Behind the various ambiguous expressions between men and women

Behind the various ambiguous expressions between men and women

“Ambiguous” has gradually become a buzzword, and men and women living in metropolises seem to be obsessed with such a relationship.

What kind of relationship is hidden behind their ambiguous performance?

    Men often buy women early for diligence, but men often buy women not for diligence, but women never buy men, so the relationship between men and women is no longer just acquaintances. If men are not women’s juniors, younger onesPeople, then there must be another invisible thing to balance this behavior.

For example, the relationship between man and woman is ambiguous, and in this relationship, men are active and women are relatively psychologically dominant.

    When a man takes the initiative to help a woman in public, in some cases, when he sees that the woman is talking to her acquaintance about some troublesome things, and the man around him takes the initiative to interject, and talks about his relationship or the way,Meet someone or have a special way to solve the problem.

In this case, we must be able to conclude that the relationship between men and women is not very close.

Men can offer help to women. They can be called acquaintances or unfamiliar but somewhat connected people, but men tend to please.

But it is certain that the relationship between men and women will not be very close.

Because if it is a close relationship, the woman will definitely understand the situation of the other person and will talk to the other person in private.

    Men and women often stay together, but acquaintances with dull fashion have this situation, which must show that men and women are already lover relationships, and will not be normal couples, but relationships such as extramarital affairs.

Because if you are a friend, you must avoid others. If you are a normal couple, you must pretend to be unfamiliar.

Only if they are extramarital lovers, and they can’t help meeting each other often, but when they meet other acquaintances, they need to find the cause, and when they meet outsiders, they should pretend that the relationship is very bland.

Although this is a deceit.

Some lovers of men and women do not avoid taboos on certain occasions, and some are in front of a few irony friends.

    Men and women are not husbands and wives, but men and women are often angry at each other and ignore each other.

This not only shows that the relationship between men and women has deepened, but also that there is an alternative emotional relationship between men and women.

At the beginning of men and women’s emotions, they usually don’t be angry, and both parties will care about each other’s feelings, but when the feeling has a certain depth, one party has an alternative payment to the other, and there will be some demands and requirementsThere is also more capital to be angry, and it is easier to be angry when emotions become “chicken ribs.”

    In public, women can casually use lessons to say that men and women are not husband and wife or other relatives, but in public, women can casually speak about men in lessons, and men show amazing generosity., At most impatient.

That must show that both men and women went to bed for some purpose.

And going to bed is purposeful.

If the man is still the boss of the woman, the woman can reprimand the boss in turn, it must be that the man messed up the subordinate relationship in bed and made some promises that should not be promised.

    Women speak bad things about men behind, and are sexually speaking. Women talk bad things about men behind, and it involves sexual privacy.

That shows that men have holidays with women, or what men have done to women.

Or once there was an ambiguous relationship, but now the relationship has deteriorated.

    Women and men walk together generously and show much closer. If there is no kinship between men and women, in this case, the relationship between women and men is clear, at best it is the relationship between men and women.

Especially when men and women appreciate each other and are more speculative but have not really started their emotional journey, they seem to be very intimate, but men and women will be generous with each other. Between men and women, except for normal couples, they will perform well before they get along.The tendency to gather together, when they really stick together, they will take the initiative to separate in public.

    Women invite men to eat. Women invite men to eat, or they owe men, or appreciate men, or ask for men.

If there are reasons for the above, it is more than possible.

If a woman invites a man to dinner, but is very polite, or always wants to please, it must be a request.

When men and women have no sexual relationship, women may invite men to eat for other reasons, but after women and men go to bed and have feelings, women may cook for men at home, and most of the guests will be men.

If women are invited to dinner to this extent, they must be light meals, and it may be said temporarily, and the men do not bring money.

    Maybe a man gives a rose to a woman in front of everyone. Some people think that this must be the spouse who dares to do this. In fact, this is not necessarily the case. It is very likely that men and women have an open relationship.

It is rare for a couple to send flowers to each other, and it is very likely that when men start pursuing women.

But after marriage, the odds are much less.

Unless men feel that they owe women too much, they think of giving flowers.

But for lovers, flower delivery is a flattering and cheap.

    Women and men walked back and forth across the distance. We thought that if we did this twice or once, maybe we wouldn’t pull the two together.

But this way of going back and forth, repeated.It can also explain why the relationship between men and women is special and it is necessary to guard against acquaintances.

    The relationship between people is inherently subtle, and it is even more difficult to grasp the “ambiguity” taste.

I just hope that these people who are so happy with “ambiguity” don’t get lost in it.

Hot Top Ten Men’s Kidney Diet!

Hot Top Ten Men’s Kidney Diet!

Summer is hot. Too many men suffer from drowsiness all day long and can’t lift their spirits. At this time, it is likely that kidney qi is insufficient, which is a manifestation of decreased kidney function. At this time, it is very necessary to nourish the kidney.I recommend some kidney-reinforcing recipes here, hoping to help men who need kidney-reinforcing.

  Top 10 Practical Kidney Recipes: 1) 1 pair of dog kidney, chopped, crushed into pieces after roasting, 3 grams per night, served with rice wine, 2 times a day.

 (2) Put live loach into clean water and wash it after draining intestinal meat secretions.

Heat the pan, add a few slices of ginger, fry the loach until golden, add about 3 bowls of water, put 50 grams of shrimp, cook a total of soup, and take it once a day.

(3) Wash one pork belly, and replace 10 grams of Cistanche in the pork belly. After tying it, cook it with water, eat soup with meat, and take it once a day.

  (4) 1 white pigeon, depilated and viscera, 24 grams of Chinese wolfberry, 50 grams of Polygonatum, stewed or steamed cooked, served twice daily.

(5) 2 pigeon eggs, cooked and shelled, add longan, 75 grams of wolfberry, 10 grams of schisandra, put in a bowl, steam with water, add sugar and take it twice a day.

  (6) 2 sparrow eggs, 15 grams of shrimp, 9 grams of dodder, wolfberry, put in a bowl, steamed and eaten with water, 2 times a day.

 (7) 9 grams of salted walnut kernels, 6 grams of psoralen, mashed into mud, delivered with fresh saline, once a day, this side has the effect of kidney and Gujing.

 (8) Cordyceps sinensis with appropriate amount of rock sugar stewed across the water, or steamed with longan, walnut kernels, red dates, has the effect of kidney and Yijing.

(9) One soft-shelled turtle, 200 grams of pig spinal cord.

Add ginger, spring onion and pepper to the second flavor, stew, eat meat and soup.

This side has Ziyin Bumed, Gushen Yijing effect.

  10) 10 grams of leeks and 50 grams of rice before. Cook the leeks with simmered rice, just like the previous rice and fine salt, add 500 ml of water to the casserole, and cook the rice porridge.

Warm serving 2 times a day.

This recipe has the effect of warming the kidneys and helping the yang to stop leakage.

  In addition, the daily foods that have kidney metabolites are: shrimp, mussels, loach, beef, donkey, oysters, quail, snake meat, pigeon meat, dog meat, etc.

  Consuming more of the above foods can ensure that your kidneys are strong, away from fatigue, and it is so easy to be a man with plenty of energy!



Baotalai or manna, formerly known as grass-worm.

Is a perennial perennial plant in the Labiatae family.

The underground rhizomes are spiral, crisp and tender without fiber, and can be used for pickles.

This product is native to China and is distributed in various places. It is cultivated in low water and wetland.

Stems, leaves and roots are parasitic for medicinal purposes.

Sexuality is sweet, flat and non-toxic.

Ingredients All grass bush threonine, choline, stachyose.

Rhizome contains protein, trace amounts, stachyose, amino acids, stachyine, trigonelline.

The function of activating blood and guinea wind, dispersing fatigue and pain, and detoxifying.

[跌打损伤] 干根6克,杜衡根末1·5克,共研和,以黄酒送服。 [黄疸] 根30克,积雪草30克,黄桅子6克,茵陈篙9克,水煎服。 [毒蛇咬伤] 鲜根、生半夏等分,共同捣烂,敷于伤口。 [游走性关节风湿病] 干草15克 (鲜草60克),黄酒和水等量煎服。

Four Mistakes in Hair Care

Four Mistakes in Hair Care

Everyone wants to have dark and beautiful hair, so the care and care of the hair is very serious.

Due to different hair quality, everyone’s maintenance methods are different.

But being able to do it scientifically is not so easy.

Here are a few common misunderstandings. See if you are doing the right thing?


To treat itching, is it necessary to wash my hair frequently and clean it thoroughly?

  Answer: No!

The so-called shampooing should really wash the scalp, because the scalp has very developed sebaceous glands in the hair follicles, which will be stimulated by male hormones to secrete oil. When too much oil is in the hair follicles, it will easily become dirty, and it will naturally fall for a long timeSensitive discomfort, redness, and itching may occur.


Two-in-one shampoo, convenient and good care?

  Answer: No!
In order to meet modern people’s needs for quick and easy things, many hair product manufacturers have launched hair care products that are all in one.

But cleaning power and maintenance effectiveness do not mean double.

It is unrealistic to want to achieve a true sense of integration.

Therefore, it is recommended that you can choose separate products for targeted care.

In particular, the hair just after dyeing requires more effective care in all aspects.


Hair fall easily, so reduce the number of shampoos?

  Answer: No!
There are many causes of hair loss, not only related to natural constitution, improper cleaning methods or poor hygiene will cause severe hair loss. Experts point out that it is normal to lose 30-100 hairs per day.

For the number of shampoos, it is best to wash it every two days, and avoid using shampoos with high irritation, so as not to cause greater damage to the hair.


In order to reduce the damage of hair dryer to hair, let it dry naturally?

  Answer: No!
Drying naturally is not necessarily good. Experts say that if you leave your hair in a moist state for a long time, it will cause bacterial growth problems.

For those who like to shampoo at night, they should pay more attention to it. You can first use a hair dryer to dry the hair to 70%, and then dry it naturally.

Aloe DIY Coups Healthy and Skin Care_1

Aloe DIY Couplings Healthy and Skin Care

Aloe vera has always been considered as one of the most skin-care plants. Many friends have chosen these things, such as aloe vera gel, which are considered to have few side effects.
But how to use aloe vera to make it more skin-friendly, so that the skin can better absorb the nutrients in it, let me introduce to you below.
  The safest way: Aloe Vera and Honey with Aloe Vera + Honey / Watermelon.
In comparison, honey is a good facial health care product. It is very mild in nature, has little irritation to the skin, and can form a thin film on the surface of the skin during use, which can soften the cuticle., So that the water-soluble ingredients are better absorbed by the skin.
Therefore, citizens who know their skin can try to mix honey with aloe, watermelon, etc. to cover their face, which can play a certain health function without harming the skin.
But this method is not suitable for daily use.
  最简单妙法:加水稀释  除了可以在专柜超市购买,有心者还可以自己DIY:把芦荟洗干净后取出最丰润的一段,去掉刺和皮,用榨汁机榨汁,倒入干净的瓶子里封Okay, put it in the refrigerator.
  Take the juice, add the same amount of mineral water and mix well.
Packed in a spray container and used as a facial spray, it can be used for 3-5 days, and has the dual effects of shrinking and moisturizing the skin. It can also be used as a shampoo, which can be applied to the head to help itching and prevent white hair.
  Toning magic method: Aloe & Lemon Toner Leeches only need 1 small piece of aloe, 1/2 of lemon, and proper amount of white wine.
Peel aloe vera and lemon, chop them, put them into a bottle, then pour white wine, and use them slowly in the refrigerator. It can be stored for about 20 days.Scorching skin for intimate care.
  Acne removal method: Mix Chinese herbal medicine to make the mask. The ingredients are made of Chinese herbal medicine. 30 grams of aloe, 10 grams of astragalus and angelica are used to make the mask.
Remove the skin and spines from the aloe and leave only the meat.
Astragalus and angelica are ground into powder and mixed together.
Finally, add a small amount of water to the aloe and Chinese medicine powder to make a paste, wash your face and leave it on for about 15 minutes, then wash off with warm water.
In this mask, aloe vera exerts its anti-inflammatory and calming effects to help us fight acne.
  Aloe use tips: Aloe is not suitable for everyone. Because aloe contains a lot of substances, for some allergic skin, it contains aloin and resin, which can easily cause allergies and other symptoms.
Test your skin first when choosing it.
For example, before going to bed, apply aloe vera gel on the inner side of the upper arm or the soft part of the inner thigh. If the skin does not show any abnormality the next morning, start using it officially.
If the skin becomes red or a little rash appears, you can rinse it with water and do not scratch it with your hands.
Even for sisters who can use aloe vera, it should not be used too often in the morning, noon and evening.
  Aloe is rich in natural vitamins E, C, A, and B vitamins, mineral elements (such as potassium, zinc, selenium, etc.), amino acids, etc. These are the basic nutrients that keep the body young.
Therefore, the skin care effect of aloe is also very obvious, but remind friends that some friends’ skin is not suitable for aloe, so use it carefully.

Good care to understand the causes of acne_1

Caring for the Causes of Acne

Acne is a problem that annoys many MMs. In order to eliminate acne, the “acne muscle girls” have exhausted various methods, but the effect is not obvious.

In fact, the same is the cause of acne.

In order to really achieve good anti-acne effects, “acne muscle girls” must first understand the cause of acne on their face, and then take the right medicine according to their own conditions, in order to truly win the anti-acne action.

  The acne is full of normal schedule?

  Concept: Antibiotics for hair follicle inflammation can improve Q: In the past, there were not many acne. Now I work, my routine is normal, but my acne is full of face.

Acne is something that is red and swollen, then slowly grows into white. Most of it is distributed on the chin. Sometimes the left face is more severe, sometimes the right is more severe. Apply lotion after bathing every day, before bed.Whitening lotion, where is the problem?

  A: The appearance of acne on the face is abnormal. First of all, you should check whether it is due to improper cleaning. If you have completed the complete cleaning step, but still have acne, the main cause is hormonal imbalance caused by stress, which causes acne.

  If the patient’s acne is red, swollen and whiteheaded, it is a fever-like hair follicle, which can usually be cured by oral or topical antibiotics.

  How to care for large acne before and after menstruation?

  Concept: hormonal imbalances, large acne, do not cut indiscriminately Q: The skin is white and sensitive, often before the menstrual period or too tired, often on the chin, ears, nose, long large acne, it will hurt at first, rubbing medicineEliminate it, because you do n’t have a head, so you ca n’t squeeze it. After a while, it does n’t hurt, but you ca n’t eliminate it. Sometimes you go to a beauty salon to cut it apart, but health and safety are a concern.

Is this a sore?

How can I prevent it?

What should I do if I grow up?

  A: Acne before and after the physiological period is caused by hormonal disorders. In severe cases, it is recommended that patients go to the obstetrics and gynecology clinic to diagnose and adjust the hormonal imbalance caused by the physiological period.

  For skin problems, oral or topical antibiotics can be used to cure it. Do not go to the beauty salon to cut open and squeeze out.

  How to improve the visible acne scar?

  Concept: Face is spotted, taking into account the introduction of left-handed C. Q: Uneven skin tone, previously cured acne, acne scars are still clearly visible at present, which maintenance product should be used to improve it?

  A: Net skin laser or left-handed C introduction, left-handed C introduction is about 1200 yuan, it is recommended to introduce 1-2 times a week, 6-8 consecutive times.

  How to remove deep acne scars?

  Concept: In addition to deep acne scars, you must use medical cosmetology: What is better to rub acne?

What should I do if I have acne scars?

It is hoped that the recommended medicine is easily available on the market.

  A: Generally speaking, when complications or scars have already appeared on the affected area, it is actually difficult to remove them with commercially available scar removal products.

At this time, you should choose a microdermabrasion laser or fruit acid peeling method to effectively eliminate acne scars.

  Bladder has acne. Do not apply ointment by yourself. It is recommended to consult a dermatologist and use a doctor’s prescription for treatment.

In addition to using common anti-acne drugs on the market, in addition to failing to provide the right medicine, treating with the wrong medicine may increase the burden on the skin.

  Can you use laser for pitting scars on your face?

  Concept: Skull scars can be treated with multiple lasers Q: Bladder scars can be treated with multiple lasers Want: If you want to microdermabrasion, is there a laser or other treatment?

How much is it?

Will there be sequels?

  A: Acne scar treatment is currently generally divided into three types: chrome laser, carbon dioxide laser, or nano shuttle laser, which can be used to treat acne scars.

  It is just that the nano-shuttle laser is a new technology. After the treatment, the skin surface can not see the wound, and there will be only a slight red-hot sensation. It can be returned to work with ice, which is a new choice for lunch break beauty.

Deep acne scars of the iceberg type can also be treated with acne scar surgery.

  Nano-shuttle laser uses ultra-fine nano-laser beams to apply small skin spots to the skin’s deep dermis to achieve collagen regeneration, improve the pores and reduce the pigment effect.
After treatment, it is not easy to produce redness and blackness, and its complications also cause pain, not easy to burn, and the effect of firm skin. It is a new technology that combines the advantages of vaporized microdermabrasion and non-dermabrasion laser.

Babies have long teeth

Babies have long teeth

Children’s teeth are now generally uneven.
A census found that 70% to 80% of the students had malformations of the jaw, of which more than 90% were accompanied by crowded teeth, and half of them required orthodontics, also known as “hoop teeth”.
  Dr. Yao Jun, Department of Pediatrics, Affiliated Stomatological Hospital of Fujian Medical University, said that the children’s teeth are uneven, which is related to increasingly fine food, reduced chewing stimulation, and insufficient jaw bone development.
He said that the jaws are the bones and muscle tissue that make up and down the mouth, and the bones in the jaw are called jaws.
Proper chewing is good for stimulating jaw bone development.
Jaw dysplasia that lacks sufficient chewing stimulation does not have enough space to accommodate permanent teeth that are larger in volume and number than primary teeth when changing permanent teeth.
Insufficient space between teeth will cause irregularities such as tooth irregularities that affect aesthetics.
  Some parents think that giving their children fine, fine and soft foods when they change their teeth can protect newly born permanent teeth.
As everyone knows, if you eat soft food, it will affect the development of the jaw.
Therefore, dental experts suggest that you can properly give your children some hard food when changing their teeth. For example, don’t cook vegetables too rotten, properly sugar cane, and don’t cut into small pieces when eating apples. Children should be allowedHolding the whole bite is good for the development of the jaw.

Hair reaction health problems are too dark and cancerous

Hair reaction health problems are too dark and cancerous

Guide: Scientific research finds that people can have a certain understanding of their health through the external performance of the body.

When the natural balance in the body is broken, complications in the human body will be manifested through the outside of the human body, and abnormal performances in various parts of the body will become a “barometer” for health, including hair.


Hair color is abnormally intolerant. As Asians, our hair is generally black or dark brown.

Black and shiny hair is a sign of human health. It is a manifestation of excess fine blood and strong kidney energy. The more melanin, the darker the hair.

If the hair is abnormal, you need to pay attention, it may be a signal from the body due to the disease.

At this time, we should pay attention to observe and combine other signs of the body, carry out the necessary relevant inspections, so as to understand their own physical conditions as early as possible, and take necessary preventive and therapeutic measures.

  (1) It is usually at least healthy hair color for yellow people, but excessive black hair is abnormal.

If the hair is too dark, or it is not too dark but suddenly becomes dark, you may have cancer.

  (2) If the hair is yellow and dry and thin, it is mostly caused by chronic illness or malnutrition, mostly due to insufficient blood and unhealthy symptoms; yellow-brown or pale yellow is hypothyroidism or high malnutrition; Severe iron-deficiency anemia and early recovery of serious illnesses will also lead to a decrease in melanin in the body, which will gradually become yellowish brown or pale yellow.

  (3) White hair or white hair appears in middle-aged and elderly people. Generally, it is a normal physiological aging phenomenon.

However, if adolescents have gray hair and are accompanied by symptoms of kidney deficiency, it is a symptom of kidney qi deficiency, and if they have both symptoms of heart deficiency, it is caused by exhaustion of heart and blood.

  If the hair suddenly becomes a lot of white in a short time, and the face is blushing, irritable and irritable, it is a manifestation of liver disease.

  Young people have early white hair, which may be caused by atherosclerosis, tuberculosis, anemia, plasma disease and other diseases.

  Alopecia areata, vitiligo, mottled disease and other diseases may also cause a lot of whitening of the hair.

  (4) The hair of red-haired and yellow races is slightly brown-red, which is normal.

  However, if the hair turns red or brown, it may be caused by poisoning of heavy metals such as lead and arsenic.


Signals and treatment of dry hair (1) Symptoms of dry hair ①The color is dark brown; ②The hair is easy to break and is relatively fragile; ③The texture of the hair is rough; ④The lack of gloss; ⑤The lack of elasticity.

  (2) Causes of dry hair Dry hair refers to the loss of moisture and oil from the hair, which leads to dry hair and easy to break, and split ends appear at the end of the hair.

There are many reasons for hair dryness. The main reasons are as follows: ① Hair dryness is closely related to the function of the internal organs of the human body. When the blood and blood in the human body are insufficient and the internal organs are dysfunctional, the hair will lose nutrition and cause dry hair.

  ② malnutrition, malnutrition, such as lack of vitamin A, protein and so on.

The human body is deficient in calcium, and the hair also becomes coarse and dry; when the content of harmful trace elements such as lead, cadmium, and mercury increases in the human body, the hair also becomes dry and dull; the injury of certain diseases,If you suffer from anemia, hypokalemia and other diseases, dry hair will also appear.

  ③ Excessive sun exposure, damage from ultraviolet rays in the sun; chemical damage, such as hair dyeing, perming, hot air blowing, etc .; lack of long-term sleep and fatigue; excessive smoking; and damage from air pollution.

  ④ genetic factors.

  (3) Dry hair treatment Dry hair can be treated by massage, diet therapy, Chinese medicine therapy and other methods.

  ① Combing hair with massage fingers: The ten fingers of both hands are slightly curved, starting from the front hairline with the ten finger ends, and advancing to the back of the pillow through the top of the head.

Repeat operation 20?
40 times.

  Insert the scalp: Spread the fingers of both hands naturally, use your fingertips to start from the forehead, insert the scalp along the middle of the head to the hairline behind the pillow, and then insert the scalp on top of the head until the entire head.

The scalp feels swollen when you poke. Press 2 each time?
3 minutes.

  Lifting the hair: Grasp the hair with both hands and gently pull upwards until all the hair is lifted once, the time is 2?
3 minutes.

  Dry cleaning hair: Rub the hair on the entire head with both fingers, such as shampooing, about 2?
3 minutes.

  Slap the scalp: Put your hands and four fingers close together, and tap the scalp on the entire head 1?
2 minutes.
  The above massage method is done once a day in the morning and evening, and it can be carried out for a long time. It can be used for white hair, hair loss, dry hair, yellowing and so on.

  ② Spinach, fresh shrimp, sheep kidney and other stir-fried dishes for diet therapy. These dishes contain high-quality protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin A, B1, B2, and niacin, and other nutrients.effect.

  ③ The traditional Chinese medicine therapy substitutes Cistanche, Cuscuta, Sanhedrin, and slowly boiled into a paste, which is made into a large pill of Indus seeds.

30 times twice a day?
50 pills, taken before meals, delivered with warm wine or warm salt water.

Signals and treatments on hair (1) Symptoms on hair Under normal circumstances, about 50 hair loss per day?
100 roots is considered a normal phenomenon. If it exceeds 100 roots, it is a morbid phenomenon.

  (2) Causes of hair loss The causes of hair loss are many and complicated, and can be divided into the following eight types: ① endocrine disruption.

  For women, postpartum, menopause, oral contraceptives, etc. can cause estrogen deficiency and hair loss within a certain period; hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism, hypopituitarism, hypoparathyroidism, adrenal tumors, acromegalyIn advanced stages, etc., some cause hair replacement.

  ② Disease factors.

  Chickenpox, Herpes zoster virus, Leprosy, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Pleurotus spp., Protozoan infection, and various other causes of hair loss in its skull; anemia, liver disease, malnutrition, systemic lupus erythematosus, Sjogren’s syndrome, blackEchinoderma, and febrile diseases such as typhoid fever, pneumonia, meningitis, influenza, etc. can often lead to thinning hair; head trauma, spinal cord, medulla, midbrain and brain stem can also cause hair loss.

  ③ chemical factors.

  Cancer patients receiving anti-cancer drugs or long-term use of certain chemical agents such as commonly used gentamicin, meconepine, trimethionone, aspirin, indomethacin, contraceptives and other drugs often cause hair loss.

  ④ Improper diet and slight metabolic disorders.

  Excessive consumption of meat, alcohol, sugar or salt, protein deficiency, iron and zinc deficiency, excessive selenium, and metabolic disorders caused by some metabolic diseases are all the causes of obesity.

  ⑤ Blood deficiency and kidney deficiency.

  Chinese medicine believes that hair loss is due to blood deficiency and kidney deficiency.

  ⑥ Mental factors.

  Excessive mental stress is a common cause of hair loss.

Excessive stress, coupled with weak psychological capacity, are prone to hair loss (hair) addiction, hair loss (hair) addiction, hair removal (hair) addiction, etc.

  ⑦ Damaged hair.

  Perm, shampoo, and hair dye are also common causes of hair loss.

In addition, frequent use of hair dryers, tongs, and heaters can also cause hair loss.

  ⑧ genetics.

  20% of patients with hair loss have a family history.

In heredity, it is dominant for men and recessive for women, which is one of the reasons why there are more men than women in patients with hair loss.

  (3) Treatment of hair loss At present, there is no effective medicine for treating hair loss.

To prevent hair loss, you must pay attention to the following points: ① Find the cause of hair loss in time.

This is very important, because the causes of hair loss are complex. Only by finding the right cause, can we prescribe the right medicine for effective treatment of hair loss.

  ② diet should pay attention to nutrition, eat more vegetables, fruits, nuts, such as vegetables, kelp, mulberry, walnuts, black sesame, etc., eat less irritating food.

  ③ For severe hair loss, you can take hormone drugs under the guidance of a doctor.

For example, drugs with a certain anti-androgenic effect include spironolactone, cimetidine, cyproterone, and ethinylestradiate.

  ④ topical medication.

For example, topical preparations such as minoxidil and retinoic acid that can activate the hair growth function of hair papilla cells.

  ⑤Facial massage, ultraviolet irradiation, plum blossom needles, laser auricular points and other treatment methods are used.

  ⑥ Strengthen physical exercise while taking Bazhen pills, Shouwu tablets, etc., to nourish the stomach and nourish blood.

  ⑦ surgical treatment.

Patients with severe MPA (male hair loss) who have failed long-term drug treatment can consider surgical treatment, including hair transplantation, scalp replacement, and scalp dilation.

Child with cold and diarrhea in summer

Child with cold and diarrhea in summer

[Guide]The sultry summer is a kind of suffering for the baby.

In this season, too many children often catch colds and diarrhea.

Parents report that the cold medicines stored routinely at home do not seem to work well, and that once the cold strikes, the baby is also accompanied by diarrhea.

After entering the ambush, the season is characterized by “Summer” and “Wet”. When the summer and wet evils invade, the baby will suffer from colds and diarrhea. It is still because of the heat and wetness, and the child’s cold and diarrhea are not easy.

The cold of summer heat does not prevent the baby from using Chinese medicine to catch a cold in winter and spring. Sneezing, runny nose, and fever are common. Traditional Chinese medicine thinks this belongs to the wind evil’s lungs, while summer cold sneezes, runny nose is not obvious, fever and headache are common, andSpleen and stomach dysfunction, the baby does not want to eat, nausea and vomiting, and thin stools. Ms. Chen said that her child is 7 months old. The effect of cold medicine is basically to relieve sneezing and runny nose, but it can not solve the baby’s nausea and vomiting.symptom.
Professor Wang introduced that for the cold of summer heat, traditional Chinese medicine adopts the method of clearing the summer heat, such as adding and subtracting fragrant tea, the medicine is composed of silver flower, forsythia, citron, tempeh, magnolia, lentils, perennial, and fragrant incense.

The citron has antipyretic and anti-dampness properties, and is used for the treatment of summer colds, colds, fevers, headaches without sweat, abdominal pain, vomiting, and urination.

For summer baby diarrhea, Chinese medicine should also be typed to treat it. For example, babies with hot and humid diarrhea have thin stools, lots of water, yellowish smell, or see a small amount of mucus. Children have abdominal pain and loss of appetite. Pueraria huanghuang Huanglian Tang is the preferred choicePueraria, Pueraria, Scutellaria baicalensis, Coptis chinensis, talcum, and licorice can relieve heat and dampen heat. If the baby vomits, add Pinellia ash and Chenpi, and if the baby is wet, add Atractylodes, Aquilaria and Magnolia.

For babies with hot and cold diarrhea, if you want to take a medicine, you can alternate the Gegen Qinlian pellets.

If the diarrhea is caused by the cold, the baby’s stool color is thin, there are many foams in the middle, the smell is not too smelly, and the child’s bowel sounds and abdominal pain. At this time, Huoxiangzhengqi powder can be added and subtracted.

Babies can also eat Huoxiangzhengqi liquid, but can’t eat Huoxiangzhengqi water. Because water is a tincture, some ingredients are extracted with alcohol, so the water contains a small amount of alcohol, so it cannot be taken by the baby.

How to care for a cold baby in summer has entered the sky, and the temperature is gradually rising. Most of the cold patients in summer are caused by avoiding hot and cold. Such experts remind parents that they should keep warm in high temperature season, do not repeat, and even let the child stay in the whole day.In a low-temperature air-conditioning environment, before 10 am, children can be allowed to perform outdoor activities for 1-2 hours to enhance their adaptability to the environment. The air conditioner at night cannot be turned on too low.

If the baby has a cold and cough at home, the parents should promptly add water to the child to keep the respiratory tract moist and reduce the viscosity of the sputum. When the coughing occurs, turn the baby over and pat the back. Pay attention to the child’s face to the side to prevent vomiting.Inhale and allow your baby to drink more water and replace the sputum into the digestive tract.

Parents buckle the back with a hollow palm. There is a certain amount of strength and rhythm when buckling the back, and the direction is from the scapula bone from bottom to top, and beat from the outside to the inside.

Outpatient clinics reported that the recent sickness of the baby was more rainy, and Nanjing went directly to high temperature. The number of outpatients of the respiratory and digestive departments of Nanjing Children’s Hospital increased. Statistics from the hospital showed: from July 5 to July 23, specialists in respiratory and digestive medicineThe number of outpatient clinics was 1,124 and 619, respectively. The maximum number of outpatients per day was 139 and 114. Most of the small patients had colds and fever, diarrhea and gastroenteritis.

Weather changes and improper use of air conditioners are all causes of increased respiratory diseases. Many small patients have improved their colds, but they have repeatedly occurred.

She suggests that if the symptoms are not severe and the child is in a good spirit, only obstructed nose, sneezing and slight cough can be observed.

If you have a fever 38.

Above 5 ℃, you should go to the hospital for treatment in time, especially for children with skin rashes. Don’t neglect to prevent infectious diseases.

A family of a child under the age of one should also note that in July and August each year, babies have fever in the outpatient clinic. Due to the poor heat dissipation function of the baby’s skin and sweat glands, when the ambient temperature increases, the child will have a low fever,Fever, this condition does not require treatment, just turn on the air conditioner to cool down.

Gastroenterology clinics have had more bacterial infectious diarrhea these days. When asked about their medical history, the baby was caused by unclean food.

Older children are greedy and cold. Excessive consumption of cold drinks causes inflammation, abdominal pain, children with obvious pus and bloody stools, and severe dehydration, they must recommend infusions, anti-inflammatory, and replenish water and electrolytes.

If diarrhea is not serious, eat some antidiarrheal or intestinal mucosal protective agent, micro-ecological preparation.

Golden autumn osmanthus fragrance can relieve phlegm and cough


Golden autumn osmanthus fragrance can relieve phlegm and cough

Osmanthus fragrans is one of the top ten traditional Chinese flowers. When it blooms in autumn, its fragrance is fragrant and rich, which is a must.

Osmanthus osmanthus not only can be viewed, but also edible. Osmanthus tea made from osmanthus is a Chinese specialty tea. It has a soft aroma and delicious taste. It can also be used as other dessert ingredients, sweet and delicious.

Today I will introduce a red bean osmanthus rice cake soup.

Ingredients for red bean osmanthus rice cake soup: 300 grams of rice cake, sugar osmanthus relative, honey red bean slices, red bean paste changed to white sugar, water amount method: 1, wash the rice cake, cut into 1 cm square pieces, pour in the potBoil in water; 2. Spoon the bean paste into boiling water, slowly stir it with a spoon, and then boil the rice cakes over high heat. It will take about 5-8 minutes to cook until the rice cakes are softened; 3. Put sugar according to each person’s tasteIt can be seasoned or not, because the red bean paste is sweet. The specific amount can be adjusted according to personal preference. After serving in the bowl, sprinkle some honey red beans and sugar osmanthus.

First, Osmanthus fragrans has many habits. It can dispel cold and break phlegm and relieve cough. Osmanthus fragrans has been loved by Chinese people since ancient times. It is regarded as a traditional flower.Osmanthus fragrant drinking osmanthus wine to watch the moon is the first elegant thing.

In modern times people find that osmanthus is more widely used.

It can extract aromatic oil, make osmanthus extract, can be used in food, cosmetics, can be used for making pastries, candy, and brewing wine.

Osmanthus flavor is mild and mild, can dispel cold and break knots, dissolve phlegm and cough, and is often used to treat symptoms such as toothache, asthma, and abdominal pain.

The ancients believed that osmanthus is the strength of 100 medicines, so the wine made with osmanthus can achieve the effect of “drinking Chitose”.

In the Han Dynasty, osmanthus wine was a good product used by some people to worship the gods. The younger generation worshipped the osmanthus wine to the elders. After the elders drank, it symbolized the longevity of life.

The wine is sweet and mellow. It has appetizing refreshing and refreshing spleen function.

Osmanthus wine is especially suitable for women’s participation, and has been praised as “women’s happiness wine”.

Second, women can use osmanthus tea to warm the yang and whiten the skin. Women with cold skin often have symptoms such as dysmenorrhea. Osmanthus can warm the yang and is a health-friendly flower that is very friendly to women. Women who are often coldPrevent daily use of sweet-scented osmanthus tea to add osmanthus tea.

Osmanthus tea can warm yang, whiten the skin, detoxify the body, relieve cough, reduce phlegm, nourish the lungs, and prevent and treat bad breath, unclear vision, urticaria, duodenal ulcers, and stomachache.

In summer, many people feel that their skin is dry, or that their voices are hoarse because of getting angry. Adding osmanthus to green tea or oolong tea can overcome the effect.