5GETF listed on the first day of contrarian net purchase 2.

500 million yuan turnover 3.
600 million yuan

5GETF listed on the first day of contrarian net purchase 2.
500 million yuan turnover 3.
600 million yuan

Source: China Economic Net Original title: 5GETF listed on the first day of contrarian net purchase 2.
500 million yuan turnover 3.
600 million yuan on October 16th, A-shares pulled back again, CSI 300, CSI 500 and CSI 1000 fell by 0.
34%, 0.
45%, 0.
42%, the transaction volume of the two cities also decreased by 35.7 billion yuan compared with the previous trading day.
However, in this market environment, 5GETF listed today still shows 合肥夜网 super high popularity.
Data show that only 15 minutes after the opening, the turnover of 5GETF exceeded 100 million yuan, and 45 minutes after the opening, the net inflow amount exceeded 100 million yuan.
As of today’s closing, 5GETF turnover reached 3.
600 million yuan, with a net purchase total of 2.
500 million yuan.
  5GETF is the first 5G themed ETF in China, with an on-site trading code of 515050.
The data shows that 5GETF closely tracks the CSI 5G Communication Theme Index.
The index consists of 40 high-quality 5G themed stocks, including telecommunications services, communications equipment, computers and electronic equipment, and computer applications.
Investors buying 5G ETF on the market is equivalent to buying these 40 5G concept stocks with one click, which can seize the 5G investment opportunities.
From the perspective of index performance, the data shows that as of October 15, the CSI 5G Communication Theme Index has risen 25 this year.
57%,000070\“ t=\”001001\“>特发信息、300322\” t=\“001001\”>硕贝德、300134\“ t=\”001001\“>大富科技等多只成分The stock has also increased by more than 100% during the year.
  Industry analysts said that the 5G theme is becoming the most eye-catching outlet in the capital market, and related investment tools are also sought after by investors.
5GETF is officially listed, and investors can start tracking 5G themed indexes conveniently at a cost of around 100 yuan and share 5G investment opportunities.
Under the influence of factors such as the long-term improvement of the 5G theme and the prominent scarcity of products, 5GETF naturally exhibited the “gold absorption” effect, and active trading on the market.
  In fact, as a scarce tool for 5G investment, 5GETF has received much attention since its launch and has been favored by investors.
It can be seen from the previous subscription situation of the fund that the total amount raised in the 5GETF initial offer reached 41.
5.2 billion yuan, total subscriptions 7.
480,000 households were one of the best-selling equity ETF products during the year.
  Since the beginning of this year, the 5G industry chain has performed particularly well due to a number of positive stimuli.
According to institutional perspectives, the industry boom will continue to increase in the next three years, and 5G will usher in a large-scale construction period. The scale of 5G base stations during 2019-2021 may be higher than the scale of 4G base stations during 2013-2015.
Starting from the second quarter of this year, the industry performance has begun to reverse in a “U” shape. It is expected that revenue and net profit will likely continue to grow rapidly for several quarters in the future, and continue to be optimistic about the future trend of the sector.
At the same time, the operator’s centralized procurement has recently been gradually implemented. The related hardware industry chain and 5G application fields are expected to gradually enter the performance cashing period. Quarterly results are expected to continue to improve and valuations will be rapidly digested.
As 5G technology continues to mature, the future performance of the industry is worth looking forward to. Investors may wish to use 5G ETFs for proper layout.