream and bring to a boil.

Add lemon juice, appropriate amount of salt and black pepper powder. 4. Coat 1-2 spoons of blue cheese on the surface of the bread and bake on baking paper for about 1-2 minutes until the cheese starts to foam.

Add 2-3 slices to the bowl and serve.

If you want to nourish your spleen and stomach, eat more yam

If you want to nourish your spleen and stomach, eat more yam

Click to buy yam, which is called Huaishan and Huaishan in Chinese medicine. Because of its rich nutrition, it has been regarded as a good nourishing and inexpensive product since ancient times. It can be used as a staple food and a vegetable.

So, what is the nutritional effect of yam?

  1, the spleen and stomach to help digestion of the symptoms of spleen and stomach problems can be summarized in 8 words: appetite, bloating, diarrhea, stool.

As the saying goes: if you want a good spleen and stomach, eat more yam.

  2. Nourishing fitness and delaying aging. Yam is rich in a large amount of mucin, vitamins and trace elements, which can effectively prevent the precipitation of blood lipids on the blood vessel wall, prevent cardiovascular disease, and achieve the effect of soothing and longevity. In addition, the dopamine in yam has an expansion.The function of blood vessels, improve blood circulation, improve the digestive function of the human body, enhance physical fitness, improve the moisturizing feeling and color of the skin.

  3. The nutrients in Zishen Yijing Yam are very rich, which can treat symptoms such as kidney deficiency, nocturnal emission, and excessive vaginal discharge in women.

  4. Reducing astringent and solid intestines to stop diarrhea. Spring diarrhea is a common disease. The yam tastes sweet, but it is not greasy, it is not fragrant but not dry. The effect of treating spleen deficiency diarrhea is very good.

  5. People who are easy to replenish qi, relieve cough, and suffer from asthma often have symptoms such as fatigue, lack of energy, and mental burnout. Wash the yam, chop it with rice to cook porridge, and stick to a cup. The constitution will be obvious.improve.

In addition, the spring temperature changes erraticly, which is a period of high incidence of seasonal diseases. It is necessary to prevent the body in advance and eat more yam. It has a good effect on the lungs and can solve the effects of nourishing and nourishing the lungs. Yams are rich in mucus.Good lubrication, moisturizing and so on.

  6. The glycoproteins contained in the treatment of diabetic yam are metabolized into proteins and carbohydrates in the body, which has the effect of lowering blood sugar.

The amylase contained in yam has the effect of helping food digestion and crushing starch into glucose. Therefore, yam has a certain effect on diabetes.

  7. The nourishing and healthy brain yam is rich in choline and lecithin, which can help improve human brain memory.

Yam is rich in nutrition, has the ability to enhance the activity of nerve cells, replenishes heart qi, reassures the mind, treats forgetfulness, nourishes the mind and enhances memory.

Bodybuilding standards

Bodybuilding standards

Since ancient times, people have been pursuing the beauty of the human body persistently. However, due to the difference of people’s age, cultural level, social experience, occupation, gender, age, ethnicity, etc., there are differences in what is the beauty of the human body.view.

  Hu Xiaoming, a Chinese sports aesthetics researcher, has proposed the following standards for human beauty based on the actual situation in China: “The bones are normal, the joints are not obviously large and prominent; the muscles are evenly developed, and the skin is slightly appropriate;The male is wide and round; the spine is perpendicular to the front, and the whiteness is normal when viewed from the side; the thorax is raised, and the front and back are slightly V-shaped; the female thorax is full and has a clear curve; the waist is thin and strong;The chest is round and moderate; the legs are long, the thighs are soft, the calf of the calf is slightly protruding, and the arch of the foot is high.

“The beauty of the human body is the combination and unity of health, strength, and beauty. It includes a healthy and perfect body that grows and develops, powerful muscles, a beautiful body shape, and a healthy and uplifting spirit.

  Male bodybuilding standards 1.
Strong muscles and strong body muscles are the source of human strength and a symbol of strength. Therefore, a fit body and a healthy body are closely related to the developed muscles.

In the eyes of artists, anthropologists and sportsmen, well-developed muscles and a strong physique are important factors for human beauty.

  With the developed cervical muscles, people can be aligned upright, strong and powerful; the developed pectoral muscles (pectoralis major, pectoralis minor) can make people’s tibia fat and straight: developed cervical biceps, three tibiaMuscles and forearm muscle groups, implanted arm lines, clear, thick and powerful; the deltoid muscles covering the shoulders connect the shoulders to widen, and the developed latissimus dorsi muscles will make the skeletal stems have a beautiful V shape; powerfulThe spine muscles can fix the spine, so that the upper body is straight without hump. The developed abdominal muscles can increase abdominal pressure, protect internal organs, help reduce waist circumference, and enhance beauty. The developed hip muscles and powerful lower limb muscles can fix lower limbs., Support the whole body, giving a sense of firmness and power.

  In short, developed and elastic muscles are a source of strength and a symbol of bodybuilding.

  2.The shape is well-proportioned, and the clear-cut body shape mainly reflects the external image of the human body, which is one of the important factors that constitute the human bodybuilding.

  From the perspective of studying the beauty of the human body, with the proportion of traces, the degree of muscle development, and the ratio of shoulder width and hip circumference, it is more suitable as a condition for dividing the body shape.Or sports) and thin.

  (L) Fat type: It is characterized by generally thick upper (shoulder width) and lower (hip circumference), the trunk is like a round bucket, and the waist is very large.

The aunt in the abdominal wall is thick, sagging in the lumbar spine, the abdomen is soft, and the navel is deep.

There are many aunts on the top, and some are feminine.

Generally short neck, double chin.

The weight often exceeds the iconic weight (height -100) by about 30%; 50 ‰ (2) lean type; its characteristics are opposite to the fat type, the waist circumference is small, the trunk is small and large, the shoulders are narrow, and the chest is almost.

The limbs are the highest, the muscles are not full and the lines are not obvious.

First-class, unparalleled chin.

The weight is 25-35% less than the standard weight.

  (3) Muscle type (exercise type): It is characterized by wide shoulders, small hips, large latissimus dorsi, and upper body showing an inverted triangle.

Waist circumference is thin and abdominal muscles are prominent.

Limbs are well-shaped and muscular.

First class strong and powerful, unparalleled chin.

Lose weight or exceed 5% of standard weight.

  People who often engage in this sport, especially athletes, are mostly muscular (sporty).

They are well-formed, muscular and sharp-lined.

  Knowing the law classification, you can improve your body shape through bodybuilding exercises, lose weight through exercise to gain weight, and lean body can also increase weight through bodybuilding exercises, and strive to make the body strong and shapely, muscular and soft.


Full of energy and tenacity.
  The external manifestation of fullness is skin-to-fitness, correct posture and smart movements, while the internal manifestation is full of vitality, bravery, tenacity, and perseverance; (1) skin-building.

This is an important sign of human beauty.

The famous Soviet poet Mayakovsky praised the strong muscles and bronze skin as the most beautiful clothes in the world.

Indeed, the skin is a mirror of the state of health, and those with a bright red complexion are energetic; on the contrary, those who are gray and tired are often sick and sentimental patients.

Red and shiny skin is related to factors such as regular exercise, proper nutrition, normal living system and optimistic mood.

We should pay attention to regular exercise to protect the skin.

  (2) The posture is correct and the movement is chic.

The Chinese nation has a long history of civilization, and has always been famous people’s words and deeds, every move.

The graceful sitting position should be to look up, chest up, straight waist, and abdomen.

Do not include the chest and back, as this is the cause of spinal curvature and low back pain, and this sitting position will inevitably cause people to be debilitated.
  The graceful standing posture should be “three straights and one open”, that is, straight neck, chest, legs, eyes open round.

Look at the front, head and neck, torso and feet on a vertical line, with your arms hanging down naturally.
Don’t lift your abdomen upright, and change the center of gravity too much to the standing position of one leg.

This can cause spinal deformities and low shoulders for a long time.

  The graceful walking posture is not a sway, or a horoscope, but you should keep your body straight, your chest should be waist, and your belly should be slightly closed. Your knees and toes should always be facing forward, your arms will swing naturally, and your steps will be steady.And even.

  In short, graceful gestures and chic movements.

It not only conforms to the laws of human anatomy and physiology, but also gives the impression of bodybuilding.

  (3) Brave and firm, perseverance: The Chinese nation has always known people’s spiritual temperament. While praising the image and power of heroes, they must always praise the hero’s grandeur.

Man is an organic unified whole. Similarly, the beauty of the human body is harmoniously united with the physical beauty of the external appearance and the beauty of the spiritual temperament inherently manifested in the organic combination.

Therefore, it is necessary to have a courageous spirit and a tenacious will.

Resolute and decisive character and good moral cultivation.

This kind of hairdressing is deep in the heart, but it can be expressed externally through every action, every word and every deed, and make others able to suffer.

This requires that while carrying out bodybuilding exercises, attention must be paid to strengthening the training and cultivation of ideological style, willpower, and mental temperament.

Generally speaking, men should have well-developed muscles, a strong physique, a well-balanced body, a burly figure, an upright posture, a chic demeanor, and the bravery, resoluteness, toughness, and tenacity from the depths of the soul.The beauty of masculinity.

Five Taoist medicated meals

Five Taoist medicated meals

Efficacy of Shenqi Mushroom Chicken: It can supplement qi and qi, and spleen and stomach, solidify antiperspirant, reduce fat and strengthen body.

It is suitable for those with weak spleen and stomach, weak and thin, weak and spontaneous sweating, drooping of stomach and uterus.

. Five Taoist medicated meals keep the whole family away from disease one. Lily chestnut tincture effect: Runfei lungs and nourish yin, spleen and kidney.

Materials: 100 grams of fresh lily, 150 grams of chestnut shell, 30 grams of yam, moderate amount of rock sugar.

  Method: Wash the fresh lilies, chestnuts, and yam, add them to the casserole, add an appropriate amount of water, first boil over high heat, and boil over low heat for 2 hours.

  Second, the efficacy of Shenqi and Shiitake Chicken: it can supplement qi and qi, and spleen and stomach, solidify antiperspirant, reduce fat and strengthen body.

It is suitable for those with weak spleen and stomach, weak and thin, weak and spontaneous sweating, drooping of stomach and uterus.

  Practice: 1.

Cut 100 grams of chicken into small pieces, shiitake mushrooms (soaked in water first), and ginger into small pieces.


Mix chicken, codonopsis, astragalus, shiitake mushrooms, cooking wine, ginger and salt, put into a pot, steam with water for one and a half hours and eat.

  Third, black sesame first rice porridge effect: transformation, spleen and stomach.

  Practice: 1.

Pick the black sesame seeds for impurities, wash them out, and dry them.


Add black sesame seeds to the pan and sauté.


Before the rice was washed, put it in the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, boil over high heat and cook on low heat until the rice rotten porridge is thick.


Add black sesame powder, boil and add sugar to serve.

  Fourth, ginger beef rice effect: Qi and stomach, kidney and spleen.

  Practice: 1.

Shred the fresh beef, chop it into a minced meat shape, put it on a plate, then add ginger, mix well, add soy sauce, peanut oil and mix.


Add the previous rice pancake to the casserole, add an appropriate amount of water, and cook as usual.


When the water in the pot is dry, pour the beef into the rice and steam it for about 15 minutes.

  Fifth, the efficacy of sea cucumber and jujube porridge: stomach, spleen, kidney and blood, warm kidney and cold.

  Method: Soak the sea cucumber, cut into small pieces, wash the jujube, add the casserole with the previous washed rice, add an appropriate amount of water, first boil over high heat, then boil over low heat until the porridge is seasoned.

Analysis of the emotional breakdown of the four steps

Analysis of the emotional breakdown of the four steps

Not all marriages are unbreakable. After the high temperature of love falls, in the face of real life, loving couples will also have all kinds of contradictions. If they are not handled properly, it will lead to the breakdown of feelings.

  From a psychological point of view, “emotional rupture” goes through four stages: dispute, alert, rift, and rupture.


After the couple entered the cave house hand in hand, after the hot period, they entered the opposite period. If the contradictions were resolved in time, they would become disputes and entangled in disputes.

Generally speaking, disputes are manifested in leaks, such as quarrels, fights, and destruction, among those with low cultural levels and bile and bloody subjects.

It can be resolved through mediation, but it repeats itself afterwards, and the civil war continues.

Among those with high cultural level, mucus and depressive qualities, they are mostly manifested in internal depression. They are not arguing on the outside, but they are cold in heart, entrenched in heart, and mediation is not easy to take effect.


Accumulation of disputes, husbands and wives are alert from the gap, commonly known as “different dreams in the same bed.”

In the form of alert, fetishists usually conceal each other from property, income and expenditure, and externalists conceal each other’s dealings with the opposite sex.

In order to prevent the other party from grasping the handle and learning the truth, the two sides are alert in economic and social relations, and even personal career issues, future issues, etc., are also tight-lipped, layer-by-layer defenses are prepared to guard against each other like burglars.


There will always be a day of revelation.

Secret revelations caused more serious disputes, which increased vigilance; as a result, a vicious circle formed, and finally cracks appeared.

The fissures are manifested as strong dissatisfaction in emotions and mutual deviations in behavior.

At this time, most of the living conditions are separated; those without living conditions, even if they live together, are back to back, and the well water does not violate the river water.


The cracks are getting bigger and bigger, and the relationship is completely broken.

The first choice of couples with broken feelings is generally divided into three modes: first, divorce through legal procedures; second, due to various reasons, inconvenience of divorce, and had to make do with life, endure the burden, the relationship between husband and wife existed in name; third, broken love, can not be reversed,Just to torture each other and refuse to divorce, “hold him (her) and keep him (her) happy”.

This kind of drag is both foolish and immoral, and harms others.

  Shaped in, then out.

In the four stages of emotional breakdown, the first two are internal, they are “causes”, and they are generally samples of inner activity; the latter two are outside, they are “effects,” and they usually belong to action.

Therefore, it is necessary to prevent emotional breakdown, adjust appropriately when conflicts between husband and wife occur, and resolve conflicts in the bud state.

Fight off disturbing dark circles


Fight off disturbing dark circles

In life, some women were originally healthy, but after staying up late for several nights, they would feel tired after getting up the next day, with dark circles under their eyes, waxy yellow face, dizziness and brain pain, and back pain.

All women who stay up all night have a marked decline in physical fitness and energy due to lack of sleep.

According to traditional medicine, this is a yin-yang disorder caused by overwork.

  Skin damage Generally speaking, the skin enters the night maintenance state from 10 pm to 2 am the next day.

If diabetes stays up late, it will damage the human endocrine system and nervous system, and problems such as dry skin, poor elasticity, lack of luster, acne, acne, yellowish brown, and dark spots will appear.

  [Five kinds of fruit juices to fight dark circles]① Apple carrot spinach juice: Apple, carrot, spinach and celery cut into small pieces, broken with milk, honey; ② Banana papaya yogurt: banana, papaya and yogurt broken; ③ kiwi orangeLemon juice: two kiwis, four oranges, and one lemon; ④ grapefruit grape juice: three grapefruits, a bunch of grapes broken, and two spoons of honey; ⑤ cucumber mint soy milk: one cucumber, half a liter of soybean milk, three slices of mint.
  Therefore, dinner should eat more light vegetables, fruits, fish, etc., or supplement some grape seed extract products, or chitin-containing health products to help skin restore elasticity and gloss, at the same time can eliminate dark circles and make the skin white and rosy.

Avoid spicy foods and alcoholic beverages. Do not smoke.

Topical skin care products containing collagen and chitin.

Is fitness in the gym sick?

Is fitness in the gym sick?

Recently, why did Zhang, who had been working in an air-conditioned room for a long time, go to the fitness center for a few exercises recently, she became ill.

She said, “In the beginning I just didn’t feel well in my throat.

Unexpectedly, later it was a cold and back pain.

The reporter consulted the relevant experts in this regard, and it was concluded that the bad environment of the health room might be causing trouble.

  The pungent odor is hindering breathing. The reporter saw in a fitness club that more than 20 square meters of fitness equipment room was piled with too many fitness equipment, and the distance between each piece of equipment was very small.

However, what made the reporter feel dizzy was that when they entered the door, there was a pungent rubber smell, and the entire gym did not have a window. In addition to the vertical air conditioner, there were only one integrated fan blowing back and forth.

  The reporter saw that more than 10 bodybuilders were exercising on treadmills and bicycles, and while they were sweating, they were breathing heavily.

The reporter just stood in the gym for a while, and started to feel a little dry throat.

The reporter asked the staff: “What is this smell?

Why is it so powerful?

The staffer said lightly: “Because the carpet has just been laid, it will be better after a while.

In another fitness center, the reporter found that there were also problems such as total closure, no natural ventilation, insufficient light, and poor air quality.

  The reporter saw that in the aerobics room, several women passed the beat of the music seriously and followed the coach on the stage.

Oddly enough, such a high intensity of exercise did not find these girls sweating.

  When I walked into the aerobics room, the reporter realized it through the hairs that could not be erected. It turned out that not sweating was caused by the air conditioner.

The reporter also found in the equipment room that many women were intensively training on the arm exerciser, but the vertical air conditioner next to them exposed their skulls, and their arms were whirling.

From this point of view, Miss Zhang “strengthened and fit” actually caught a cold, and back pain was not a strange thing.

  Be wary of newly-renovated pollution sources. The reporter specially invited environmental protection professionals to ask him to bring a formaldehyde tester to measure at several gyms in the field, and “close contact” with the formaldehyde index inside the gym.

  In the fitness center of a commercial building, the reporter saw that the closed glass curtain wall was used here, so there was no natural ventilation.

However, due to the installation of central air-conditioning, the reporter felt that the air quality was good by breathing.

After measurement, the test screen displays data 0 after one minute.

04 mg / m2.

  In another indoor stadium, the formaldehyde content in the air near the carpet reached zero.

05 mg / m2, when the tester was close to the leather sofa in the corner, it didn’t take long for the reporter to see the screen number rise significantly, reaching 0.

06 mg / m2.

  Professionals say that some facilities inside the gym may also become a source of air pollution, such as: synthetic leather, MDF, artificial plywood and furniture sofas.

Especially the newly renovated and newly-opened fitness places can easily bury hidden dangers such as excessive formaldehyde and air pollution.

  Fortunately, according to national standards, the formaldehyde content in the air must not exceed per square meter.

10 mg, ie the data is shown at 0.

Within the range of 10, all belong to the normal situation of formaldehyde.

Therefore, in the gym tested by reporters, there was no excess of formaldehyde.

However, professionals believe that even if the formaldehyde content in the air of the fitness center exceeds the standard, the obvious pungent odor emitted by rubber carpets is not conducive to aerobic breathing for the bodybuilder.