Advice on dealing with behavioral issues in children with autism

Advice on dealing with behavioral issues in children with autism

There are a lot of ways that parents of children deal with their children’s behavior problems, and I worry about certain practices.


When dealing with children’s behavior problems, they often ignore their legitimate needs and whether they are unwell, and pay attention to them indiscriminately.


When a child has a behavioral problem, the parents do not give proper treatment in time and complain more. They cannot even control their emotions and yell at the child.


Ignore the child’s small and difficult progress, demand too much of the child, and be too anxious.


Can not combine the characteristics of children and their behaviors to choose the appropriate processing method, often “people in a cloud”.


Coaxing threats often requires children to do what they want.


Think of severe punishment as omnipotent and often use corporal punishment.

  Here, I make the following suggestions: 1.

When a child has a behavior problem, we should first consider the cause of the behavior, and then look for the correct method.

If behavior problems occur because the legitimate needs cannot be met, the parents correct severely, it is easy to discourage the child from expressing their needs and anger the child.


When children have behavior problems, parents should adjust their mentality, avoid complaints, more importantly calm their anger, add more “AQ” spirit, and deal with children’s behavior problems rationally and patiently.


Master the principles for dealing with behavioral issues:

Reward good behavior in a timely manner; B does not “unintentionally” reward bad behavior; C.

Fight your child’s bad behavior in a timely manner.


Try to use a gentle approach (isolation, ignore, grandmother principle, etc.).

Be a good example that is not offensive and use punishment sparingly and reasonably.

Avoid corporal punishment, threats, coaxing, severe punishment, threats to make children’s self-esteem, emotional and emotional development blocked, make children become extremely shrinking, reduce aggressiveness, self-harm, and parents will feel guilty after punishment.