What should women do to eat?


What should women do to eat?

Beauty Salon: Amy is a woman’s nature. In order to catch up with fashion, many white-collar women’s hair styles have been changed and changed. In order to maintain youthful beauty, many women are also willing to apply the package to three layers and three layers.

Experts caution that women should be cautious when using cosmetics. Some inferior cosmetics often contain harmful substances and lead content is too high.

Blood system: It is one of the most sensitive systems for lead poisoning. Lead in the blood exceeds the standard, which will cause a series of reactions, which will eventually lead to a decrease in hemoglobin synthesis, and more foods rich in calcium, iron, zinc and vitamin B, C.It can resist the action of lead, reduce the absorption of lead, and help to reduce the lead content in the blood.

Excessive tea and coffee: Coffee contains certain nutrients, and tea is also a good health product, but it can only be moderate, otherwise it will be too late.

Coffee contains a compound called phenolic carbonate that blocks the body’s absorption of iron.

Iron deficiency anemia is especially unsuitable for drinking tea. The combination of fermented acid and iron in strong tea will form insoluble substances, so that iron can be easily discharged.

Women should avoid avoiding coffee and tea during menstruation.

Vegetarian, fruit as a meal: it is difficult to guarantee enough iron if you don’t touch it or just eat it.

Although some vegetables contain iron, there is no more meat. At the same time, the oxalic acid, phytic acid, phosphoric acid and a large number of substituted fibers contained in the plant will also affect the absorption of iron. The absorption rate is only the tenth of the meat.One.

Usually eating more fruits is indeed valuable for maintaining inorganic salts, but the fruits lack iron, calcium and other ingredients.

If you use vegetables and fruits for a long time as a staple food, it is very easy to cause anemia.

Through the above introduction, I believe that you have a certain understanding of the anemia of women, and usually eat food and nutrition reasonably, and thus, regular, moderate diet, can prevent anemia, eat food, and have potential for treatment.

The above-mentioned home-cooked foods are very likely to have the effect of 鈥渂lood-forming鈥? Usually, they do not hinder eating more. If you have anemia, then you should adjust your replacement.