Get a free water purifier, claiming to cure the disease, and also send more than 3,800 health mattresses, do you believe?


Get a free water purifier, claiming to cure the disease, and also send more than 3,800 health mattresses, do you believe?

Master Zhu of Fengyang County, with a daughter and a child, he usually lives with his wife, because his wife’s serious weight of diabetes and binoculars are close to blindness, Master Zhu often walks with his wife, exercise, and also distracts.

However, a few days ago, when he and his wife took a walk, they were stopped by two young people. What happened next made them happy at first, but the ending was very angry.

At five o’clock in the morning, when Master Zhu accompanied his wife to walk around the neighborhood, he was stopped by a young man who sent a leaflet by a man and a woman.

The person who sent the flyer was Zhu Yunlong, a resident of Fengyang County. He told Master Zhu that he could give Master Zhu a ticket (admission ticket) to get a free water purifier.

Zhu Yunlong’s wife, Liu Yanshan, said that she reminded her husband that there was no good thing in the sky.

Master Zhu left a phone call and took two tickets to go. Not long after, the other party called and asked Master Zhu and his wife to “visit and visit” at a nearby hotel at noon, saying that they would be free to receive the spot.Go to a water purifier.

Master Zhu has a dim move, with his wife as soon as possible.

Liu Yanshan told reporters that those people asked them one-on-one about the situation. Most of them had problems with the body. If the situation was asked, they would arrange a seat.

Master Zhu said that there were dozens of seniors on the scene, and there were many staff members. Uncles and aunts were very enthusiastic and gave them one-on-one.

Liu Yanshan told reporters that they will interact with the elderly, let them rub their temples, and let them press the front and so on.

Later, the host introduced that there are experts from Beijing.

Liu Yanshan described the expert as saying that it was a fat man named Gong, probably in his thirties, wearing a pair of glasses.

The initial interaction made the scene laugh and laugh, the old people felt very lively, but the next “lecture”, the other party represents “classroom discipline.”

Liu Yanshan told reporters that they do not give mobile phones to the elderly, and some will pick them up when they pick up the phone.

Permanent seniors are also whispering to study these things.

However, before giving the old man a good point, the other party first put a video on the stage, first telling a lot of “bad spots” in the water quality of Fengyang.

It is said that the water of Fengyang is not up to standard, and it is necessary to meticulously calculate that 100 items are not up to standard.

Zhu Yunlong said that Fengyang tap water is harmful, saying that they want to do something good in Fengyang.

What are they doing “good things”?

It turned out that after saying how bad the water quality in Fengyang was, they began to publicize how good their own water purifiers were for the elderly.

Liu Yanshan told reporters that they said that the elderly with cerebral infarctions are all because of this oil, water can not be purified, oil paste in the blood vessels, leading to thick blood lipids, cerebral infarction.

With their purified water, the stagnant oil that stagnates the blood vessels can be purified.

“Experts” proposed to drink water purified with his purifier, not only can cure cerebral infarction, but also cure diabetes. If everyone does not believe, they can do experiments on the spot.

Liu Yanshan described the scene at the time: he poured a cup of pure water in the cup, and the purified water was in a cup. He poured oil in the pure water cup, because the water was heavy and the oil was floating.

They let the oil and water from the water purified by our water purifiers be merged together. It is also said that in your mind, the oil stains in the blood vessels will not be washed away as long as they drink our water.

In addition to the combination of water and oil, the 鈥渆xperts鈥?also took out a bottle of black water, which became colorless after being treated by a water purifier, making the old people feel 鈥渕agical鈥?

Water and oil can be fused together, black water becomes clear water, and the scene in front of us makes the old people stunned and convinced.

Moreover, the other party also said that the manufacturers care for the elderly, the water purifier is free of charge, you see, more intimate, suddenly let the old people present moved.

Then, the world will really lose a part, is there such a good thing?

After the demonstration, the staff asked the elderly people present to raise their hands and said that if they were sick, they could receive a water purifier for free. After taking it home for two or three years, they could recover.

Zhu Yunlong told reporters that his mood at that time was not enough to thank him. Don’t say no money, he would be willing to pay for it.

However, although the water purifier is free, but the inside of the filter has to collect money, the price of 3960 yuan.

When the wife heard the money, she would fight, but Zhu Yunlong did not believe his wife and must sign it.

Zhu Yunlong told reporters that he was thinking that he could cure the disease and also serve the door.

Of course, I feel that I can’t think of it. It doesn’t matter if I have this money. After all, I can get sick!

The “experts” saw some old people hesitant, and threw a dose of fierce medicine, saying that the elderly who installed the water purifier was awarded a high-priced “health mattress.”

This sale, how old people do not suffer, but also accounted for a big deal!

Signed up!The staff is also very enthusiastic. After signing the words, they will directly follow the old one-on-one service.

Zhu Yunlong said that their installers followed them to the home and installed them at three o’clock in the afternoon.

After the installation, Master Zhu was very happy, and called her daughter to say this, saying that his wife’s diabetes is hopeful to be cured.

Zhu Yunlong’s daughter told reporters that she did not believe because she was a doctor.

After Master Zhu’s daughter returned home, the installer had already left, and the 3,800-dollar health mattress was placed on the floor.

Zhu Yunlong’s daughter searched in Taobao, only 50 yuan, so she immediately thought it was a liar.

As you can see from Taobao, the same brand of color is the same mattress, as long as 58 yuan, and “experts” claimed more than 3,800, the price difference is more than 65 times.

As for the “benefit” of the water purifier recognized by the other side, as a professional medical staff, Zhu Yunlong’s daughter is even more scornful.

Zhu Yunlong’s daughter told the two old people that the water purifier is a process of filtering water. It is impossible to cure the disease. It does not exist at all.

You think with the thinking of a normal person, it can’t cure it!

The hospital has been open for so long, and it can not cure diabetes, high blood pressure, can only control the disease, and can not say that it can completely cure the disease, so it is definitely a lie.

At this point, Master Zhu’s family called the two customer service calls left by the other party, and no one answered them at all. After the installer took the money and left, he could not be contacted.

After discovering that they were deceived, some elderly people have already reported to the police and complained to the market supervision department. At present, the relevant departments are investigating.

So, what did the so-called 鈥渆xperts鈥?demonstrate during the lectures, such as the fusion of oil and water, and the black water becoming clear?

The density of water is larger than that of oil. According to common sense, oil will always float on the water and cannot be dissolved.

According to the “experts”, the water purified by their water purifier can dissolve the oil. Is this really true?

The reporter used the same method to carry out the experiment. In the two cups, the pure water and the water purified by Zhu Master’s water purifier were poured, and the oil was poured separately and stirred with chopsticks. What happened?

The reporter searched the Internet. If you add some washing powder or other detergent in the water, you can make the water and oil look compatible. In fact, the filter can surround each oil droplet and evenly disperse in the water.Called emulsification.

How is the change between clear water and black water?

Master Zhu said that at the time, the “experts” were experiments with electrolyzers, saying that tap water turned black water because of heavy pollution and harm to the human body.

Some people have done experiments. After the electrolyzer is inserted into tap water and purified water, the color of the tap water changes after the electrolysis experiment.

Niu Lechao, a food inspection engineer, explained to reporters that the iron (electrolyzer) loses electrons and eventually becomes ferrous ions incorporated into the water.

After electrolysis, water will generate hydrogen ions and hydroxide ions, thus forming ferrous hydroxide. The ferrous hydroxide is dark green. The ions in this water are different. The conductivity of the water is high and low. , so it will be different in color rendering.

To put it bluntly, the water that changes color after electrolysis is not the color that comes with the water, but the color change caused by the small iron bars on the electrolyzer that have ion-converted water.

In the same water, the salt of different components is added, and the color and the amount of floc after electrolysis are also different. The water with the largest amount of salt becomes black at a speed and has a lot of flocculation.

The black water becomes clear water, as long as it is filtered well.

Professionals explain that these are just normal chemical reactions, but interlaced like mountains, people who are often promoted water purifiers are used to fool consumers.

In fact, the color and appearance of water does not represent the quality of water.

But one thing, the other party’s claim that purified water can cure all diseases is definitely a blunder.

Zhu Yunlong’s daughter said that those people specifically deceive the elderly, because the elderly do not understand the Internet, it is not true or not.

So they caught these weaknesses.

Zhu Yunlong said that it is indisputable that his money will not be recovered and he will not be deceived again.

The reporter search found that such a scam not only occurred in the county town, but also in the countryside. There are more old people staying there, and it is easier to be deceived.

The water purifier salesman told the villagers that they only need to run the lap and move the mouth. This water purifier is like a white scorpion.

After attracting the elderly by issuing small gifts, the group claimed to sell the water purifier with a price of 5,800 yuan to 2,600 yuan for sale, and presented a bunch of gifts.

The villagers told reporters that at first he said that he would not pay for the money, and he would not give you any money. He only gave the villagers these prizes.

The villagers still thought that the people would not be expensive, give you a water purifier 2600, and give you five things, which is cost-effective.

However, when the market supervisors rushed to the scene, they discovered that these things were actually three products.

The staff also reminded everyone that if you want to buy a water purifier, you can go to the merchant to make a purchase. Don’t try to be cheap and trust others, so as not to be deceived.

Xiao Bian also reminds everyone that this kind of water purifier scam, specifically for the elderly, a set of rings, leather blowing on the sky, really wicked, everyone must be careful.Here to remind two points, the first is the old saying, there will be nothing in the sky, there is no free lunch, when someone comes to say that free to send things, be sure to be vigilant, not a pit.

The second is whether it is pulled by people to attend classes or meetings, no matter how good the scammers are to promote their own products, you must understand that it is a deceitful prop, the quality is definitely not as good as the things bought in the physical store, soAs long as you hear the other party raise money, you have to pay, just leave people, so as not to pay the money, and returning to a sulking, it is not worth it.

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