Several points of expert decoration study


Several points of expert decoration study

The unification of color and color often gives a feeling of quietness and chaos.

The furniture in the study is best designed with a simple design. The simplicity here refers not only to color, but also to the design elements.

Even the blinds of the study can be chosen to have the same color as the furniture.

The human body will react differently to different colors. According to this conditional reflection law, it is a good way to change the seasonal warmth of the room with an intuitive color.

If it is not realistic to change the color of the whole house, it can also add a little coolness to the living room by replacing it with a decorative painting.

銆€銆€The light in the light study room can’t be too strong, too strong light will hurt the eyes, it is very inconvenient to read, so the study room mainly based on reading office is best chosen in the direction of the north of the house, the choice of back sun blocks the direct sunlight.The natural study room will occasionally cool too much.

If the room is not sunny enough, you can replace the indirect light source if necessary.

The light source of the study should be soft white light, which helps to relieve eye fatigue.

銆€銆€Furniture Presupposition: The study has high requirements for lighting and lighting, because the human eye works in too strong and weak light, which will have a great impact on vision.

Therefore, it is best to place the desk in a sunny but not direct window.

In this way, when you are tired of work, you can also look at the eyes with your eyes.

If your study has too many books, you have to consider the troubles that the summer rainy season brings to the collection.

The best way is to put the bookcase on the sunny side and the side on the back side. The collection and reading will not be affected.

The modern study does not hinder the selection of transparent glass manuscripts and color-filled bookcases. The shape of the bookcases is preferably straight, and the glass will have a cool feeling when placed at the desk, and then with a mesh office chair,It’s hard to be cool.

If you put a pot of plants in the corner of the bookshelf, the feeling of freshness and coolness will come to life.

銆€銆€The soundproof study room is a place for study and work, and relatively quiet, which can improve work efficiency. Therefore, when decorating the study room, it is necessary to replace the decorative materials with good sound insulation and sound absorption.

The ceiling can be suspended by a sound-absorbing gypsum board. The interior can be decorated with PVC sound-absorbing panels or soft-packed fabrics. The floor can be made of carpet with good sound-absorbing effect. The curtains should be thicker to block the noise outside the window.