Cold in autumn and winter, 10 kinds of food to drive cold

Cold in autumn and winter, 10 kinds of food to drive cold

Click to buy into the late autumn, winter is not far away, the weather is getting colder, in addition to adding clothes to keep warm, we can also eat some cold food to resist the cold.

So what is the food that drives the cold?

  1, when the squid is cold, the treasure mothers can give the children a bowl of squid soup to drink.

The fish has spleen and dampness, and the appetizer, the blood circulation and the collaterals, the effect of warming the air, drinking the squid soup, the taste is delicious, and can drive the cold to appetite and spleen.

  2, beef, mutton, lamb, everyone knows, needless to say.

Tell me about beef here!

When the weather is cold, you can let your child eat more beef, because it has the effect of tonifying the spleen and stomach, benefiting qi and blood, strengthening the bones and bones, and the child’s qi and blood is strong, and the body is naturally warm.

And beef itself has the effect of tonifying the spleen and stomach, do not worry about the child’s food.

  3, red dates, everyone see jujube, red, round, like a small sun, so it has the role of warm and yang, whether it is rice or millet or white porridge every day, plus two three, let the childEating warm and yang benefits is particularly good.

  4, the pigeon meat Chinese medicine analogy, flying beyond, the heat is stronger.

For example, pigeons fly higher than chickens, so it is hotter than chicken.

In fact, the pigeon meat does have the effect of tonifying the kidney and warming the yang, enhancing the vitality of the vitality.

When it’s cold, let your child eat some pigeon meat to solve it!

  5, mushrooms, mushrooms, high protein, low feces, often eaten to enhance immunity, promote metabolism, so that people live vigorously.

  6, longan longan is rich in glucose, sucrose and protein, and the iron content is also relatively high, which can improve the heat energy, supplement the nutrients and promote the regeneration of hemoglobin, thereby achieving the effect of blood.

In addition to its beneficial effects on the whole body, longan meat is especially effective for brain cells, which can enhance memory and eliminate fatigue.

For a snowy day like this, let the children eat a few pieces every day, the effect is super good.

  7, Angelica first recommended to everyone is Angelica.

When the mothers are cooking, they can add Angelica as a seasoning.

Chinese medicine believes that Angelica is warm, non-toxic, into the heart, liver, lung, has the effect of moistening and drying the intestine, blood and promoting blood circulation, Chinese medicine said it cures all deficiency syndrome.

Children eat a little, can drive cold, enhance resistance, prevent frostbite.

  8, cinnamon winter, when the mothers can also add some cinnamon when cooking, it into the heart, spleen, lungs, kidney four classics, good gas and blood, Ning Xin An Shen.

Let me say a little more, like our adults have cold hands and feet, you can also use cinnamon.

  9, garlic, garlic, moderate digestion, dehumidification sterilization, especially when the flu is popular, you can put 3 cloves of garlic, drowning water to let the children drink a bowl.

To put it another way, garlic water is very effective in treating cold cough.

If your child is coughing with cold, you can try this recipe first.

  10, ginger ginger is spicy, can dilate blood vessels and accelerate blood circulation after eating, which is why you feel warmth after eating it.

Before the child goes out, or the child is cold, give the child a bowl of ginger candy, three pieces of ginger and water and add brown sugar to taste for the children to drink.