[How to chase milk with less milk]_How to improve milk_How to improve

[How to chase milk with less milk]_How to improve milk_How to improve

Generally, mothers are prone to lack of milk after breeding, but sometimes they cannot meet the baby’s growth needs. However, less milk can be used to chase milk through some methods or better diet. Let ‘s do it below.

How to chase milk with less milk?

First, hot compress massage and hot milk massage will improve the blood circulation of the breast, increase the stimulation of the breast and the patency of the milk duct, increase the intake of nutrients and the function of milk drainage, and indirectly increase the function of urine and milk.

Massage can stimulate the breast to secrete milk. Mom can use a clean towel dipped in warm water, wipe from the center of the nipple in the direction of the areola, and rub it in turns on both sides, 15 minutes on each side.

At the same time, it further cooperates with the following massage methods: circular massage: both hands are inserted above and below the breast, and the entire breast is massaged in a circular direction.

Spiral massage: Hold the breast with one hand, and massage the forefinger and middle finger with a spiral in the direction of the nipple.

Shiatsu massage: Open your hands and insert it into your chest and tibia, squeezing from your breasts to your nipples.

How to chase milk with less milk?
Second, let your baby suck more and stimulate the hormones that cause the new mother to secrete milk. There are many kinds of hormones, but the most important is prolactin secreted by the anterior pituitary gland and oxytocin produced by the posterior pituitary gland.These two hormones work synergistically to lactate.

When the placenta is born, the pituitary gland begins to secrete prolactin, causing acinar secretion of milk.

But for the milk to be discharged smoothly, the baby’s sucking is needed to stimulate the sensory nerve endings of the breast to secrete oxytocin.

Baby’s sucking stimulation The secretion of prolactin and oxytocin is medically called “positive feedback”, that is, the more the baby sucks, the more milk secretion, the less sucking, the less secretion.

Therefore, if the baby is not breast-fed in time after delivery and the nipples are not stimulated by sucking, these two reflections cannot be established in time, milk cannot be discharged, and lactation will be suppressed.

Therefore, if you want to produce more milk, the most important thing is your baby’s sucking stimulation.

How to chase milk with less milk?
Third, drink more soup. In addition to drinking milk soup, mothers can usually drink more soup. There is no soup, you can cook an egg soup immediately, drink soup at every meal, 2 after meals.

Have soup for 3 hours.

You will find that drinking too much soup rarely urinates, because it is all turned into milk, drinking more soup is also the key to chasing milk.

The above is the introduction of how to chase milk with less milk. Little milk has always been a concern for mothers. In order to solve the problem of low milk, hurry up and learn about the method!