Easy to abdomen in the winter, five steps to easily get


Easy to abdomen in the winter, five steps to easily get

Winter is freezing outside, and people are getting lazy.

In the office, I talked with colleagues about using internal calls, documents were sent by e-mail, and lunch at noon was also called take-out. The result was sticking to the chair all day.

After returning home from work, after eating, I immediately watched TV on the sofa, and then went to bed. It is difficult to go down to the small belly and not find you.

How to abdomen and reduce belly in winter?

The following small series teaches you 5 steps, as long as you can do it easily.

銆€銆€In the lower abdomen with the largest number of girls, there are three reasons for this: 1.

If you don’t have a posture, you don’t really have a lower abdomen. As long as the posture is corrected, the lower abdomen will disappear.

First of all, when the hunchback and lower back are too curved, it will appear that the lower abdomen is prominent.


The aunt’s accumulation of this situation is really because the aunt piled up.

You can use the body fat meter to measure the lower abdomen locally, you can know if it is too much.


People with loose abdominal muscles who do not exercise often have this problem. The method of judgment is very simple. You can observe whether the lower abdomen will become bigger after eating a meal. If this is the case, it means that the abdominal muscles of the lower abdomen are slack.

The solution is also very simple, as long as you do sit-ups every day.

If you can’t do 10 sit-ups, you can replace it!

Physicians recommend 50 sit-ups per day is the best.

銆€銆€Successful abdomen first step: posture correction, abdominal breathing change breathing mode: start every morning + evening flowers 30 minutes in the abdominal breathing (the feeling of discomfort when inhaling, the stomach has a flat feeling when exhaling), be careful not to deliberately suck and call, just change the usual breathing mode.

Slowly develop habits, so that the excess sputum on the stomach and waist will disappear and disappear.

銆€銆€How to do abdominal breathing abdominal breathing is actually very simple. When we inhale, the belly rises. When exhaling, the belly tightens. When breathing, the chest does not open. Inhale through the abdominal cavity. When inhaling, feel the abdominal cavity.Lift inward and upward, fully inhale and then exhale.

Although it may not be used at first, it is accustomed to help stimulate gastrointestinal motility and promote waste discharge in the body, which can also make the airflow smooth and increase lung capacity.

銆€銆€The second step of successful abdomen: remove the stool action 1 eat fermented food than Fedella is a good bacteria that can promote gastrointestinal motility, while fermented foods or beverages like yogurt, kimchi, cheese, etc., mostly contain BiederBacteria and lactic acid bacteria have great functions for the transformation of the intestinal environment.

銆€銆€Bifidobacterium bacteria can help you to discharge your stools. It also maintains the health of your skin and helps the synthesis of vitamin B. It also stimulates and enhances the body’s immune function and inhibits the growth of bacteria in the intestines.

銆€銆€Action 2 speed-speed fiber-filled tip1 is based on coarse rice, germ rice, oats and other cereals. The fiber-blended starch rice and germ rice replace the finer white rice, and the like, such as sweet potato, coix seed, mung bean and so on.Rich in fiber, a lot of absorption can improve the problem of hangover.

銆€銆€Tip2 chooses foods containing dietary fiber, such as seaweed, medlar, fairy grass, love jade, etc., the accumulation of fiber is rich, and the taste is slippery, easy to have a feeling of fullness, change, is an ideal weight loss saint!

銆€銆€Tip3 vegetable stalks should also be eaten together. Every time you eat green vegetables, you will pick the stalks and eat only soft leaves.

This can’t be done!

The stalk is the most abundant part of the fiber. Once the corn skin and the non-dietary dietary fiber that can be digested can be picked up, it can stimulate the intestinal wall and help the bowel and intestines. The fiber quality will be greatly reduced!

銆€銆€Tip4 fruit and skin together to eat fruit peeling, in fact, invisibly cut off the fiber together!

Like apples, pears and fruits, as long as they are cleaned and eaten together with the skin, it is smart!

銆€銆€Tip5 replaces some meat beans with bean products and is also rich in protein. It replaces some meat with it. Not only is the content low, but the fiber is also improved. The speed of intestinal peristalsis is of course faster!

銆€銆€The third step of successful abdomen: medicated bath to help the abdominal medicated bath, thin belly is the medicated bath therapy that has been popular in Taiwan in recent years. Its principle is based on different Chinese medicinal materials, cooked and heated, whether with steam orDirect foaming will have obvious effects on the body’s blood circulation or treatment.

銆€銆€According to the philosophy of Chinese medicine: medicated bath can promote blood circulation, metabolism, as long as the prescription is properly adjusted, it can also achieve the effect of local slimming.

銆€銆€The medicated bath material should be bathed in a medicated bath. First of all, you can go to the Chinese pharmacy to buy the following things: lotus leaf two two, diarrhea one and a half, anti-self two two, baiziren two two.

銆€銆€The bath started at 1.

Soak these Chinese herbs for 20 minutes with 5000 cc of water.


After the bubble is finished, fire again and boil the medicinal material with 5000 cc of water for 30 minutes.

銆€銆€3.Then the whole slag of Chinese herbal medicines is drained off, leaving this hot rolling soup, which is the good thing we have to take a bath.


After pouring the precious medicine into the bathtub, you have to put two very important things, that is, the ginger mother who has been beaten, and a bottle of rice wine.

Because these two things will promote blood circulation and help you absorb these Chinese herbs.


Finally, you are in the bathtub to enjoy the time to soak in the bath, remember to spend at least 30 minutes!

銆€銆€The secret of medicated bath in the process of bathing, if you feel very boring, you can massage your skinny, thin parts, I heard that this massage will accelerate the skin to absorb these drugs.

銆€銆€The fourth step of successful abdomen: reasonable diet, less drinking and less chewing gum: when drinking a gas drink or chewing gum, it will swallow a lot of air, especially the polyphenol contained in the chewing gum, will not be digested by the small intestine.
銆€銆€Eating healthy foods: Yogurt and fermented milk activate the absorbed substances and help to improve the microbial system of complications, thereby preventing abdominal swelling.

銆€銆€Eliminate tension when eating: Many people have a very sensitive stomach, especially women.

It may be a hormonal receptor problem in the mucosa of the digestive tract, which causes frequent diseases and people mistakenly cause colitis.

The daily prevention method is to correct the posture when eating, eat slowly, and the environment should be quiet (if the TV is turned off), chewing should be sufficient.

銆€銆€The food should be cooked: the current fashion cooking is half-baked, which causes the starch to be destroyed. Most of the vegetables and the starch sugar in the grains accumulate in the large intestine, producing carbon dioxide, which causes cholesterol to rise.

銆€銆€The fifth step of successful abdomen: lifting the heel and practicing the calf.

銆€銆€If you want to exercise your abdomen, you can also hold the handle of the chair, put your feet together and try to lift it up and up, so you can exercise your abdominal muscles and thighs to make your body more perfect.

The abdominal organs can also be well protected by exercising on the abdominal muscles.